Even the dinosaurs were wiped out by the Turks on Earth!

Merkel and the German Parliament now began to stop talking in German?

Tomorrow it will be Armenian genocide vote at German Parliament assembly.

Yet, while the historains cannot explain with completly in scientifically, and every fake documents have become the truths by imperialism propaganda tools, every memories have become more valuable than the history facts, it seems that German Parliament wants to stop thinking like a German. They want to act with together imperialist aim.

For me, Germans have been always admiring mankind with their scientific minds, they do have incredible effective brain especially on positive sciences, like mechanic area. And it is really wierd how they turn into the people who think without scientifically.

Tomorrow, they will not vote just Armenian genocide, they will also vote so called Pontus Greek genocide(the people who lived at cost of Black Sea at history).

I am not sure how many nations killed by Turks, according to imperialists! Almost every single day, they put a claim in the middle “Turks killled the … nation, or another …. nation,” It wouldn’t be surprise if some day would come to the light “Dinosaurs were killed by Turks!” Don’t laugh my Earthling friends, it can be in high possibility! 🙂

Even some parliaments vote same law. Yes, for example Austria’s parliament has approved Armenian genocide accepting law in 1998,and they did same in 2013 again. As long as they are boring at parliament they vote Armenian genocide again and again 🙂

Turks were choosen as scape goat by imperialists.

With the problem of Syrian refugees, they want to drive Turkey into corner, and AKP management, strengthen their hand.

But they don’t understand yet, if they choose this way, so nonscientific way, they wouldn’t drive Turkey into corner.

Governments are temporary at the history eras. When the governments policy will pass, you will face to face with the facts of history. Truths would never be hidden! And how will you explain this to Germans in future. Maybe this will be your answer “we want to solve Syrian refugees crisis and want to German public votes, that’s why we bowed in front of imperialism and we stopped thinking like a German.” This is a piteous way for refugees bargain, unfortunately.

In Germany about 3 million Turks live. They have been living from the begining nearly of 1960’s. What will you say to them?

Also, it seems like a kidding. Because German parliament are forgeting that Armenian deportation decision was taken by German General, General Bronsart von Schellendorf who was ally with Ottoman.  

So German Parliament will not vote tomorrow not just Turks, they will vote Germans too. They are not aware of that yet 🙂

And this post is closing to those who make a hatred comment. I know that they will see and will come here, like before. But I don’t have any time for them who have ignorance and nonscientific thoughts.


11 thoughts on “Even the dinosaurs were wiped out by the Turks on Earth!

  1. “It wouldn’t be surprise if some day would come to the light “Dinosaurs were killed by Turks!””

    From the beginning of time forward, the “Turks” have always been busy. So no, no, no . . . it could very well come to light that the “Turks” did eliminate the Dinosaurs. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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    • Hhaha!

      If it had been a record kind of a stone age post, probably the news would have been the following:
      “Today, the fire was discovered, but yet, we are not skillful to kill dinosaurs like the human species who live in Central Asia and call themselves Turks”

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      • . . . and that’s why one day we will surely have to subdue them because look at how they carry on . . . if they can take out dinosaurs, they will surely want to take us out also, given how primitive we will surely yet be in the second millenneum of an era that will come after a mythical God that we will name Christ.

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      • “…After we will bring another prophet (yes, for one who will cheat the people kind, prophet name will be given) for them for fighting with the others. It will be entertainment and there will be so many industry for their fights.” 😉


  2. It is very strange the unscientific approach also to the Holocaust. If you have any doubts about the details of the Holocaust, then you can go to jail if you live in Germany and even France.

    The problem with this is that is censors ideas. Science is never finished. History is never ended (or completely decided). With more information we may learn closer to the truth.

    So I do not know anything about this so-called Armenian genicide, but I do see this public relations campaign which seeks to condemn Turkey. To me, it has the appearance of not truth. There seems an ulterior motive (like you mentioned). So it is very unscientific.

    Never should ideas be outlawed. When Faurisson writes about the gas chambers of the Nazis, he shouldn’t be threatened with jail. Maybe he is wrong, maybe he is right.

    There should be open discussion of the Holocaust (like at the CODOH website). Also, there should be the truth of this “genicide”. In both cases it seems that the ends are political. In the first instance, maybe to help with the legitimacy of Israel. In the latter, probably to demonize Turkey.

    I think the Germans have become the smartest slaves on the planet. They are very smart, but they have cognitive dissonance. They cannot break their chains. They are slaves to imperialism. They have money, but they are giving up their own freedom by taking freedom from other countries. They must be honest and brave.

    I think they are too comfortable being the richest country in Europe.


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    • You are quite well speaking, as you always you did, my dear Earthling friend Paul! I am agree with you all!

      And yes, German Parliament voted today, and they accepted the law. As you said, “If you have any doubts about the details of the Holocaust, then you can go to jail if you live in Germany and even France.”

      So if I go there and I say “Armenian genocide does not accepted by me as scientific” they put me in a gail. In France they did this before.

      They are not allowing to emerge of the facts.

      They are building something over madness. I feel like I am surrounded by the world where there isn’t any rational thing.

      I want to know the more truths about the Armenian deportation and what lived at those days. But they don’t allow to this.

      For example, I want to know more what is writing into the Deutche Bank archives for those days, Germany did allow only limited access for them until today, they don’t announce all. Whit this law, they will never allow.

      Already, Armenian and France archives are limited for the public about this subject.

      And I am thinking like every rational creature,
      “What Are They Hiding?”

      And if there are somethings hidden, my suspects about the claims of Armenian genocide are growing, as logically.

      Are the mankind really so much blind and stupid to see it? What kind of madness can trail the people behind of it?

      Not only for this event, I feel I am drowning into this planet, every time I see that the people are forced to think in nonscientific. I feel that they are taking my thinking freedom from me. And this is the first and foremost thing I will never allow!

      Also, thank you so much for your interest to this post of mine! Because, you and other two my dear Earthling friends, paid attention to read and evaluate this post.

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      • Yes, you mention these Deutsche Bank archives. Funny you mention this because that same bank was connected to 9/11 by way of their Alex.Brown bank. There is a very strange figure named A.B “Buzzy” Krongard. He was one of the top officers in the CIA. Also, he was head of this Alex.Brown subsidiary of Deutsche Bank.

        There was insider trading on stocks leading up to 9/11. It is something called “put options”. There were an extreme amount of put options on the stock for American Airlines and United Airlines leading up to 9/11. Put options are bets that the stock price will fall. And they did…because those were two only two airlines which reportedly lost planes on 9/11.

        So perhaps this Deutsche Bank has a history of some bad stuff? I don’t know.

        But whoever placed these put options through Deutsche Bank Alex.Brown knew the attacks were going to happen. It was never revealed who these options traders were.

        So likewise, I would like to see in the Deutsche Bank archives. As long as they keep silent, then I (like you) can only assume they are hiding something.


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      • I didn’t know what you told about Alex.Brown bank. Thank you for telling! It is incredible! And I believe in there is no coincidence. I guess, if we lift up every stones we would confront Deuche Bank as being one of the important actors of the order.

        And how much they can hide my dear Earthling friend? Is it possible to hide forever. I am not sure, maybe this planet has been really deeply corrupt and people will never able to know what happened? 🙂 No, I don’t think so. Every truth will come to the light some day. There is no other way for humanity!

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