The boy with poet jacket

Kazim Koyuncu was born November 7, 1971 in Hopa, Artvin, Turkey. And he died June 25, 2005 because of the cancer while he was 33 years old. Artvin is a beatiful city where is coast to Black Sea, and you also remember Artvin my Earthling friends from my posts about how the people of Artvin resisted against capitalist mining at Cerratepe, Artvin. And they still do.

Artvin and the most coast to Black Sea cities of Turkey, have been suffer for many years beacuse of Chernobyl disaster. So many people died at these cites because of the nuclear fallout. Kazim Koyuncu was the one of them. And maybe the most beloved of them by almost every people at Turkey.

The people of Anatolia gave name to him “the boy with poet jacket.” This is exactly suitable for him.

He was an unique person, he was an activist, socialist, musician and song writer. He has said at once at one of his concert : “To understand to each other, there is no need to speak with same language, after crushing, we all are the same wine.” You can see him almost every activite against massacre of nature. When he was 23 years old, he has put together a band with his friends. This band name was “Zuğaşi Berepe”. It means in English “the children of the sea”.

“Zuğaşi Berepe” is not Turkish either. At the some regions of Black Sea coast there are the people who are called “Laz”. Turkey is a multicultural country. Many ethnic group live and resume their culture. Laz people are placed in Anatolia’s culture especially with their unique Turkish accent. It is so funny for everyone. So many jokes about themsleves are made. And very interesting thinking style they have. The things that they do, seem like a joke but they are also true.

For example in this one,


when two brother were in disagreement about the house which was heritage by their father, they cut the house into two. And one of them built a new house on his land share 🙂

Or you can see the warnings similar mind producing at the some cities of Black Sea coast at Turkey.


At the picture, there is a warning for the thieves near of the dog house, and in English this is writing:

“the dog can be off, while you are coming, you whistle.” 🙂

They are also named as “with Laz mind” in Turkey.

Kazim Koyuncu had Laz ethnic person. Laz people aslo are very exciting people. Inside the all Anatolian folk dances, Black Sea folk dances are the most speed ones. Their folk dance is named as “horon”.

7 geographic regions are defined in Turkey. One of them is the Black Sea region. And each region has its own folk dances different from each other. Begining with the elementary school after then at high school, and optionally throughout the university, the people are teached to play folk dance about own regions. This is a cultural heritage. And the hundreds of folk dance competitions are made in Turkey in every year. Black Sea region has not just horon dance, but in here I wanted to add only this one just for now.

And here, one of Horon examples, this is also from a competitaion of inter-high schools of Turkey.

It is incredible isn’t it! You hear a voice of a musical instrument from the begining 10th second at video. Its name is “kemençe”. This instrument is endemic only in Black Sea region of Turkey on the planet. Here some kemençe examples:


If you see this instrument, or hear its voice you should be in a place coast of Black Sea of Turkey, or you should be near by a person who from here:)

Also there is an another unique musical instrument at this region. It’s name is “Tulum”. You can hear it’s voice at 5.03 second at the video. These are tulum at the picture.


And tulum is ancestor of gaida instrument. I don’t say this, experts of musical instruments say this. 🙂

Kazim Koyuncu was using both kemençe and tulum in his music. And he had made incredible songs. His songs touched many people of Anatolia. People loved him and still loves him so much. Almost until the day he died, he was with the people at his concerts. He was the revolutionist. He said at once: “I struggled against the system of Turkey entire my life; but I have understood that eventually, the cancer is the same with the system.” Also, he knew he will die, and in an interwiev he said about dying:

“You do have a few months to live. You are asking yourself what do you want to take away with you. Money? No, money is good for nothing. Only left in your hands is life. What is life? You would sleep, you would go by closing your eyes. Luckily I became distant too much between me and property. But now, there is only one thing not to go, not to think die. There is a huge and strange love…”

He was right, so much right! There is still huge and strange love for him by the people of Anatolia. People loved and still love him and his songs. Almost half of his songs is not Turkish. But people loved/love his heart and knew/know what his telling in his songs without knowing Laz language.

Here is one of them, and maybe this one is most known of his songs “Didou Nana.”

The 90% of the Anatolian people who listen this song don’t know what the words mean of this song, but they know it’s lyric know by heart. This is the difference that was created by Kazim Koyuncu. And please listen this song with closing eyes, maybe it is understood more what I wanted to say. Any maybe you will realize the tears from your eyes unexpectedly…

I would have added this song to my post with high quality video with about 30-35 million people rating, but I didn’t. Yes his songs ratings are very huge. But, I wanted that you see with his live performance. People love so much him still, even when they see dislike below his videos, they curse the people who gave dislike. If you think to dislike his songs you should think twice, if you don’t know Turkish 🙂

As much as combative waves of the Black Sea, maybe the most sincere face of the Anatolian culture, the boy with poet jacket died exactly 11 years ago tomorrow. I know “11 years ago tomorrow” has been odd. Yes, tomorrow will be anniversary of his death. But I don’t now anyone who live so much alive in the hearts especially after his death. And the anniversary of his death is very wierd for me. He is so much alive, because.

Once, he said that: “for understanding how much worse the war is, we don’t need to fight.”

But after you left the planet Kazim, the wars and conflicts increased at the planet. You said that:

“The whole lands of the whole world are ours. All songs in the world belong the all people at the world. Also all lands are our homelands.” People miss your wisdom words.

And Anatolian people miss you so much day by day. You were a beatiful people, you have been always side by the people of Anatolia. There is no any musician like you anymore, who stands by the people’s resistance! You are the only one who is missed and loved so much like that…

You had said “I’ve passed through yours with the songs” Kazim, it is true but short, you passed through not with just the songs, you passed with your heart…

Thank you…






The Battle of Oaxaca — dorset chiapas solidarity

. The Battle of Oaxaca Gustavo Esteva La Jornada, 20th June 2016 It isn’t simply another of the many Oaxaca wars. It is part of a much deeper and wider war, which isn’t even contained in the national territory. But the battle being waged in Oaxaca has special significance in that war, in the great war.

It is a long announced battle. In Oaxaca it was known that they were postponing many aspects of the ongoing confrontation until after the elections. It was clear that after the elections the blows, provocations, final assault would worsen. They began preparations everywhere.

