Some spying affairs

Pigeon spy (They were used generally at WWI)

The things which will tell in here are not a movie. If they are, I would already ask to Paul, because he is the best movie critic I know on this planet. First came into my mind, maybe  James Bond; yes he is the most famous British spy character all over the world. Handsome, intelligence sometimes cool sometimes sympathetic. Most beautiful women are waiting to go to bed with him; this is the popular dream of human males:) Bond arouses admiration. Come let’s study some sub-psychology, and we see how British Imperialism puts the world in a shape what they want, while they make the people admire to the spying business.

The quotes in here were quoted from today’s article of Yılmaz Ozdil who is columnist journalist at Turkish Sozcu newspaper.

At the article we can see many spy including Gertrude Bell who is known as “Queen of the Desert”.

I don’t know yet previous dates, but the first name which we face to is John Philby at the article.

The author the book of “The Empty Quarter” John Philby, was a British spy. He knew Arabic like his mother tongue. Supposedly he has been Muslim. He took the name “Sheikh Abdullah”. While we were struggling in the Gallipoli with the British(1915-1916), he was sent to Mecca to assist the Sheriff Hussein who opened the rebel flag against Ottoman. On one hand he organized Arabs who stabbed in our backs, the other side he picked up the concession for the British oil companies, also he has sold historical artifacts to England museums by swiping; he made a fortune.

When he returned to England, he entered into politics, but he was not be elected, he offended. He switched sides in the Second World War, he started to sell the knowledges about his own country, he worked for Hitler on the sly. He was caught, arrested some time later; after he was under house arrest. When the war finished, he left England, he moved to Lebanon. He died because of heart attack. He was buried in a Muslim cemetery in Beirut.

John Philby’n had a son: Kim Philby. He was a graduate of Cambridge like his father, he knew Arabic as fluently, he was a spy also. In 1947, he was sent to Istanbul as consulate secretary. He was tasked with the liaison of CIA and MI6 at Washington. He was recorded at Cold War history as “spy of the century”. Because he was working as double agent. He was the mole. He was recruited by the Soviet secret service, he was selling information to Moscow. He was suspected and was followed. But somehow he couldn’t catched, and he was fired. He went, like his father, he moved to Beirut. Supposedly he was a journalist.

After quite some time, in 1961 Anatoliy Golitsyn who was KGB officer has defected to the United States; Golitsyn sang like a canary*. He disclosed the secrets of Kim Philby. Evidence sought was found finally. Kim Philby who understood that the rope of British will twine around to his neck, went Armenia via Syria, and from there he fled to Russia.

Earlier, he was divorced from his two wife, one of them was a British, the other one was an American. In this time he has married to Rufina Pukhova who was Russian writer, Polish origin. His life has been novel, was filmed in Hollywood. He has been an alcoholic. He tried to commit suicide twice, he couldn’t be succeed. In 1988 he passed away due the heart attack like his father. Russia made a postage stamp for his memory.

After his death, it appeared that while he was working in Istanbul, he delivered Konstantin Volkov who was an officer of KGB and worked in Istanbul consulate general in the USSR and who wanted to emigrate to England, to the KGB with his own hands with master maneuvers. Because there was a mole list into Volkov’s bag, and Kim Philby was written at the top of the list!

If we return again to his father of Kim Philby spy as himself. John Philby who organized Saudis, he was carrying out the organization of Iraq with a woman who has name Gertrude Bell.

Gertrude was a spy. She was a graduate of Oxford. She knew very well seven languages including Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish. She was very nice. Red hair, green eyes, delicate. She was flaring light around herself. Under the cover of archaeologist’s works she toured every inch of Mesopotamia, she organized tribes. In 1919, she participated as a delegate to the Paris Peace Conference. She has mapped Middle East. She divided the regions as Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen. She drew the borders of present-day Iraq with her hands. Iraqi border which was signed between Turkey and England in 1924, was her work. She also found a king. The son of Sharif Hussein who was John Philby’s buddy, Faisal was sat on the throne of Iraq as a puppet.

