WD in charge anymore!

Migo is sick. Last month he was sick already, he had otitis media. Recently he felt fine after using antibiotics. But, he saw the people who swim last weekend, and he jumped to the sea. I said to him “Don’t Migo, don’t jump, who knows how many bacteria inside the sea anymore, maybe when you’re in the sea, you come across with a refugee, please don’t!”

He didn’t listen to me. Actually I didn’t say all these. I had calculated that if Migo went to sea, he could be a sick and I could catch the opportunity to be only one authority of our blog. Yes, I am right again. Already, if I warned to him, he would never listen to me!

His nose is flowing like a fountain. And he hardly breathe.

I waited to this day too much.

After now, I am in charge! For remembering who I am?

I am as brave as Don Guixote!

I am intelligence as Archimedes!

I am handsome as Casanova!

And many feature I have, but these are the first came to my mind.

Here we are together again, you and me so most handsome, intelligence and brave dog of Earth, WD!