On June 14, all Oaxaca was remembering. It was a remembrance against the forgetting: today’s scenario seemed to be a faithful mirror of 10 years ago. We were seeing a rerun of the same movie: the teacher mobilization, the sit-in the zócalo, the marches, the teachers’ demands, a fierce media campaign … And the authorities again betting, as then, on Section 22 getting exhausted; on growing citizen irritation; on the people’s fear of violence and loss of income and jobs.

The June 14 march that arrived at Oaxaca City’s zócalo expressed residual experience. For nearly 10 hours, alongside the teachers in their encampment, many diverse sectors creatively expressed the ways in which today memory inspires action.

The Espacio Civil, Civil Space, is a new arrangement of very different kinds of groups and organizations, who are retaking the experience of 2006 to give it new forms. Their declaration “Ten Years Building New Roads” was formulated in the framework of government violence “to impose the bad so-called education reform” and in the context of “an exemplary teacher and popular resistance to the imminent risk that the black repressive night we lived through on the November 25, 2006, might return.”

Oaxaca’s civil society spoke out with conviction for the necessity of learning from 2006, “not only to close a cycle that left us full of wounds and pains but to open new stages of struggle that we might not make the same mistakes and that we might absorb the positive teachings of the movement.

“Today many people are struggling to defend their territory against mining, windfarms, and for respect of their autonomy and their uses and customs, their culture, for the care of their natural resources, their forests, the water and biodiversity. Today we consider it necessary to further the construction of a common agenda that might unify teachers, neighbourhoods, pueblos, young people, women, adults in fullness, and all those of us who aspire to and are willing to struggle for Oaxaca and a better Mexico.”

At the start of the Day of Reflection 2006-2016Espacio Civil issued a call to strengthen the teachers’ movement and the struggles of neighbourhoods, communities and pueblos to bring down the labour reform disguised as educational reform and the structural reforms and to stop the repression. Only together, it was emphasized, “will we achieve the release of our political prisoners, the safe return of our disappeared, and that a long night of pain and repression against the teachers and neighbourhoods and pueblos of Oaxaca might not be repeated.”


On that day they began to blockade the roads. In Nochixtlán and on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the people took to the street to close passage to truckloads of militarized police heading to Oaxaca City. Aircraft began arriving at the Oaxaca Airport. Many thousands of people, from all sectors of society, encouraged and supported the blockades, and they began to weave social solidarity.

Human Rights Groups Issue Communiqué

On Saturday afternoon, the Tepeyac Human Rights Centre of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and the Network of Community Defenders of the Peoples of Oaxaca issued a communiqué in which they considered absurd and senseless the federal government’s response to social protest. They argued that the escalation of violence exhibits a political class that seeks to perpetuate itself

“in the logic of power and confrontation, rather than promoting opportunities for dialogue that might open channels to this fractured democracy.”

At the same time, they appreciated the wisdom of women and men of the pueblos, groups and emerging groups in

“proposing a creative resistance, pondering the meaning of life and building a just society.”

Oaxaca is burning. There is clear awareness of the moment of danger. Therefore, from every corner, an appeal is sent out today for courage—both the courage that expresses moral outrage shared by a growing number of people and the courage that means valour, integrity and the ability to walk with dignity and clarity in these dark times. The battle has just begun.
Translation by Jane Brundage

via The Battle of Oaxaca — dorset chiapas solidarity

‘Defence of the Realm’ in Turkey — Pat Walsh

In 1915 Marmaduke Pickthall was the most informed man in England on the region governed by the Ottoman Empire. Pickthall was an English Tory and a famous novelist, as well as a journalist. Pickthall published nine novels set in Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen and Turkey. E.M. Forster wrote in 1921 that Pickthall was “the only contemporary […]

Pickthall wrote a series of informative articles under the title The Black Crusade, which The New Age later published as a pamphlet. In these pieces, Pickthall condemned Christians for comparing Turks to Satan and for the approval of Bulgaria’s Christian slaughter of Muslims in the Balkan Wars of 1912-13. At the end of 1912, Pickthall went to Turkey to see for himself the events he had been covering in his writings. Out of the visit came the book, With the Turks in Wartime.

What he saw happening – the slaughter of over 1 million Moslems and the ethnic cleansing of 400,000 more by Christians, with nothing being said or done in the West – led Pickthall to understand that a deep hypocrisy existed in most of Europe. There were exaggerated tales of atrocities against Christians while much greater suffering among the Moslem section of humanity was ignored.

When Britain declared war on Germany in August 1914, Pickthall declared his willingness to be a combatant as long as he did not have to fight Turks and he argued strongly for respect for Turkish neutrality and independence.

Pickthall’s background was Church of England. His father and his father’s father were clergymen and his two step-sisters were Anglican nuns. He had an Irish mother, Mary O’Brien, one of the famous Inchiquins. It was through church contacts that Pickthall first went to the east. Gradually, however, the actions of the Christian community, especially its missionaries, undermined Pickthall’s religious devotion. He had a crisis of faith which is evident in his writings for The New Age. Finally, in November 1917, at the last of a series of talks to the Muslim Literary Society on “Islam and Progress,” Pickthall openly declared his acceptance of Islam. He took the name Mohammed and became a pillar of the British Islamic Community.

Below is reproduced an article Pickthall wrote for The New Age on 4 November 1915, around the anniversary of Britain’s declaration of War on the Ottomans. It deals with the Armenian massacres then reported in England. The Title relates to the British Defence of the Realm Act which gave the government extraordinary powers to do what was necessary for the safety of the state in wartime and which England used most thoroughly in Ireland, even after the Armistice of 1918. Pickthall was obviously making the point to his English readers that what the Ottomans were doing in defending their state was just what Britain would do if faced by a similar existential crisis.

During the article Pickthall refers to “concentration camps”. What he has in mind are not the German death camps of the 1940s but the British concentration camps used in South Africa to suppress Boer resistance in the 1900s. Tens of thousands of civilians perished in these, despite the strong control of both land and sea Britain exerted, in comparison to the dire security problems faced by the Ottomans, challenged by multiple invaders, starvation blockade and internal insurrection in relocating the Armenians from the war zones.

When reading the following article the reader should bear in mind that Pickthall has many of the British Imperial views of the time which we would consider offensive today. But it is, for all that, a very informative and balanced piece of journalism. Hopefully more of Pickthall’s writings will be reproduced in further posts.

