Even the dinosaurs were wiped out by the Turks on Earth!

Merkel and the German Parliament now began to stop talking in German?

Tomorrow it will be Armenian genocide vote at German Parliament assembly.

Yet, while the historains cannot explain with completly in scientifically, and every fake documents have become the truths by imperialism propaganda tools, every memories have become more valuable than the history facts, it seems that German Parliament wants to stop thinking like a German. They want to act with together imperialist aim.

For me, Germans have been always admiring mankind with their scientific minds, they do have incredible effective brain especially on positive sciences, like mechanic area. And it is really wierd how they turn into the people who think without scientifically.

Tomorrow, they will not vote just Armenian genocide, they will also vote so called Pontus Greek genocide(the people who lived at cost of Black Sea at history).

I am not sure how many nations killed by Turks, according to imperialists! Almost every single day, they put a claim in the middle “Turks killled the … nation, or another …. nation,” It wouldn’t be surprise if some day would come to the light “Dinosaurs were killed by Turks!” Don’t laugh my Earthling friends, it can be in high possibility! 🙂

Even some parliaments vote same law. Yes, for example Austria’s parliament has approved Armenian genocide accepting law in 1998,and they did same in 2013 again. As long as they are boring at parliament they vote Armenian genocide again and again 🙂

Turks were choosen as scape goat by imperialists.

With the problem of Syrian refugees, they want to drive Turkey into corner, and AKP management, strengthen their hand.

But they don’t understand yet, if they choose this way, so nonscientific way, they wouldn’t drive Turkey into corner.

Governments are temporary at the history eras. When the governments policy will pass, you will face to face with the facts of history. Truths would never be hidden! And how will you explain this to Germans in future. Maybe this will be your answer “we want to solve Syrian refugees crisis and want to German public votes, that’s why we bowed in front of imperialism and we stopped thinking like a German.” This is a piteous way for refugees bargain, unfortunately.

In Germany about 3 million Turks live. They have been living from the begining nearly of 1960’s. What will you say to them?

Also, it seems like a kidding. Because German parliament are forgeting that Armenian deportation decision was taken by German General, General Bronsart von Schellendorf who was ally with Ottoman.  

So German Parliament will not vote tomorrow not just Turks, they will vote Germans too. They are not aware of that yet 🙂

And this post is closing to those who make a hatred comment. I know that they will see and will come here, like before. But I don’t have any time for them who have ignorance and nonscientific thoughts.


Some good things happen on Earth

This advertisement was made by LOSEV (Turkey Foundation for Children with Leukemia)
The boy says in the advertisement that
“My name is Serdar, my mother and my father loves me so much,
and my doctor and my nurses loves me too(while he takes his periwig off),
can you hold my hand before sleeping tonight?”

This advertisement and the other advertisements of LOSEV are not being allowed to broadcast on tv as public service ad at Turkey becuase of Radio and Television Supreme Council. (at Turkey RTSC decides to every tv broadcasting and it totaly belongs to government, and in Turkey some foundation can have many field at broadcasting because of they are pro-government, some can’t, LOSEV cannot have.)

Two days ago, PayPal announced that the company will stop its operations in Turkey in effective from 6th June 2016. And added “Customers can log in to your PayPal account balance in the account and, if there is an applicable money, they can be transfer that money to bank accounts in Turkey.”

So many PayPal users or customers in Turkey. And it left the money in their PayPal accounts. These accounts mostly small figures intı the accounts, like 5, 10 Turkish liras, 1-2 USD or Avro. And so many costumer probably won’t intent to take back these money form the back. And one Eksi Sozluk‘s user (Eksi Sozluk is a participant discussing social platform in Turkey last 17 years, even Eksi Sozluk more popular than twitter in Turkey) started a compaign for these money accounts. These small money started to transfer to LOSEV (Turkey Foundation for Children with Leukemia)

LOSEV is making really good works for the children with Leukemia in Turkey. And they stand with the donations.

The campaign has spread immediatly to the social media, like via twitter. And according to LOSEV twitter account into just last 24 hours, fund-raised;
41.591,53 TL (about 13.000 USD)
17.274,07 USD
802,30 €



It is really amazing, because as much I’ve seen that the money accunts are very small on  the Eksi Sozluk platform.

People share how much money left into their accounts and they transferred, at the web page.

in  page of Eksi Sozluk,

we can see for example very small figure of the moneys, 0,98 USD, 1,76 USD, 1,95 USD, 4 TL, 1,50 €.

They are making a big lake! 🙂

Thank you to show us the good things happen on Earth!

Also, I will edit after 6th June this post.

Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union — Mario Sousa | Northstar Compass — Taking Sides

It is really good article my Earthling friend, thank you for sharing with us. Below the post I made a comment, I hope it would be axplanatory about my thoughts 🙂

“Today books have appeared on the matter written by the above-named researchers or by others from the same research team. Before going any further, I want to make clear, so that no confusion arises in the future, that none of the scientists involved in this research has a socialist world outlook. On the contrary their outlook is bourgeois and anti-socialist. Indeed many of them are quite reactionary. This is said so that the reader should not imagine that what is to be set out below is the product of some ‘communist conspiracy’. What has happened is that the above-named researchers have thoroughly exposed the lies of Conquest, Solzhenitsyn, Medvedev and others, which they have done purely by reason of the fact that they place their professional integrity in first place and will not allow themselves to be bought for propaganda purposes.”

for full reading;

by Norman Pillon

Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union — Mario Sousa | Northstar Compass