Still I am waiting

In last April when I was sick, I’ve watched a manga adapted animation tv series with an Earthling friend’s recommendation. Yes, I had plenty times for watching kind of these things at those days. 🙂 I love Japanese animation genre films, but I had never watched the tv series before. I am talking about “Shingeki no Kyojin”. It’s translation in English is “Attack on Titan”. It’s story, musics, characters, almost everything of it is super!

Imagine a world surrounded by high walls and you have to live inside it. Titans(giants) live outside the walls. These Titans are eating humans, they are attacking to the humans in everywhere they saw the humans; their meals are men, women, children, elders indiscriminately, so entire human race. The teams are being established for defense inside the walls, and for reducing the population of Titans outside the walls. The young humans are selected for training according to their abilities. The aim is to train those who can make fatal blow to the Titan’s neck which is only point for killing of Titans.

The human race inside the walls, they seem they came from every corner of the world, sort of United Nations community. So, human race is encircled completely.

One day, a hope is coming to the light for humans who don’t know what Titans are and where are they came from. This hope is begining with the emerging about the truth of Eren Yeagar who is one of the main characters of the story.

Eren Yeager is a nervous young, in fact he is a type has adolescent attitude. At first, we see from his name and surname, how the community inside the walls is close to united nations. His name “Eren” is came from Turkish, his surname “Yeagar”, actually spelling as “Jeager” is came from Deutsche(according to web pages).Another important character in the story, Mikasa Ackerman, she is Eren’s adoptive sister. And another one is Armin Arlert, he is childhood friend of Mikasa and Eren.

And there are many more inside the story’s fiction. As I said like all nations are together.

(Guren no Yumiya- Shingeki no Kyojin opening theme 1)

Another important character is Captain Levi who cannot be passed without specifying of him.

They and the others are trying to find a way out. Because now, the walls are started to destroy by the Titans. Circle thoroughly tightens, and the humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Why I loved so much this story? Maybe, even if the creators of Attack on Titan should have thought a different subtext, I think so far to the last chapter, the story shows how can humanity compress itself by own, and everything doesn’t consist of only black and white. There is nothing much that they can hope. Even the weapons in their hands against these Titans are very feeble, even sometimes it needs to see the deaths of some fellows at teams for killing the Titans. But the result? There is a constantly ongoing will such as steel. We can define it as a survival instinct. But it would be short. Somehow the human species can survive. So they could have lived in different corner of the world dispersedly without putting themselves in danger. But they don’t do this. They choose to be organized to fight and to evaluate all data with scientific thought while they do this. They have some losses always. But there is no war without any loss.

When this animation is watched, actually it is impossible not to understand that real world is not so different. If you want to take a healty result against everything(you can put its name for the real world), every way of this is passing through to be organized consciously.

(Great performance of Guren no Yumiya with violin by Taylor Davis!)

And of course, the musics of Attack on Titan are marvelous. Most of them has been very famous from now. Briefly, Attack on Titan is complete visual and cerebral festival. And I am still waiting the second season. It is been said the second season will come on at spring 2016. Spring has already came to northern hemisphere, or if they expect the spring comes to southern hemisphere. 🙂

One another important note is the discussions about the origin of Eren name as far as I saw internet.

First I need to specify that these discussions show this animation has been watched from the beginning without understanding of it. Because the aim of the animation is to explain the results of all races of the human species, if they act with together. At the world of Attack on Titan, it is being showed how people are combined without making discrimination of the races. So, this animation is on the basis, anti-racist. If you would try to seperate the people, it means that you intend to show racist behavior. Racism is underlying of this. Why I used word of “racism” which has got high affect? Because I’ve seen some discussions at web pages and some people used such ignorant sentences. When these are read, people can have thought easily “some races cannot be hero or main good character at movies or animation or etc, like Turks.” How it can be described, if this is not racism?

Yes, racism is in everywhere. People don’t miss any opportunity to show their intent to racism 🙂

But if it necessarily needs to clarify subject,

“Eren” name is an essence word of Turkish as both etymologhy and linguistics and also sociology, historical. It is a Turkish essence word which has got a meaning and place into this fourth.

The word of “Eren” is derived from the word of “er”. The word of “er” is seen at first in written shape at the Orkhon Inscriptions, so pre-1300 years. Its meaning is the man, soldier. And it is still using in the same shape today’s Turkish.

At Turkish, the words are derived by bringing addition to the roots. Both verbs and names are derived from the root of “Er”.

For example,

The verb of “ermek” means that is to achieve a desirable thing.

The names of “Eren” means that a person who have reached the desired thing.

Also eren word is used an adjective.

That’s why, “Eren” word has been using as name for 1000 years at Anatolia, with the result of about 2000 years culture which came from Central Asia. Even, “Anatolian holy person” as being “Erenler” (-ler- addition makes plural to the word) takes an importantant place in Anatolian folk culture.

According to latest the name statistics of Turkey, every one of 920 people has got “Eren” name. So according to latest population census of Republic of Turkey, 87,819 people’s name is Eren.

In which country at world about 88,000 people with “Eren” name are living, other than Turkey?

I guess, those who make discussion about the origin of Eren name, you have learnt the answer anymore. 🙂