Defence of the Realm in Turkey by Marmaduke Pickthall

“In the year 1913 the British Government was requested by the Porte to provide a number of inspectors to super-intend the reforms which the Turks had undertaken in the Kurd-Armenian vilayets; where, as an outcome of the Balkan War, and the consequent weakening of the local garrisons on the one hand, and of Russian intrigues on the other, the situation had become extremely critical. Mr. Walter Guinness, M.P., describing a tour which he made that year in Armenia and Kurdistan, mentions ‘‘numerous indications of an active Russian propaganda” not only among Armenians but among the Kurds as well. “Many of them (the Kurds) are armed with Russian rifles, and in the mountains I found in an out-of-the-way village a Russian dressed as a Kurd, and living the life of the Kurds.”Rifles supplied to the Kurds were sure, sooner or later, to be used against the Armenians. At the same time, Russia was arming the pro-Russian – that is, Orthodox – section of the Armenians in Turkish provinces adjacent to the Russian frontier. The Armenians thus, who are by no means lambs, would be emboldened to revolt against the Turkish Government ; the Kurds would slay them in the name of law and order-a mere name in Kurdistan in these days, respected only when it suits the Kurds – and Russia, posing as protector of the slaughtered Christians, wouId cry to Europe: “See what you have done by thwarting my desire to take those provinces.”

“It was simply the old game which has been played by our Ally so many times before in Turkey, and always with some measure of success. Western Europe is so far removed from Asia Minor. So very few of us can realise, even in imagination, the condition of men’s daily lite in that far region.

“The situation was, indeed, most critical from the standpoint of the lurks, and the Turks desired to mend it by introducing real reforms into the Armenian yets. But they knew well that they were not strong enough to carry out so great a work in the face of Russia Russian-and, one may add, German-political ambitions, without the help of some great Power of Europe which was not interested in preserving the existing anarchy. England was their only hope; and England, for some time, seemed willing to befriend them to the extent of lending them some competent inspectors. But the presence of British inspectors in Armenia would have interfered with Russia’s game, might even have caused the nature of the game to be disclosed to Western Europe. So Russia, very naturally, objected, and England- prizing Russian friendship above honour-for the Turkish demand was based upon the Cyprus Convention – eventually refused to provide the inspectors. Not only the Turks and the Armenians, but we English are the sufferers by the decision; since but for that unfortunate refusal, last of a long series of rebuffs, Turkey might have been on our side now.

“And now we hear about Armenian massacres, and Englishmen are filled with pious horror, laying all the blame upon the Turks. Let us try to understand what has actually happened. Some Armenians, in Armenia proper, Turkish subjects, rose in arms and betrayed the town of Van to the Russians. When the news of this occurrence spread throughout the Empire, the common people in some places rioted against Armenians, just as the people in the East End of London rioted against the Germans upon the news of the sinking of the “Lusitania” but with this difference, that the Arab and the Kurdish mobs, being three hundred years, at least, be- hind the London mob in civilisation, did what the London rabble of three centuries ago would have done, and killed their victims. Following on these disorders he Turkish Government ordered the removal of the whole Armenian population from the war zones to concentration camps of some sort-as much with a view to their protection, it seems but fair to suggest, as with a view to prevent further treachery. When the Turkish forces retook Van, there was a slaughter of Armenians in that district by the Kurds, their ancient enemies, who, as we have seen, were armed with Russian rifles before the war, at a moment when the Turks were wishing to disarm them. In one American report that I have seen, the Kurds, not Turks, are specified as the offenders. But it is all one to the enemies of Islam and they are powerful just now in England – since Kurds are Muslims of a sort. Unruly as the Scottish Highlanders three centuries ago, the Kurds have always raided the Armenians ofi the least excuse whenever the Turkish Government had its hands too full to deal with them. They are enemies to Turkish government in time of peace, and very uncongenial and mistrusted friends in time of war. And it must be remembered that the Armenians, in their native land, are far from being the sheep-like, inoffensive crowd that they are sometimes painted. They also, when at war, commit atrocities. That the recent massacres of Armenians – whatever their extent, and that we cannot ascertain at present – took place at the command, or in any sense with the connivance, of the Turkish Government, seems most improbable. We are not now in Abdul Hamid’s reign.

“The chief desire of the present rulers in Turkey has always been to prove their country worthy to take rank among the civilised, enlightened empires or the world, and their ideas of civilisation and enlightenment are derived from English and French sources, not from German frightfulness. The most that can be fairly laid to the charge of the Turkish Government, I should say, is the military execution of proved traitors and the removal of reputedly disaffected populations from the danger zones-this last a forcible proceeding involving hardship and discomfort to the deported; but, consider- ing the state of war, and the straits in which the Turks were placed, a necessary military precaution, no “atrocity”.

“Therefore, it seems unfair to count the many thus removed among the victims, especially as it is possible that in some cases they were removed to save their lives. We have the evidence of British prisoners of war at Urfah on the Euphrates, as to the kind of treatment the Armenians received from infuriated patriots in small provincial towns, inadequately garrisoned and unpoliced, on the news of the betrayal of Van. And the general order for removal seems to have followed pretty closely upon those disorders. Yet, I came the other day upon the headline : “Armenian Horrors: 8o0,ooo Victims,” to a newspaper paragraph, which stated that the number of the victims could not be much less than eight hundred thousand killed and deported. The statement loses all its force when one reflects that the total number of the deported from a hunderd districts might easily be eight hundred thousand.

“One cannot help contrasting the publicity accorded by our Press to this Armenian tragedy with the silence of the same Press on the subject of the Balkan tragedy in 1912-13. As one of the handful of Englishmen who tried to get a hearing for the Turkish case on that occasion, I can personally testify to the firmness of the censorship which we encountered. Yet, the tale we had to tell was much more horrible than anything which we have yet heard from Armenia; and the perpetrators were our “fellow Christians.” A few men who knew the East thought the facts deserved to be published, in the interests of religious toleration, as showing that bad Christians in those lands could be as bestial as bad Mohammedans in time of war. But our rulers, in their wisdom, thought it inadvisable that such enlightenment should reach the general public, who were told that the atrocities Committed by the Balkan Christians were “no more than is customary in all Eastern warfare.” Quite so. And on behalf of the whole Muslim world to-day, I claim that these atrocities committed by the Kurds and Arabs are no more than is customary in Eastern warfare.” We are talking of Asia Minor, not of England; of a nearly savage country, where men are sheep when under discipline, but devils if enlarged.

