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It is really good article my Earthling friend, thank you for sharing with us. Below the post I made a comment, I hope it would be axplanatory about my thoughts 🙂

“Today books have appeared on the matter written by the above-named researchers or by others from the same research team. Before going any further, I want to make clear, so that no confusion arises in the future, that none of the scientists involved in this research has a socialist world outlook. On the contrary their outlook is bourgeois and anti-socialist. Indeed many of them are quite reactionary. This is said so that the reader should not imagine that what is to be set out below is the product of some ‘communist conspiracy’. What has happened is that the above-named researchers have thoroughly exposed the lies of Conquest, Solzhenitsyn, Medvedev and others, which they have done purely by reason of the fact that they place their professional integrity in first place and will not allow themselves to be bought for propaganda purposes.”

for full reading;

by Norman Pillon

Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union — Mario Sousa | Northstar Compass


6 thoughts on “Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union — Mario Sousa | Northstar Compass — Taking Sides

  1. I have lived many experiences about Ukrainian holocaust on the wp blogs. When I see the articles or news about this situation I try to explain and the other side I try to understand the events. One day, again, I had seen an article made by Ukrainian blogger who lives in USA. She was mentioniong about her grandmother memories and how many suffer her family or related lived. Upper the article she had added some photos about Ukrainian holocaust, and there were the links below the article. Obvioulsy she had added these links for supporting to her post. I have checked the links. These links were in Russian. I’ve read all, because I am curious extraterrestrial, you know 😉

    Anyway, only one link into them was about the food stocks in Ukrainian at that era, and how many Ukranians left the houses because of this. I made a comment about this, she was angry with me, and she blame to me being pro-Russian. I tried to explain and I said “have you read these links?”(maybe I missed some points it was possible, I wanted she sees me what are writing in these). She answered me “I don’t know Russian, but these are truths”, I said, “how can be you sure, I have read them and I didn’t see” she said “becuase my grandmother died with crying, she always told us how she lived in suffer.”

    And she blocked me, I couldn’t answer anymore. (Already, this situation, so blocking me and my comments, happens always to me, I do have a capacity to make Earthlings angry 🙂

    And I have thought again. These were so similar with the claims of Armenian genocide that it hadn’t be surprise for me. There were no scientific datas or informations but there were so much memories of grandfathers and granmothers into these two, Ukranian holocaust and Armenian genocide. And there were so many fake photos.

    Why people didn’t want to see the truths? Why they were building the hatred on the other nations?

    All about the imperialism and propaganda tools. And the believers in these, for me, they are ignorant, blind and fool people.

    And in your post there is a name, William Hearst. Do you know same name is passing into the claims of Armenian genocide? Yes, he was one of important actors about the spreading of the claim Armenian genocide as same as Ukranian holocaust. Tools are same my friend, imperialism tools are same.

    And another interesting point about Ukrainian holocaust, it started to speak high especially at the era of Nikita Khrushchev. But how many people know that Khrushchev was always struggling with Stalin?

    But, Gulag labour camps are very complicated subject, my dear Earthling friend. And I want to share my informations that I have got some day about these camps. These camps are not simple for explaining for me right now. These were not innocent camps, but I have to explain what I meant with the words of “not innocent” in scientifically datas and informations in future. I will do first chance I get 🙂

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    • What prompted me to go looking for this information was an exchange I was having with someone in the comment section of a blog (everyone responding to me was unabashedly of an extreme right-wing standpoint, but blissfully unaware that his view of the world might have been the result of having been exposed all his life to a tapestry of lies) who, again (I’ve heard it all so many times before), spouted the old and outworn trope of the commies of the Soviets having murdered 60 million of their own in the Gulag, and furthermore, that it’s not the U.S. that is even today behaving imperialistically, but that it has always been the Russians and the Chinese who have been bent on world domination.

      Now I’m not going to speak on what may or may not be the ultimate intentions of the counter revolutionary bourgeois cliques that now dominate both the Chinese and Russian ruling elite, but it is clearly a delusion, based on ascertainable facts, to believe that the U.S. is all about freedom and democracy and not about naked military, political, and economic dominance.

      Sousa’s essay demonstrates yet again the lengths to which capitalist regimes go to distort and deform our understanding of their intentions and world historical events. And it also underscores how persistently obstinate and enduring become the viewpoints (and lies) disseminated by the media people are exposed to en masse. It’s really fucked up and profoundly disorienting for the naive and unsuspecting majority. And of course, that’s how the high ranking bourgeoisies manage to take us to war against our brothers and sisters, to do their murderous bidding.

      Let me pore you another cognac, my dear extraterrestrial.

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      • Chinese and Russian elites seem to me they may have a place into third level of Dante’s hell 🙂 If I am not in mistaken 3rd level belonged to rapacious people. Into this scenario, western imperialist belong to 5th level of Dante hell, so building for those those who are giving wrath and anger(if I am not mistaken again). And I am wondering where the ordinary people into this hell?

        I love the mankind myths! 🙂 They create the imaginary worlds without seeing reality or for making to see of the people the reality!

        And those who are creating the naive and unsuspecting majority and don’t want to get rid of this situation and don’t want to make an effort for learning facts, belongs to which level of Dante’s hell? While we are as Earthlings and extraterrestrials are thinking, reading, searching over and over again tirelessly, maybe only once in our times for seeing real right-minded world, they are leaning backwards and wacthing tv shows, and listening propagandas. And the horror empires are rising on their shoulders, because of their effortless!

        This is a drinking situation, you’re right 😉

        And cheers my dear Earthling friend, even if my choice would be always vodka (in the absence of vodka could be beer:), I always raise my glass (whatever into it) in a toast with accepting good friendships!


      • Vodka, it is then.

        “And I am wondering where the ordinary people into this hell?”

        There is no place in hell, even that of Dante’s, for ordinary people. We are too many. If one goes there, we all have to go. God doesn’t give himself more trouble than he has to. And anyway, earth is punishment enough for the lot of us, I mean ‘us,’ the ordinary schmucks. As for not making an effort, who doesn’t like a good TV show why the entire world goes to hell? Already they have arrived in that place of which they are the most deserving. Trouble is they take along so many with them that would rather go in a different direction.

        To friendships!


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      • Absolutely,
        “Trouble is they take along so many with them that would rather go in a different direction.”

        And despite them, there is always hope 😉

        To friendships!

        -Migo the ordinary extraterrestrial:)

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