Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness


As you know my Earthling friends, I had shared the unusual and effective protests of high school students of Turkey against non-scientific and corruption education system, with you four days ago, in this post:

The protests of high school students against corrupt and non-scientific education system

The protests of high school students are also spreading to other schools. If the protests of high school students are flag race, it seems that the flag won’t fall into place:

First: While the principal was giving his speech during the graduation ceremony, Istanbul High School 2016 graduates turned their backs on him to protest to him.

Second: Galatasaray High School student have put an advertisement with the title of “urgently, seeking the new principal”

Third: Graduates of Cagaloglu Anatolian High School published a notice like the other two.

Yesterday and today, the protest reactions continued. Contemporary educational demands of students and their protest against the reactionary layout which wants to surround the students, go on. New high schools are attending in these protest in waves.

Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School- The students have issued an announcement

Istanbul Vefa High School (the title which I used for this post is actually their announcement’s motto, and the full form is as follows) – “We are ready to turn our back on darkness with other schools which are suffering from similar problems!”

Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School students have published a notice too. And as others, they have said they will not surrender to the darkness with the general lines in this notice.

And Kadıkoy Anatolian High School students, they have prepared the notice which you see it’s picture at the top of this post. This notice is quite a sharp wit and satire example. As follows,

The students troubles should have been told at this notice within its without strikeout shape in actually; but when you read with in a shape at the picture, so by scratching out some words of it, as if there is no problem amongst the students and management of school. Some of the words have been removed, it emerged such sentences from the remaining words:

“As the students of Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, our activities which we wanted to organize are supported by managament of school. There is no problem in our school.”

At the bottom corner of the notice, represent seal of school management have been placed, and over the seal there is writing “it was examined”. So shortly, with this notice which these students prepared, they told how the management of school cencored the truths and the truths can be turned into another form by management. This notice of students is short but brilliant and wit expression of their protest.


I cannot reach the speed of high school students protests 🙂 After I added this post, I have seen new ones that joined the others at news portals tonight.

Here are the other high schools students which they published notice that they will stand up against the darkness.
Izmir Cıglı Science High School
Beyoglu Anatolian High School
Notre Dame de Sion High School

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