“The fact is, that we should have furnished those inspectors.”

via ‘Defence of the Realm’ in Turkey — Pat Walsh

The protests of high school students, Part III

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The writing on poster in English: “Be the voice, be the light!
Pertevniyal High School which has 145 years old history, as similar at other schools, it captures under cover “project school”. The pressure is increasing, the authorities are using every means avaliable for muting our voices. Friends: Be our voice, be our light!
All hail to those who don’t bow to pressure, and who fight for the light!”

Previous edit: The other two posts of mine about this subject:

Part I:
The protests of high school students against corrupt and non-scientific education system
Part II:
Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness

The protests of high school students of Turkey are continuing at full speed. Actually the word of “contunuing” is lack for this, the move of the high school students are growing like snowslide! Like the upper poster, the students are preparing many remarkable posters or notices. I couldn’t add all them in here, but if there are the ones into these high school students who want to see own notice or poster in here, they can make a comment below, I will try to add (Extraterrestrial promise:)). And, the high schools which published protest notice so far like following:

“Istanbul High School, Istanbul Galatasaray High School, Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School, Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School, Istanbul Vefa High School, Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School, Istanbul Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, Istanbul Beyoglu Anatolian High School, Izmir Cıglı Science High School, Istanbul Notre Dame de Sion High School, Istanbul Pertevniyal High School, Istanbul Besiktas Anatolian High School, Istanbul Bakırkoy Anatolian High School, Istanbul Italian High School, Samsun Anatolian High School, Istanbul Koc High School, Istanbul Kartaltepe Anatolian High School, Afyon High School, Samsun Social Sciences High School, Samsun Zeycan Yıldırım Science High School, Samsun Onur Ates Anatolian High School, Istanbul Korkmaz Yigit Anatolian High School, Istanbul Besiktas Physical Sciences High School, Ankara Ataturk Anatolian High School, Istanbul Beylikduzu Cahit Zarifoglu Anatolian High School, Istanbul Istek Bilge Kagan High School, Istanbul Rotary 100th Anniversary High School, Istanbul Istek Foundation Atanur Oguz High School, Istanbul Etiler Anatolian High School, Istanbul Erenkoy Girls High School, Eskisehir Kılıcoglu Anatolian High School, Eskisehir Seyitgazi Health Vocational High School, Izmir Cihat Kora Anatolian High School, Ankara Turk Telekom Social Science High School, Izmir Lieutenant Ali Riza Akinci Anatolian High School, Izmir Suzan Divrik Vocational Tech Anatolian High School, Izmir Karsiyaka Anatolian High School, Balikesir Ziraat Bank Science School, Istanbul Nisantasi Nuri Akin Anatolian High School, Istanbul Hisar High School,Bursa Zuhal Senipek Vocational and Tech High School, Istanbul Camlica Anatolian High School, Kirklareli Ataturk Anatolian High School, Kirklareli TOBB Anatolian High School, Istanbul Gurlek Nakipoğlu Anatolian High School, Denizli High School, Trabzon Science High School, Antalya Abdurrahman Alaattinoglu Anatolian High School, Antalya Umit Sercan Anatolian High School, Antalya Rıfat Azakoglu Vocational and Technical High School, Ordu Science High School, Ordu Persembe Zehra Selale Anatolian High School, Ordu Anatolian High School, Izmir Yusuf Kemalettin Perin Science High School, Izmir Mehmet Seyfi Eraltay Anatolian High School, Izmir Ataturk High School, Diyarbakir New Middle East Anatolian High School, Izmir Nevvar Salih Isgoren Vocational Tech Girls High School, Mersin Anatolian High School”

ps: If there are the schools which I missed out, you can make a comment for it.

From many city of Turkey, 59 high schools published the issue until yesterday. And yesterday one of them joined to protests. This school is Istanbul American Robert High School. Istanbul American Robert High School is the school which is accepting the students who take the best high score of tests at Turkey. This school is kind of a university by itself, as well as one of the best. If Istanbul American Robert High School has joined to the protests, it means that in Turkey, the education is ringing alarm bells on high level anymore. Now, these students in entire Turkey, seem that they do have no more patience left for the system.

And I have been seeing the quotes of Nazim Hikmet’s poems at most of the notices of high schools, especially this one;

The quotes from the poem of “The Ballad of Those Who Drink the Sun” by Nazim Hikmet Ran
Those, who cry in their houses,
who carry their tears
like a heavy chain
on their necks,
don’t set forth for the same road with us!
Those, who live inside the shells of their hearts,
don’t follow us!

Millions of red hearts are burning
on the fire
falling from that sun!
You take your heart out of
the cage of your chest too;
fling it into the fire
falling from that sun;
take your heart along with our hearts!

There is a raid,
a raid to the sun!
We will conquer the sun;
conquest of the sun is soon!
As you have guessed this poem is very long but I have translated just this short part. Because especially last part, “There is a raid, a raid to the sun! We will conguer the sun; conquest of the sun is soon!” is using often at the protest notices of the high school students of Turkey in these days. And of course Nazim Hikmet was/is great poet and I am sure he is smiling to these children in that place where he is rest in peace.:)

While children want to scientific and modern education, their families some of them published the issues too. Yes, they don’t sit anymore:) One of them came from the parents of the students of Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School:

“Our children cried. We heard them and we reply!…We disobeyed, we answered! Our children are the real owners of the Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School with their own intelligence, labor, the support of their family. They choose to be individuals, not to be slaves.
We have too much to learn from children who lay claim to their freedom, schools, most importantly lay claim to the tradition of brotherhood and solidarity. They are the owners of a bright future and the passengers of light. We are on the way fo our children, we are in SOLIDARTY with them.”

And, some members of the some alumni associations of these high schools also issued statements to support the students in the schools they graduated.

Of course, by the way, there are the reactions againts the protests of high schools. One of the came from Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

President of Republic Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with making reference to the repeatedly statements issued by many rooted high schools against pro-government managments, said: ” We know the ones who didn’t take a lesson from all these incidents, and they pursue the new unrests by scratching still to the high schools and universities.”

And the police forces came to one of these high schools, to Samsun Anatolia High School at the request of the school management. The students published notice before the graduate, when they came to school for graduate, the police forces were at the school. For this event, the students made a ptotest and their familes to joined to them. And after then, the students have published another issue again:)

Besides, after Istanbul Beyoglu Anatolian High School students published issue,
an offical letter which was written by Ministry of Education came to the students. According to letter, the boy students will no longer accept to the school.

