A forgotten Event

The hints of today’s events actually are lying on the past; all hates, all imperialist aims, even almost everything. Nowadays foremost British imperialism and western imperialism are not being talked too much. Today, as if, Quenn Elizabeth is perceived almost as Snow White, all politicians of commons house at history were/are cute like dwarfs and the all heritage of British imperialism is peaceful like Grimm’s tales by most of world public. This is like a kidding! There isn’t any fairy tale in the middle. And Historian Dr. Pat Walsh shows us some forgetten events, thank you to him for doing this.

Pat Walsh


A ‘National Conference on the Eastern Question’ took place in Piccadilly, London, on 8 December 1876. The Convention was attended by 1,200 delegates and The Times noted “we have never known any association for a political object which has obtained support over so large a part of the scale of English society.”

But who is aware of this most significant political event in the life of Britain today?

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4 thoughts on “A forgotten Event

      • I read most of the article.

        Everything that is happening in your country, and in mine and the rest of the world, was planned out a long, long time ago. Of this, I have no doubt!

        This is what happens when the vast majority give their consent to be ruled by a tiny minority of psychotics!

        Take care, my friend!

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      • Yes, plus no doubt there is no safe place on Earth. Who thinks “I am safe” is not aware that it is just an illusion. And thank you, also you take care yourself too:)

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