Arabs named her “Queen of the desert,”. Never married. She was in love actually. She was in love with Major Dick Doghty-Willie. Misfortune thing was that the Major has married. They sent letters with eachother secretly, they were meeting. But Major Dick was not divorcing from his wife, Gertrude was getting depressed. The issue has solved by us(Turks). We hit Major Dick at Dardanelles Wars(Gallipoli) and the man died. In this way, it did not need to be experienced of any family tragedy.

Gertrude’s hatred of Turks had started with this event. When her lover died, she threw herself to Cairo, she joined the Arab office of the British secret service. She went to Iraq to get things done that I outlined above. Firstly she dug a pit for us(Turks), after she caused the death of herself. In 1926, at the age of 58 by taking an overdose of sleeping pills, she committed suicide. She was buried in the British cemetery in Baghdad.

Before killing herself, she came to Anatolia in many times under the cover of archaelogist’s works. She knew our weaknesses about women, she used this well, she ensured the doors open. It wasn’t enough, we gave a guidance next to her for her walking around as she wanted. She made her work as best. She went all Anatolia cities, including Diyarbakir, Adana, Konya, Cappadocia and etc. Even she climed Cudia Mountain. She listed Kurdish villages. She detailed the Kurdish tribes according to their tendencies; which ones are in favor of government, which are available to betrayed, she took off genealogy. Where are dims, where the transition roads, she did map all. For example, in a letter “I stayed in the Zakho camp,” she was saying. Do you remember the Zakho camp!**

She went to Antioch(Turkey city at Syria border). She made excavation at Karkamıs. At the border of Syria where we see what has become today, she reported the ethnic origins of the populaton while she said “I am visiting churches at the Syrian border”. When she died, she left the 16 diaries with her handwriting, about two thousand letters and seven thousand photos.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk stepped on the land from Samsun city (at the shore of Black Sea) for starting the liberation war. Gertrude has leaked to Anatolia four months later and came to the city of Malatya(eastern Anatolia city). She met with Major Noel who was an British spy and tried to gather Kurdish tribes. While she tried to another eastern city Elazıg she was caught by independence army of Mustafa Kemal(Their name is Kuva-i Milliye). She has been learned Kuva-i Milliye was not like the Ottomans. And she was not able to come Anatolia until the independence war end.

I said before, she never married. But she was sort of mother. Because there was a man who she said “my spiritual boy”: He was Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence. Also he is known, Lawrence of Arabia.

She raised him as own son, she guided to him, she has been mentor for him and she introduced him with influential people. Lawrence of Arabia was saying for this woman who was just bigger himself 20 years: She is no different from my mother, I learned everything I know from her.”

The king of Saudi who gave the medal to Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul at his hotel where he stayed, he restored Lawrence house in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. And the Saudi king hung a plate at the door of this house with the huge letters “This house is the headquarters of Lawrence who helps us to fight against the Turks”.!

Anyway, the life of Lawrence of Arabia who died in 1953 with motorcycle accident while he was only 46 years old was made a film. It came to the theaters at 1962, it won Oscar in seven categories including best director. By the Library of Congress of USA, because of the historical value, it was taken under protection of the National Film Archive.


It hasn’t been “The End”.

Gertrude Bell’s life also was made the film. Oscar awarded star Nicole Kidman played legend woman spy at the movie of “Queen of the Desert”. It was shot in Morocco and in Jordan. Five thousand figurant was used.

This friday the movie will come to the theaters.

What a coincidence, isn’t it?

*”singing like a canary” is phrase in Turkish and it is using for the ones who are talking too much and giving too much knowledge under hard circumstances.

**Zakho camp: One of the camps of PKK terrorist organization.

The guotes from:

4 thoughts on “Some spying affairs

  1. Excellent article, my friend! Yes, spying is a big problem. I try to show this in some of my writing.

    You are right about James Bond. It is an imperialist image. There are many problems with this character.