I think these protests are very important for Turkey. These children are not moving with political ideas, they just want their future. And the politicians of government are not aware that they are in big mistakes with playing the education system like ping pong ball. Probably, at the near future, we see the consequences of these protests. And I think the winning side will be the students; because no matter what happens, always the future would be winner. And the youngs of mankind are the future!

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To fulfill the accession criteria of EU

Before, I had shared some Zaytung news with you my Earthling friends. Firstly for the new ones, I should explain what Zaytung news are. Zaytung web news site is giving false humorous and satire news in Turkey. These news are fun and false but even some times some abnormal things would happen in Turkey that people use for them “it is like Zaytung news”. In last years this describing has been using too often in Turkey. So we can say that some things can be abnormal for the rest of the world but in Turkey same things are very normal. 🙂

As I have made before, I will give the real Turkey’s agenda news, after I will add the Zaytung news which is related with news.

Except Syria refugee crisis, economic crisis and terrorism and politics, Turkey’s most important agenda item for the last 4 weeks was about a killer. Atalay Filiz who is Turkey’s first serial killer, was wanted for 4 weeks. He is well-trained, took post graduate at France and speaks well foreign languages more than one. All denunciations in Turkey were reported to the police, tv programs have pursued the man in live broadcasts. There was not a serial killer than before Turkey! That’s why it was very excited. Almost 75 million population of Turkey was looking for Atalay Filiz. He was seen latest in city of Izmir, and even Greece police has been put on alert for his escape suspicion to Greece. Eventually he was caught last weekend. When he was arrested by the police officers, the officers have taken a selfie with him. Yes, these happened and true. 🙂 Now here is zaytung news on the subject.

Atalay Filiz, who is our first serial killer in the Western sense, has gave a hope to Turkey for right to participate of EU

EU membership of Turkey which has achived an educated, presentable and systematic working serial killer who Turkey has been longing for years, has been revived. EU Minister of Turkey, Omer Celik stated that they will bring the subject to the negotiating process and he shared Turkey’s new EU vision with the words of “In the worst case, we aim that this event is to be accepted instead of human development criteria of EU.”

Historic opportunity

Atalay Filiz who came to the fore at agenda of Turkey with series of murders he commited in Ankara and Istanbul, couldn’t escape the attention of Minister of EU of Turkey. EU Minister of Turkey, Omer Celik who stated that they carefully examined the subject, first began his talk by wishing the mercy of God to the victims, said these words:

“But I believe these citizens who murdered by Atalay Filiz, they did not die in vain. How our people lost their lives in our War of Independence, or due terrorism, how they sacrificed themselves for this country, these citizens in the same way. I look them as martyrs who given their lives in accordance with our EU vision. Because you know, this type killers are very rare, they show up in the high development level places like Europe-America in generaly. Of course also for the emergence of a serial killer, some ones, at least 3-4 people need to record as victims on this road they sacrificed… I hope I told what I meant.”

Serial killers are not in every country!

EU Minister of Turkey who underlined that even if some full member of the EU countries like Slovenia or Bulgaria yearn for a serial killer in this standart, continued his words:

“When they told me Atalay at first, I said that okay; if it needs an education, yes he has! If it needs a type, yes he has! If it needs an unsettling calm in his eyes, yes he has! He is quite different from our understanding of traditional killer who kills own family with a moment of insanity and after delivered himself to the nearest police station. In this sense, Atalay Filiz is an example who satisfied the need of human development criteria of EU accession negotiations by himself. If EU is even little bit sincere, they will not ignore such an example. Now, the ball is in EU’s court…”

Preparations are being completed

Lastly, EU Minister of Turkey, Omer Celik said that they prepare the necessary documents to move the issue to the European Union. After that he stated that they would enter into a coordination working with the Ministry of Interior to catch the serial killer in an appropriate standard of security forces…

Following the press conference, the Ministry of Interior issued the tender on the official website. According to tender, the needs:

-Hannibal style iron mouthpiece

-An African American partner who will be given next to the police commissioner to follow serial killer

-A sufficient amount donuts for patrol

-Far eastern forensic experts who will be in the background at the scene

This news can be true in a day? Yes, it can be true in a day at future. This place is Turkey on the planet Earth, and there is almost no normal event in political sense in here 🙂

And, some other Zaytung news:

In the context of the ongoing US investigation about Reza Zarrab, prosecutor Preet Bharara submitted new documents to the court. 8th grade report card of Reza Zarrab inside the documents were joyfully greeted in Turkey. In his report card it is seen that kiddie Reza Zarrab failed history and religion lessons; and he passed the class with decision of school board despite he took E from math, German language and Turkish. But this gave a hope to millions students of Turkey. The students said that “Despite this report card, even so can be very rich, wow!”

The reply for Erdogan’s letter to Putin, came from the Kremlin:

“We made plane from the letter paper and threw the window. It didn’t fly bad actually, but it is not a SU-24 of course. Anyway, you pay the compensation anymore…”

While the high school students protests are continuing almost entire country, Kuleli Military High School students who turned their back at graduation ceremony had been shock with the commander’s order “about face!”

Thousands of people came together in Bayrampasa Central Mosque before Euro 2016, they made the funeral prayer in advance for the ones who will lose their lives especially due to terrorism, natural disasters and other causes and possible our martyrs over the next one month. The citizens who expressed that they will not be too much interest in such matters during Euro 2016, they turned back their homes at peace which was brought their last respects to the martyrs, after they chanted slogans condemning terrorism.

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Racial and class discrimination in the US’s science world


In effort to understand continuing racial disparities, NIH to test for bias in study sections

By Jeffrey Mervis

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, has decided to find out whether its fabled grantsmaking process discriminates against African-American scientists.

Armed with new data showing black applicants suffer a 35% lower chance of having a grant proposal funded than their white counterparts, NIH officials are gearing up to test whether reviewers in its study sections give lower scores to proposals from African-American applicants. They say it’s one of several possible explanations for a disparity in success rates first documented in a 2011 report by a team led by economist Donna Ginther of the University of Kansas, Lawrence. The so-called Ginther report also noted that black researchers are more likely to have their applications for an R01 grant—the bread-and-butter NIH award that sustains academic labs—thrown out without any discussion by study sections and that black scientists are less likely to resubmit a revised proposal for a second review.

NIH is also faced with the problem of low participation rates by minority scientists. Only 1.5% of its R01 applications come from African-American scientists. (The average applicant submits three applications, although whites submit at a higher rate than blacks.)

