Battle of Marseille: Violent fans hurl missiles, clash with police ahead of Russia-England match
At least 10 people have been injured, and a man is in critical condition, after clashes broke out between hundreds of Russian and English fans in Marseille, ahead of their teams’ opening game of Euro 2016.

The head of All-Russian Fans’ Union, Alexander Sprygin, told Reuters that English fans were “drinking a lot and behaving badly” prior to the outbreak of violence outside the Queen Victoria pub in the Old Port area of the city.



And all we say that, let the games begin 🙂

quotes from:https://www.rt.com/sport/346225-england-fan-violence-marseille/

By the way, according to global peace index of 2016, there are only 10 countries where not living conflict and terror events during last 10 years. These are Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Mauritius, Panama, Qatar, Switzerland, Uruguay and Vietnam are free from conflict. My favorite country inside them, Uruguay!!

Only 10 countries of 194 countries of planet Earth. When looking at the videos of this post, 10 is very enough for the Earthlings:)


12 thoughts on “Fairplay

  1. I say this in all seriousness: football hooliganism is a worse cancer in Europe than terrorism. There are only a few (very few) terrorists or extremists – there are so MANY football extremists all over Europe, not just England. In France, everyone is worried about ISIS and extremist attacks – and what happens? The tournament starts and in its English and Russians bringing terror to the streets.
    By the way, I like your list of 10 countries – Mauritius is where my parents are from 🙂

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    • You are quite right my Earthling friend! So many people get injured due to holigans harms. According to news the events between Russian and British fans, have taken very long time, and two people got very serious injured. When I have seen the videos I’ve thought at first “It can be preliminary war testing amongst Russia and England” 🙂 I think, Marseille streets were seen similar with after war scenes:)

      And, wow! I heard and knew where Mauritius is on the planet before, but when you said my parents from there, I checked at google, and I have seen the pictures of Mauritius. This is kind of heaven my friend! What a beatiful place it is! Probably it seems very hot, but if wouldn’t be hot, I’d really want to live at there! You are lucky Earthling 😉

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      • I’m not so lucky, friend – I’ve never been there 🙂 Only my parents came from there.

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      • No my Earthling friend, my origin planet is cold, and small one, there is no tree or plant or river or anything about nature like Earthlings’ description. Already I have learnt heaven and hell meaning in here. Yes! As you guessed I have learnt religions and god meaning in here too:))

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  2. What a terrible thing, nowadays you’re afraid of taking the metro, the tram, your neighbor in France. Lived near a village where a lot of people left for the jihad in Syria (Lunel) is very strange for me all this violence today in France, people are assigned in residence by the police to not protest (leftish one’s always). Hollande is more far right than Le Pen. Hollande didn’t take the proper measures for this euro. Instead he has decided now to send forces on the ground in Syria. Hope he resigns, this capitalism elected as socialist must go…. Sarkozy was even better than him

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    • You said “people are assigned in residence by the police to not protest (leftish one’s always).” Fascism is everywhere on the planet, my Earthling friend. Horrible thing is the fascism is increasing with people’s willing!

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      • i agree 200% with you. The most horrible is the fascism rise with people’s vote. See these hooligans maybe they don’t even know that they’re fighting with Russians or English, is just their hobby, they like just to punch each other, nothing to do with football, maybe they don’t even now the rules of the game, all the excitement for them is alcool-fight-alcool. Cheers!

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      • Drinking is a culture, I think. They don’t know how alcohol is consumed. Fighting is the last thing for the ones who really know that alcohol is not a drink which is not fruit juice. Someones should ban to drink of football hooligans. Yes, this is my fascism side:)

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