Being alone is not to be in the wrong

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She did not say ‘Genocide’… She was the only one parliamentarian who gave “negative” vote at Germany.

The German Bundestag, has approved the draft resolution about the events of 1915 described as “genocide”. At secret ballot there was only one vote against the motion. Bettina Kudla gave the dissentive vote against the motion.

Bettina Kudla, a MP from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), posted a statement on her website after the vote on June 2.

She said:

“It’s not the duty of the Federal Parliament to evaluate historical events that took place in other countries. In the resolution presented to parliament, there was also no assessment from historians showing that this was genocide.”

“It’s not possible to see the political and financial outcomes of this resolution already,” she added.

Parliaments take political decisions. It seems that the only one person is seeing that fact and thinking scientifically, Bettina Kudla at the German Parliament.

She is kind of brave heart 🙂

news quoted from:…_Almanya_da_tek__ret__veren_parlamenter.html

6 thoughts on “Being alone is not to be in the wrong

  1. Nice to see an elected representative with moral and intellectual integrity. Of course, there are many, but on the whole, they tend to be outnumbered by the establishment rat packs. Kudos to Bettina Kudla. She is absolutely right: leave history to the historians who value their professional standards and reputations.

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    • If the parliaments will give shape the history without leaving this job to the historians, I think, every one can leave this planet by closing to the shops:) This is a complate madness age.


  2. Genocide…..there is plenty of that around these days and more to come unless we can change the nature of the beast. Not hopeful.

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  3. We had only one Senator (Russ Feingold, a Democrat from Wisconsin) who voted against the U.S. government spying on its own citizens legislation known as the PATRIOT Act. So I commend parliamentarian Kudla for using her brain.

    It is hard to stand up and be the only one standing. She did a great thing for rationality!


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    • This is a gift to have a parliamentarian who really seeks the people own rights! Even if they are very rare(yes, we mention almost one parliamentarian for every legislature council 🙂 what a pity! ), they will be always good model and will be remembered honorable!

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