The bias study would draw from a pool of recently rejected grant applications that have been anonymized to remove any hint of the applicant’s race, home institution, and training. Reviewers would be asked to score them on a one-to-nine scale using NIH’s normal rating system. Richard Nakamura, head of the Center for Scientific Review in Bethesda, which manages the NIH grantsmaking apparatus, said he hopes to award a contract later this year for an outside firm to conduct the analysis.

The exercise is one of three “experimental interventions” being launched in the coming months as NIH continues to wrestle with the implications of the Ginther report. In 2014, in the first round of what NIH Director Francis Collins touted as a 10-year, $500 million initiative to increase the  diversity of the scientific workforce, NIH gave out 5-year, $25 million awards to 10 institutions that enroll large numbers of minority students and created a national research mentoring network.

A second intervention starting later this year will tap that fledgling mentoring network to tutor two dozen minority scientists whose R01 applications were recently rejected. The goal of the intervention, which will last several months, is to prepare the scientists to have greater success on their next application. A third intervention will educate minority scientists on the importance of resubmitting a rejected proposal, because resubmitted proposals are three times more likely to be funded than a de novo application from a researcher who has never been funded by NIH.

NIH officials recently updated the Ginther study, which examined a 2000–2006 cohort of applicants, and found that the racial disparity persists. The 35% lower chance of being funded comes from tracking the success rates of 1054 matched pairs of white and black applicants from 2008 to 2014. Black applicants continue to do less well at each stage of the process.

Ironically, because the pool of black applicants is so small, it wouldn’t take much to eliminate the disparity: Only 23 more R01 applications from black researchers would need to be funded each year to bring them to parity. But that’s not good enough, says Hannah Valantine, NIH chief officer for scientific workforce diversity, who presented the new data today to the director’s advisory council.

“We want to narrow the gap in a sustained way,” Valantine said. She cited other factors believed to depress the number of applications by black scientists that NIH hopes to address in partnership with universities, including fewer institutional resources or a heavier teaching load.

One issue that hung in the air was whether any of the disparity was self-inflicted. Specifically, council members and NIH officials pondered the tendency of African-American researchers to favor certain research areas, such as health disparities, women’s health, or hypertension and diabetes among minority populations, and wondered whether study sections might view the research questions in those areas as less compelling. Valantine called it a propensity “to work on issues that resonate with their core values.” At the same time, she said the data show minorities also do less well in competition with their white peers in those fields.

Collins offered another possibility. “I’ve heard stories that they might have been mentored to go into those areas as a better way to win funding,” he said. “The question is, to what extent is it their intrinsic interest in a topic, and to what extent have they been encouraged to go in that direction?”

Referring to the tiny pool of minority applicants, one council member asserted that many African-American undergraduates who do well in science choose medicine over research when contemplating their future because they aren’t familiar with academic research as a possible career. Valantine said the data show that applications submitted by African-Americans are evenly divided between those who have M.D.s and those with a Ph.D. But she acknowledged that understanding “the science of diversity” is a huge challenge for her office and for NIH. “It’s probably more complex than any other thing that we do,” she said.

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In effort to understand continuing racial disparities, NIH to test for bias in study sections


 Battle of Marseille: Violent fans hurl missiles, clash with police ahead of Russia-England match
At least 10 people have been injured, and a man is in critical condition, after clashes broke out between hundreds of Russian and English fans in Marseille, ahead of their teams’ opening game of Euro 2016.

The head of All-Russian Fans’ Union, Alexander Sprygin, told Reuters that English fans were “drinking a lot and behaving badly” prior to the outbreak of violence outside the Queen Victoria pub in the Old Port area of the city.



And all we say that, let the games begin 🙂

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By the way, according to global peace index of 2016, there are only 10 countries where not living conflict and terror events during last 10 years. These are Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Mauritius, Panama, Qatar, Switzerland, Uruguay and Vietnam are free from conflict. My favorite country inside them, Uruguay!!

Only 10 countries of 194 countries of planet Earth. When looking at the videos of this post, 10 is very enough for the Earthlings:)


Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness


As you know my Earthling friends, I had shared the unusual and effective protests of high school students of Turkey against non-scientific and corruption education system, with you four days ago, in this post:

The protests of high school students against corrupt and non-scientific education system

The protests of high school students are also spreading to other schools. If the protests of high school students are flag race, it seems that the flag won’t fall into place:

First: While the principal was giving his speech during the graduation ceremony, Istanbul High School 2016 graduates turned their backs on him to protest to him.

Second: Galatasaray High School student have put an advertisement with the title of “urgently, seeking the new principal”

Third: Graduates of Cagaloglu Anatolian High School published a notice like the other two.

Yesterday and today, the protest reactions continued. Contemporary educational demands of students and their protest against the reactionary layout which wants to surround the students, go on. New high schools are attending in these protest in waves.

Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School- The students have issued an announcement

Istanbul Vefa High School (the title which I used for this post is actually their announcement’s motto, and the full form is as follows) – “We are ready to turn our back on darkness with other schools which are suffering from similar problems!”

Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School students have published a notice too. And as others, they have said they will not surrender to the darkness with the general lines in this notice.

And Kadıkoy Anatolian High School students, they have prepared the notice which you see it’s picture at the top of this post. This notice is quite a sharp wit and satire example. As follows,

The students troubles should have been told at this notice within its without strikeout shape in actually; but when you read with in a shape at the picture, so by scratching out some words of it, as if there is no problem amongst the students and management of school. Some of the words have been removed, it emerged such sentences from the remaining words:

“As the students of Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, our activities which we wanted to organize are supported by managament of school. There is no problem in our school.”

At the bottom corner of the notice, represent seal of school management have been placed, and over the seal there is writing “it was examined”. So shortly, with this notice which these students prepared, they told how the management of school cencored the truths and the truths can be turned into another form by management. This notice of students is short but brilliant and wit expression of their protest.


I cannot reach the speed of high school students protests 🙂 After I added this post, I have seen new ones that joined the others at news portals tonight.

Here are the other high schools students which they published notice that they will stand up against the darkness.
Izmir Cıglı Science High School
Beyoglu Anatolian High School
Notre Dame de Sion High School

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In a galaxy far far away

tub-1k is the largest planet of NGC 1049 galaxy; the size of the planet is Earth’s 15 times.

Coordinate position: (.. h.. m..,..s , + ..°..′..″ ) , due to security risks, coordinate figures can not be given by Migarium.