    And so in today’s world we must make decisions. Sometimes in my life I thought, “Oh, to be a spy…like James Bond…how interesting!” But to do that, a person must ignore all the crimes of the big governments.

    The spy agencies hurt people. Maybe they do something good sometime, but we hear so many horrible things. Unfortunately, there is proof of many bad things which these agencies like CIA have done.

    It is sad. I don’t want to believe it, but there is no escaping the truth. I am ashamed of these actions by my country.

    And of course other countries do horrible stuff too…the MI6, DGSE…but I can only speak about my country because I know more of the history.

    I ask, how can we make the world a better place if we continue these “dirty tricks”? Yes, my government makes me very sad.

    I think I would be a good spy, but I cannot keep a secret at all 🙂

    Every country needs intelligence…strategic intelligence. But you said it perfectly! These British were just using this intelligence to make money. And they were playing with the lives of people like it was a game. It’s no game! It’s real people’s lives that they were ruining.

    It is really sad. The world will get worse unless some changes. And how can we change? I don’t know.

    I think for me, I am good at analyzing situations. But I don’t want to work for some agency which is making the world into a hell. And even I have no job. It is better to be poor than participate in that imperialist murder game.

    So I have to tell myself. Most important is love and family. I am lucky for my family.

    Maybe if I was a little more dumb I would have become a spy for my country. But it is good to realize. I am glad that they probably wouldn’t want me.

    I love my country, but I don’t want to see any more of these cruel wars.

    I don’t know. It is a very emotional subject for me.

    And you are right: it is betrayal of friendship by these spies. Nothing in my life I am more ashamed of than when I wasn’t a good friend. So this is why every country hates each other.

    It’s sad. Always people are suspicious of spies. And the world cannot become friends.

    It’s sad for me because I love learning about every culture. I love languages. And most of all I love people. So it is a very difficult situation.

    Most important is to say we’re not perfect. That is the important thing about analyzing movies. People fall in love with these spy movies. Even Putin had his favorite Soviet spy movies.

    I recognize that James Bond is like brainwashing.

    I study about spies because it is interesting. I know about this Kim Philby, but I learned many things from your story.

    Such a crazy world! I don’t know the answer. Speaking the truth is always scary.

    For me I can’t help it. I’m not perfect, but I feel I speak what is dangerous.

    I only pray that I do the right thing and make the best decisions. To help people. Not to hurt people. It sounds simple, but the whole world is the opposite.

    I am just a poor…one person. I just hope there is victory for good people. Thank you.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your excellent comment which came from your heart and mind, my dear Earthling friend! I am agree with your all thoughts. I think too that you cannot be a desired spy, because you see the cruelty of the order which was created by the elites. The spies are the tools of the machine of this order. You don’t have cold heart as far as I know you.

      Imperialism is the exactly like this. British imperialism uses the all propaganda tools more than the others. People watch the movies or tv series and don’t need to think.”Why almost everything that reflecting from the screen is so excited but this order never changes?”. If most people were aware these scenes were made for the brain washing, maybe somethings would change easily.

      At the article the thing most catching my attention is the timing. In the later 19. countries, the jews who lived in Middle East moved to southern Syria with huge numbers, their numbers reached to about 600,000 in a short time. And they took many lands from Ottoman local land owners. Already the environment was available, Ottoman Empire was the edge of the collapse, there were the rebellions in almost every commonwealth of empire. 1915-1916, British High Commissioner in Egypt, Henry McMahon has corresponded secretly with Hussein Ibn Ali who started Arab revolt against Ottoman. Arab revolt was directed by Lawrence of Arabia and Hussein’s son Faisal. At the same days Gerthrude Bell(Queen of Desert) was spying and making the maps of the Middle East. In 1917 Palestine was conquered by British forces, and their words were for all people rights including jews at Palestine. In 1923 Palestine has been British mandate completly and Jews migrations continued to Palestine with full speed:)

      And in 1962 so while Lawrence of Arabia was entering on theaters, the days were the days of cold war, but the other side the days are the hot backround of Arab-Israli wars have become. For example in 1962, Syria management claimed that “Kurdish people are coming Syria and increasing their population”. And the government of Syria made a law for them “If any Kurdish people lived before 1945 in Syria, they had to prove.”

