The protests of high school students, Part III

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The writing on poster in English: “Be the voice, be the light!
Pertevniyal High School which has 145 years old history, as similar at other schools, it captures under cover “project school”. The pressure is increasing, the authorities are using every means avaliable for muting our voices. Friends: Be our voice, be our light!
All hail to those who don’t bow to pressure, and who fight for the light!”

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The protests of high school students of Turkey are continuing at full speed. Actually the word of “contunuing” is lack for this, the move of the high school students are growing like snowslide! Like the upper poster, the students are preparing many remarkable posters or notices. I couldn’t add all them in here, but if there are the ones into these high school students who want to see own notice or poster in here, they can make a comment below, I will try to add (Extraterrestrial promise:)). And, the high schools which published protest notice so far like following:

“Istanbul High School, Istanbul Galatasaray High School, Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School, Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School, Istanbul Vefa High School, Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School, Istanbul Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, Istanbul Beyoglu Anatolian High School, Izmir Cıglı Science High School, Istanbul Notre Dame de Sion High School, Istanbul Pertevniyal High School, Istanbul Besiktas Anatolian High School, Istanbul Bakırkoy Anatolian High School, Istanbul Italian High School, Samsun Anatolian High School, Istanbul Koc High School, Istanbul Kartaltepe Anatolian High School, Afyon High School, Samsun Social Sciences High School, Samsun Zeycan Yıldırım Science High School, Samsun Onur Ates Anatolian High School, Istanbul Korkmaz Yigit Anatolian High School, Istanbul Besiktas Physical Sciences High School, Ankara Ataturk Anatolian High School, Istanbul Beylikduzu Cahit Zarifoglu Anatolian High School, Istanbul Istek Bilge Kagan High School, Istanbul Rotary 100th Anniversary High School, Istanbul Istek Foundation Atanur Oguz High School, Istanbul Etiler Anatolian High School, Istanbul Erenkoy Girls High School, Eskisehir Kılıcoglu Anatolian High School, Eskisehir Seyitgazi Health Vocational High School, Izmir Cihat Kora Anatolian High School, Ankara Turk Telekom Social Science High School, Izmir Lieutenant Ali Riza Akinci Anatolian High School, Izmir Suzan Divrik Vocational Tech Anatolian High School, Izmir Karsiyaka Anatolian High School, Balikesir Ziraat Bank Science School, Istanbul Nisantasi Nuri Akin Anatolian High School, Istanbul Hisar High School,Bursa Zuhal Senipek Vocational and Tech High School, Istanbul Camlica Anatolian High School, Kirklareli Ataturk Anatolian High School, Kirklareli TOBB Anatolian High School, Istanbul Gurlek Nakipoğlu Anatolian High School, Denizli High School, Trabzon Science High School, Antalya Abdurrahman Alaattinoglu Anatolian High School, Antalya Umit Sercan Anatolian High School, Antalya Rıfat Azakoglu Vocational and Technical High School, Ordu Science High School, Ordu Persembe Zehra Selale Anatolian High School, Ordu Anatolian High School, Izmir Yusuf Kemalettin Perin Science High School, Izmir Mehmet Seyfi Eraltay Anatolian High School, Izmir Ataturk High School, Diyarbakir New Middle East Anatolian High School, Izmir Nevvar Salih Isgoren Vocational Tech Girls High School, Mersin Anatolian High School”

ps: If there are the schools which I missed out, you can make a comment for it.

From many city of Turkey, 59 high schools published the issue until yesterday. And yesterday one of them joined to protests. This school is Istanbul American Robert High School. Istanbul American Robert High School is the school which is accepting the students who take the best high score of tests at Turkey. This school is kind of a university by itself, as well as one of the best. If Istanbul American Robert High School has joined to the protests, it means that in Turkey, the education is ringing alarm bells on high level anymore. Now, these students in entire Turkey, seem that they do have no more patience left for the system.

And I have been seeing the quotes of Nazim Hikmet’s poems at most of the notices of high schools, especially this one;

The quotes from the poem of “The Ballad of Those Who Drink the Sun” by Nazim Hikmet Ran
Those, who cry in their houses,
who carry their tears
like a heavy chain
on their necks,
don’t set forth for the same road with us!
Those, who live inside the shells of their hearts,
don’t follow us!

Millions of red hearts are burning
on the fire
falling from that sun!
You take your heart out of
the cage of your chest too;
fling it into the fire
falling from that sun;
take your heart along with our hearts!

There is a raid,
a raid to the sun!
We will conquer the sun;
conquest of the sun is soon!
As you have guessed this poem is very long but I have translated just this short part. Because especially last part, “There is a raid, a raid to the sun! We will conguer the sun; conquest of the sun is soon!” is using often at the protest notices of the high school students of Turkey in these days. And of course Nazim Hikmet was/is great poet and I am sure he is smiling to these children in that place where he is rest in peace.:)

While children want to scientific and modern education, their families some of them published the issues too. Yes, they don’t sit anymore:) One of them came from the parents of the students of Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School:

“Our children cried. We heard them and we reply!…We disobeyed, we answered! Our children are the real owners of the Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School with their own intelligence, labor, the support of their family. They choose to be individuals, not to be slaves.
We have too much to learn from children who lay claim to their freedom, schools, most importantly lay claim to the tradition of brotherhood and solidarity. They are the owners of a bright future and the passengers of light. We are on the way fo our children, we are in SOLIDARTY with them.”

And, some members of the some alumni associations of these high schools also issued statements to support the students in the schools they graduated.

Of course, by the way, there are the reactions againts the protests of high schools. One of the came from Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

President of Republic Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with making reference to the repeatedly statements issued by many rooted high schools against pro-government managments, said: ” We know the ones who didn’t take a lesson from all these incidents, and they pursue the new unrests by scratching still to the high schools and universities.”

And the police forces came to one of these high schools, to Samsun Anatolia High School at the request of the school management. The students published notice before the graduate, when they came to school for graduate, the police forces were at the school. For this event, the students made a ptotest and their familes to joined to them. And after then, the students have published another issue again:)

Besides, after Istanbul Beyoglu Anatolian High School students published issue,
an offical letter which was written by Ministry of Education came to the students. According to letter, the boy students will no longer accept to the school.

I think these protests are very important for Turkey. These children are not moving with political ideas, they just want their future. And the politicians of government are not aware that they are in big mistakes with playing the education system like ping pong ball. Probably, at the near future, we see the consequences of these protests. And I think the winning side will be the students; because no matter what happens, always the future would be winner. And the youngs of mankind are the future!

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