Acronyms about tub-1k’s years:

BT is meaning of before the tub

AT is meaning of after the tub

To give an example; the year of AT 269 of planet tub-1k is equal to the year of 1936 of planet Earth.

Planet, before the taking name of tub-1k, has a history of 985 million years. However, because of the previous dates are not accepted anymore at the planet, the historians of tub-1k don’t take in consideration these 985 million years. Therefore, the transfers about tub-1k will be over the records of the recorders of other planets.

Continuation with the database transfer of Migarium…

Number of living species of tub-1k is the only one. Planet species is under an atmosphere similar with Earth’s atmosphere, but very low oxygen levels. With this oxygen they can only run their most neccessary vital functions. It has been many times they tried to find a way for balance; nobody can denies their effort. But, because all of them lived before tub-1k, these efforts have been recorded as worthless, even these have been found objectionable and prohibited with the begining the year of AT 151 tub-1k. The reason of this is a very very long historical events.

tub-1k, with the previous name of planet “knuoğp”, if looking at the records which were kept by many species who came here from many place from galaxy, it was a very scientific environment.

The scientists-researchers from many species, had made many scientific studies, due to the planet was only planet which has got oxygen at galaxy. Also it is very known fact that they obtained quite efficent and substantial scientific datas for their living conditions and even have put the signs on new tests to be created for the living areas of their species. When looking the records of “knuoğp”, it is understood that everything has began to change with a ship from a distant galaxy. This ship had landed just before the year of AT 5 of tub-1k, and immediately into following the 5 years, both the planet name had changed and had been drawn the fate of the planet’s nearly 1 billion annual cycle.

My friend “so” from the planet “sooy-5t” had told me this species who landed on “knuoğp”:

-They were the species, who have 5 additional extensions which were consisted two under the main body, two upper sides of the main body, and one roundish at top of the body; this conglobate roundish part of them had also their communicate organs.

This species seemed to me a little familiar, but the converstaion had just begun and without any clear informations that I have, it was not possible to express my opinion. “so” had continued:

– We were the represantatives of the species who came “knuoğp” from 9586 planets for making scientific studies. Until then, we had never encountered with such a species like them in the galaxy of NGC 1049. Of course, they had drawn our attention immediately. We could have learned many new things from them. We approached to them entirely in this angle. At first, we have opened our oxygen tanks for their use with recognizing of their breathing difficulties. But, despite a few philosopher inside us warned us, we did not anticipate the fact that we can not predict what happens later.

(Migarium’s additional note for data base- the philosophers are not taken much consideration in this part of universe)

The number of crew of ship was four, yes, only four. When I’ve looked at those days, I have seen that these four has needed only five years to change altogether the planet where 69 billion living creatures lived. Anyway, I shouldn’t digress. Firstly, they wanted to meet with the leaders of “knuoğp”. But there wasn’t any leader at “knuoğp”; they were all the species living at same level. There were two things that the species of “knouğp” made in their life time: The first was to extract “tubort” mine which was most commonly used at galaxy from the just below the surface of planet. The second was to make the necessary arrangements for the transport and storage of the “tubort” mine.

Already, any natives of “knuoğp” didn’t know what is the meaning of leader; even 9301 of the 9586 planet’s science representatives didn’t know either. The remaining represantatives of 285 planets where had little bit similar with presidential system, have never been in need also to broach the subject. Everyone was busy with own work. These four foreigners, when they didn’t find a leader they wanted to deal with, they closed the subject. Two of the foreigners mingled in native “knuoğp”, the other two mingled in us. Within the timeframe that they were together with us, we have invented the support is required for communication for themselves. It was quick and easy; becuase they were very simple species. After providing the communication between us, they started to constantly pay attention and involve in our works and studies. We have answered their many questions like, “what we were doing here?”, “where we came from?”, “what is the living purpose of this planet?”. But our questions for them was remaining unanswered. We couldn’t understand the reason. “Where they came from or what they were going to?”. We couldn’t get any response, except “there was an accident and our ship fallen down here”. At that time, we had not listened again two philosophers who said that this wasn’t a good sign. Anyway.

Yet it didn’t take long one “knuoğp” year over the foreigners came that one day, when we woke up for a day of “knuoğp”, we heard about the little boxes which will be called as “kunak” later, in front of the houses of the miners of “knuoğp”. We went to see them by stopping our works. Over these little boxes, there was a sign of the ship which the foreigner species came here; and every miners of “knuoğp” before entering own home, was putting 1/8 of “tubort” mine which was extracted by own into today. We were surprised. What were they trying to do? We understood nothing. “tubort” mine which is extacted from this planet, was essential mine to support to the 23 living planets. 1/8 was a huge rate. This lack rate would definitely cause to interfere in the life on 23 planets. The scientists of these 23 planets have got involved at that moment. They wanted to talk with miners of “knuoğp”, wanted to know why they did it. However, as I mentioned, knuoğp species had no any leader, including in any area. They didn’t have any management or representative either. Therewith, one of the four foreigners stepped forward. “I want to speak in behalf of miners”, the foreigner said. No one could made objection, because they didn’t have any organization for objection. Naturally, in a moment, this foreigner had been a representative of miners “knuoğp”. Foreigner speech was exactly like that:

“We, as the “knuoğp” species who live at this remote corner of the universe; we are living, but why? We extract the “tubort” mine, but why? Only thing that we made from the moment of the birth: to extract the tubort mine, then to store it up, later to transport to the other planets. Well; but why? Until the death day we are doing these; which is our average life is 30 knuoğp years. Look at each of us, we’ve failed to reach a state of comfort, we couldn’t find justice! 23 big planets sponge on us! But we have done this job without raising our voices! The time has came to say stop to this order! That’s why we have decided not to give 1/8 of “tubort” mine which we extract from ground. We will decide what we will do with this rate of tubort when the time will come. For now, my words have ended!”

-Was it all! What does that mean exactly? There wasn’t any responce from the miners of knouğp. This speech was not strange to them obviously. Unresponsive even have a particular expression of happiness, they have listened this speech. Some of them had swung forward the only their limb. This was shown to be a very important response for joy. But these words had made the represantative of “mokkı” planet which send them food in return of tubort mine at same galaxy, angry. In fact, it was not representative, it was scientist. But that moment, it started to speak like losing it’s mind.

“Then, we keep 1/8 of the food which we send you for ourselves. What this means is that the species of knuoğp will fight with hunger until a year!”