      If someones can change the ethnic structure of the regions of Middle East, it would be easy to manage. They did this.

      Today, most Arabian villages names were changed. Their names are Kurdish anymore.

      After the cold war years and Israeli established, the reaching to the water sources of Israeli has become A big problem. And they(all western imperialists) are using now Kurdish groups(like PYD, PKK) at the Middle East for creating a new puppet govern of Israeli which will manage by Kurdish leader Barzani.

      And when see all structure and plan about 100 years, I say “wow!”:)

      The timing seems perfect in every step.

      And now, the movie “Queen of Desert” will make new propagandas; timing is really perfect!

      Also you mentioned Putin. You know he is former KGB agent. And he is very smart. But I couldn’t understand still, how cannot he see this plan and how cannot he see the danger which is closing to Russia border year by year. He alIows to support these Kurdish groups by Russia. I think… maybe I should say, “I hope that Putin loves mother Russia more than oligarchi.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, my friend! Yes, I have heard about this water problem for Israel. Also, I think I learned from you about Tigris and Euphrates rivers originating in Turkey. This is very interesting situation.

        With the British, it is a long history of this planning. Cecil Rhodes was a very strange person who wanted to resurrect the British Empire. He was important in South Africa. But also he has made the Rhodes Scholarship for foreigners to study at Oxford. Actually, our president Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. So I think these scholarships are another form of brainwashing. It keeps alive the concept that Britain is more special than other countries.

        Yes, I know about Putin as KGB in East Germany during Cold War. I think he is a good leader. But I don’t think he’s perfect. Maybe his decision ms are not very good sometimes.

        You will have to explain to me more about the Kurdish sometime. I do not understand the situation. They want to make their own country? So they will have to take land from Iraq and Turkey? And Syria? I’m sorry. I must study the geography more.

        I still don’t even understand the Shia and Sunni difference. It seems like Catholic and Protestant difference in Christianity.

        But Iraq is very strange because the government is not the same as the majority of people.

        It’s very confusing for me.

        I’m sorry. Thank you my friend!

        I hope I will understand more Turkish politics and geopolitics. Actually, my state Texas is big like a country. And then we have an immigration crisis with people coming from Mexico. So we have a dangerous border. And also much of it is because of illegal drug smuggling.

        Anyway… So much to learn. I hope I can understand everything someday. It makes me feel like my head will explode 🙂 so many things to learn!

        Best wishes to you my extraterrestrial comrade,


        Liked by 1 person

      • I knew Cecil Rhodes, he did exploit African soil and established De Beers diamond company. There are many stories about the poor African children who forced to work in the diamond mines. What a greed! But I didn’t know, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, already I didn’t know the existence of this scholarship. There are the some instuties like this, for educating some politicians accordingly some aims. But they are covered up as “conspiracy theory”:)

        And I agree with your words about Putin. Besides, some times he behaves angry and without thinking the geopolitic basis and results about the region. When he behaves like that I am thinking that “He is a smart man and he got educated KGB, so he needs to be calm. If he doesn’t do this, the reason under his behave in that times, could be the profits of Russian oligarchs?” I guess so.

        Actually, you understood well the differences between Shias and Sunnis, my dear Earhling friend. They are very similar with Catholic and Protestant differences:)

        And, you said “I hope I will understand more Turkish politics and geopolitics.” My friend, I don’t still understand what are Turkish politicians doing for last 14 years, and it is hard to know what Turkish politicians to do. So, you don’t push your self to understand:) Just I can say I know well Turkey’s geopolitic and importance also influence over the region. And I can see who uses this well:)

        Me and WD’s best wishes to you! (Yes, WD forced me for adding it’s name:)

        Liked by 1 person

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