WD in charge anymore!

Migo is sick. Last month he was sick already, he had otitis media. Recently he felt fine after using antibiotics. But, he saw the people who swim last weekend, and he jumped to the sea. I said to him “Don’t Migo, don’t jump, who knows how many bacteria inside the sea anymore, maybe when you’re in the sea, you come across with a refugee, please don’t!”

He didn’t listen to me. Actually I didn’t say all these. I had calculated that if Migo went to sea, he could be a sick and I could catch the opportunity to be only one authority of our blog. Yes, I am right again. Already, if I warned to him, he would never listen to me!

His nose is flowing like a fountain. And he hardly breathe.

I waited to this day too much.

After now, I am in charge! For remembering who I am?

I am as brave as Don Guixote!

I am intelligence as Archimedes!

I am handsome as Casanova!

And many feature I have, but these are the first came to my mind.

Here we are together again, you and me so most handsome, intelligence and brave dog of Earth, WD!

25 thoughts on “WD in charge anymore!

  1. Here’s hoping that Migo gets over his infection soon and that he doesn’t suffer too badly in the meantime. On the other hand, it’s nice to hear from WD. Can’t remember the last time I read anything from him. Capris and Milou send their greetings. Take care of Migo.

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    • I said your words to Migo; Migo said thank you. Bye the way, you say my hello to Capris and Milou, especially to the cude, female one;) I suppose one of them is lady dog:)

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      • Well, actually, WD, neither one is biologically a lady, but who is to say that the one or the other isn’t up to a bit of role playing, eh, I mean if you are into that sort of thing. I’ll have to ask . . . (Only kidding, of course . . .but then I’m no dog . . .) I will convey your greeting(s) . . . And thanks for conveying mine to Migo.

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      • Hmmm, actually when thinking it was good, so any of them isn’t lady dog was good for me, Norman. Because I am not ready to long distance relationship. I had tried for once, but it didn’t work. And I accept both Capris and Milou’s friendship from the bottom of my heart! Hooray to solidarity of all dogs!

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      • Well, there are a lot of miles and miles between Izmir and Ottawa, so it really would be a long distance affair. Thankfully, though, dogs and humans are pretty much the same the world over, in a fundamental sense. If you can’t grab someone many thousands of kilometers away, just grab someone at hand. The relationship will be more fulfilling. I’m sure both Capris and Milou would agree and already understand. To friendship, then, at hand or at a distance!

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      • Yes, they really are! But humans need to admit, the dogs are cool creatures more than humans. If the manage of the world had been into our paws, this planet would have been super cool place:) But ok, Norman, we as the dogs can be live and share this planet with yours, cheers for the friendships!

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      • Better, sort of. Energy is coming back, but I find it hard to read and write as my concentration and memory just aren’t quite there yet. Better days ahead . . .

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      • I hope so!

        I had my first case of pneumonia three weeks ago, and I have still not recovered. And my asthma is not helping.

        So I am empathetic, believe me!

        Get well, Norman!

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      • By the way, in terms of discomfort, pneumonia and asthma are probably worse. I’d rather have what I have than what you’ve got. So I hope things improve for you as well. Looks like from a health perspective, we are paddling in the same canoe.

        Do get well, Sojourner.


        (My kid (one of them) is taking me out to the movies. His pick and he’s paying. “Hardcore Henry” is the entertainment. I’ve been promised it will be fun. Aye, then.)

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      • Thank you, Norman. Yes, I know what it is like to have problems breathing, so we are in the same canoe.

        I have seen the trailer for this movie. It should be different, needless to say!

        Enjoy your time!

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    • I said to Migo your words, Migo said thank you to you sojourner! And no doubt I am more capable than this alien, Migo. Thank you for support! We, as the Earthlings, we have to support each other without exception dogs or humans, especially against aliens!

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      • But among all aliens, Migo is the finest! Right, WD?

        He’s a cut above all those other extraterrestrials, in my book! And being a musician, I have known many extraterrestrials!

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      • Yes, Migo is ok, but we don’t need to spoil Migo with the words like that! You know, he is alien, it can not known that if he’s spoilt:) And wow, you’re musician! I didn’t know this about you sojourner! You’re the coolest guy!

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  2. Best read Kipling….Don’t give your heart to a dog to tear…..and he/she doesn’t even look like a dog unless the sickness made him/her so…

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