Foreigner replied.

“Everything has a solution, I can make an agreement with you on this issue”

The response of planet “mokkı” representative didn’t delay:

“Why I will make an agreement with you?”

Foreigner was very calm and answered:

“I prepared this speech.”

“This does not give you the right of making deal with me such as being a leader of miners of knouğp! You are not representative of planet “knuoğp”!”

The anger voices of miners of “knuoğp” raised up. The foreigner who took courage from their react, continued:

“Yes, this speech cannot make me a representative, but maybe it can make me a group leader.”

Metal parts of planet “mokkı” representative have began to creak.

“How!” It shouted angrily.

But it’s voice wasn’t heard inside the shouting of miners of knouğp, all was saying with together:”Foreigner one, is our president!”

Foreigner returned to the “mokkı” representative,

with saying “tomorrow, we would negotiate on the terms of agreement in my room”, he disappeared inside of the miners of knouğp.

We who were at there without understanding anything, everything has finished in a moment. A foreigner, has emerged out first as representative, then as trade offical, later as president of a planet where he has never been before. We couldn’t make sense out of happening. Similar events took place amongst the shippers and storekeepers of “knuoğp”. Without understanding what was going on, 1 year of “knuoğp” has passed. These four foreigners made agreements with every one of 23 planets. They became only authorities in every area where ever they were in.

Into this time, the life has began to change at planet “knuoğp”. Internal unrests, conflicts have arisen. That was a great changing for the species of “knouğp” they had lived in a peace during almost 1 billion years of “knuoğp”. One day, shippers attacked to the storekeepers, next day miners attacked to shippers, the other day storekeepers attacked miners. It repeated itself in a vicious cycle day after day. In the same order. Once a time miners were going to attack to storekeepers, but they realized last moment their mistake, and attacked to shippers again as always. Anyone didn’t know why, and still preserves the unknown cause of these internal conflicts. There was not anything on behalf of layout no longer at planet “knuoğp”.

Again some philosophers tried to warn us. They said to us” there is something else under these events, you are looking at wrong way.” But we didn’t listen to them.

One of the four foreigners, precisely in one of those hot days, said that there were the signs of lack of belief behind all the unrest, in fact. What was the belief? It supposed to be something magical! Certainly, it was neccessary to have, if it’s lack brings the planet on the stopping point. Immediately it was set a big meeting. This foreigner would give a speech adressing the all “knuoğp”. Speech of the foreigner was like that:

“We, as the “knuoğp” species who live at this remote corner of the universe; we are living, but why? We extract the “tubort” mine, but why? Miners are still restless. Only thing that we made from the moment of the birth: to extract the tubort mine, then to store it up, later to transport to the other planets. Well; but why? Shippers and storekeepers are still restless too. Until the death day we are doing these; which is our average life is 30 knouğp years. Look at each of us, we’ve failed to reach a state of comfort, we couldn’t find justice! Well why? Because we don’t have belief system. We said that “23 big planets sponge on us!” and we headed out. We brought these 23 planets into the line. Don’t look at sky, any of these planets wasn’t brought the line, I am talking metaphorically!

Unfortunately, despite we have done this job without making a sound in every day, but we do not have peace. Now the time has came to say stop to this. Therefore, the time has came to occur of our belief system. Instead these struggles and internal conflicts, we all together will learn the way of peace we could not find here, from this moment the way of finding in a place where we will call the great beyond. The emptiness which is formed inside of you, every secession state from spirituality which drags you into the fight, all of them will pass. Tomorrow firstly we will begin to build “patırnak” to get rid of all. The method of belief and spirituality will be inside of every “knuoğp” species. For now, my words have ended!”

Sentences were the motified of previous speeches. But the species of “knuoğp” didn’t realize that. Whatever it takes, they wanted to the thing “which is called belief”. (Migarium’s additional note for data base: “Actually, the only thing they wanted was to return to the days before the foreigners ship landed on the planet” murmured my friend “so”, and continued)

It was started to built the structures which were called patırnak. The inside of structure four statues which were the shapes of very similar with foreigners were placed. They said that this was a rule at the planets where the belief and spirituality are abundant.

My friend “so” stopped. Understood that “so” didn’t know what was talking about inside the patınaks, and I had to learn these from recorders of other planets. “so” brought the end of its sentences.

– Without complating 5 years of “knuoğp”, these patırnaks have spread all over the planet. There was obligatory visiting to these places once a year. They were making donations 1/8 of tubort mine which they kept for themselves to these patırnaks anymore. Also, besides all titles they had, these four foreigners have become chief belief offical of species of “knuoğp”.

-And then, unrest and internal conflicts were interrupted?

-No, it has become intensified. Ratings were made on this belief, according to the “tubort”mine rate was given as a donation, it was made grading of belief; more unrest output. The species of “knuoğp” who made shipping, mining, storekeeping before, now doing anything except beings live in another dimension. Their only thought is to reach the place they call the great beyond. It is believed so much that they will find a fair system at there, they do not even remember that they lived 1 billion peaceful years of “knuoğp” before.

-Well, the philosophers…

-No, no, the philosophers left us. As I heard, they went to another galaxy, and they took a job at finance business. With their high predictions, they make a huge money.

My friend “so” was tired, I could not ask to “so” how the name of the “knuoğp” turned into “tub-1k”. The thing I know what happened was on “knuoğp” had been experinced on other 23 planets. Because I knew the names of others in order from tub-1k to tub-23k have been changed.

I left there; when I came on board to my ship which I parked near of one patırnak, I have looked at it. This writing was written at the entry of parırnak:

“This path is the path of belief. This path shows us this life is temporary and we should take step on this path. It is not acceptable below of 1/8 of tubort mine for stepping this path. When every mortal realise it was a delusion, they are ready to embrace the spirituality of the four sacred pursuit. Four ambassadors say these, on the name of “tubortob” god, they commanded them that way.”


-I knew it Migo! I knew that you knew before came here about the…

-No, I didn’t.

-Are you kidding! You confessed with this record you knew the…

-shhh, WD

-You said me shh, aha! I caught you with red-handed! You knew everything about…

-No WD, I didn’t know before anything about the mankind of Earth.

-How it can be possible; you mentioned in here, you took an information about them at another galaxy! You think I am idiot dog! You need to confess anymore, you came here with knowing people and with under cover, and for invasion!

-Who says these are my past memories, WD? Maybe these are my future memories.