Socialism is not an option, it is an obligation, if you really want to live in free and equal world. Can you give a chance to the socialism, with the president candidate Gloria La Riva at US election?


Actually I was going to write about very different subject today. But I saw a news about half hour ago on SoL haber portal, and I was excited, but not for my own behalf, for the people of USA:)

The news was about Gloria La Riva who is socialist candidate for USA president. Communist Party Turkey International Relations Office has published an interview which it made with Socialism and Freedom Party in the US, PSL’s presidential candidate Gloria La Riva regarding the presidential elections, growing protests in USA and the US’s working class.

I didn’t know there is a socialist candidate in USA! You can say what a ignorant extraterrestrial ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t know what could I do about this:)

Anyway, the interview in here, but in Turkish. She is talking about the unequality between the classes and the solutions. I guess, you can see her opinions on her webpage, in here.

I am excited, because you know my Earthling friends, the presidential election of US is very important for all planet. People except US get bored to hear Trump and H. Clinton names anymore. These two is not different from each other inside the system.

Whichever is chosen, especially Middle East will be worse. As being US people, you know their opinion about Syria and Middle East better than me. But there is an alternative for the future of this planet. It is socialism. And maybe you can think, “oh no Migo, you are an extraterrestrial and you know nothing about here, she cannot be winner of this election” or else.

But, is it an opportunity? Is it an opportunity of US people to show:
“The people are not obliged to give the vote for the ones who are the system’s puppet!”
“We know who you are and as the free people we don’t want to live in the world where only 1% of population that is supported by you, get wealth!”
“We want to live and speak the peace language!”
“As the US people we are the human being and we don’t want to be remembered with brutal capitalist and imperialist heritage.”
“We want to get rid of this feeling of being stuck amongst both of these two candidates; as the free people we want to walk side by side with all free people of this planet coequally.”

Maybe you will give a vote for Gloria La Riva, or you won’t, or maybe I am wrong about to give a vote for her.

After all, I have given the vote for Communist Party Turkey, and its vote rate is 0,3% of Turkey voter population; about sixty-five thousand people gave the vote for Communist Party Turkey in last election. Yes, very few:) But I am proud of every one of this 65,000 people, with my comrades!

And, I never doubt my self, never guestioning. I am happy. Because I know that maybe not today, maybe not in 1 year, but definitely when the time will come, the history will write the Communist Party Turkey showed honorable resistance against the system! The people of future will say “they were right about almost everything and they resisted.”

Like US socialist party, PSL, Communist Party Turkey is showing that there is always an alternative beyond the system, and it’s called hope:)

I am writing these lines from the lands of Anatolia!

If Anatolian people spend the day without dying, they say that “this is lucky day” before sleeping anymore.

Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the other lands of east. Imperialism is killing in here day by day. And it is obvious that if there is a chance even if this would be a little chance for socialism of US, this is for the benefit entire world.

Of course, I am wondering your opinions about PSL and Gloria La Riva’s candidateship, my Earthling friends. If you share with us I would be glad.

The other side, if everything is parallel with your opinions, can you give a vote for the socialist candidate Gloria La Riva? If I was there I would give vote for her ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “Socialism is not an option, it is an obligation, if you really want to live in free and equal world. Can you give a chance to the socialism, with the president candidate Gloria La Riva at US election?

  1. My friend, even if this candidate should be elected, nothing would change.

    When something is destroyed, it cannot be fixed. And this government was destroyed the first day it came into existence. This government was created by the European royals and Rothschild banking cabal. What the US is today was what it was intended to be from the beginning.

    No, my friend, the pres of US is not important for rest of world. What is important for the rest of the world is for the US government to cease to exist. And I know this from 66 years of living in this hell hole, just as you know what is happening in Turkey.

    We need to rid ourselves of all isms and enormous government, my friend. We keep doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result: this is insanity, according to Einstein.

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    • You said that “What is important for the rest of the world is for the US government to cease to exist”. Yes! That’s why socialism is need. When I have seen there is a socialist party and its candidates in US election I thought that “if something needs to be changed, it would be with socialist management.”

      So, every political party which claims in the socalist or communist idea they declare their aim which will built on socialist republic. So their aim is always socialist management.

      In this socialist management, there is no place for the governments like US goverment or EU governments or the others, there is no place for the system mechanism.

      They will build new socialist republic. This one would be destroyed and new socialist republic will arise. And at this point they are wanting same thing with you. So I thought that like the other socialist parties on the world, PSL will go after same aim. Yes, it is hard and very hard business, but it is worth to try, isn’t it, my dear Earthling friend?

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      • But, and I mean a big but, this cannot be accomplished by becoming president of this government!

        This has to be done outside this current system. The elite powers are never going to allow a socialist to be elected, and if he or she were elected, they would not be able to effect change, since they would be either paid off stooges or dead (assassinated).

        The elite select who will be president, my friend, not the people. This is a fact many of us know here. The card deck is stacked, and until we get rid of the dealer, we are stuck!

        And something else I didn’t mention, the majority of Americans would never vote for a socialist.

        Small, self-governing communities, worldwide, is the only hope of humanity, not socialism, communism, monarchies or Capitalism/representative democracies.

        But I understand what you mean, and what your desire is, believe me, my friend!

        This is not going to be fixed in the same old manner,. which has always kept all of us enslaved. This is going to require something drastic!

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      • Definitely, “the elite powers are never going to allow a socialist to be elected”. Already there is a subject in here I need to explain.

        I want to give an example from Turkey. In 2015 two elections were made in Turkey, one of them was in June 7, the other was in november 1. So into 5 months, Turkey has gone to two elections. And at the first one, in June 7, Communist Party took 13,700 vote. In November 1, its vote has been 65,000. Actually, when looking these figures, the most succesfull party has been Communist Party in Turkey election, because its vote rised 5 times.

        And there is a big question has been asked: “Why Communist Party has gone to the elections. After all, the elections are the part of the system. And Communist Party is against the system and wants to finish this system.” And like many others I thougt and I am thinking still same, “the elections are not the houses which socialists or communists want to live inside in. Elections show solidarity and gain the people who wants to get rid of the system, to the socialist side.”

        And majority never gives a vote for socialism in everywhere on the planet. Please don’t be disappoint because of that. If majority would have used brain cells, the planet would not be in this situation.

        The point is, even if socialists or communists are minority, their power is huge. Why? Becuase they are thinking, producing the solutions and the most important thing is they feel conscience. They don’t have money, yes elites do have huge money. But money is a thing which could be destroyed in a moment. Elites are already know that and their fear is becuase of that.

        As long as the socialists and communists walk on the planet Earth, the elites will not sleep well, they will see horror dreams! Elites will not enslave to the people! If the system create own monsters, socialists and communists are the people who are able to find solution to destroy these monsters!

        I am feeling same, I know well how you feel in stuck, dear Earthling Sojourner! But don’t lose your hope! This planet is very valuable which cannot be left to these monsters hands! System is more brutal anymore and it means that the monsters are playing their last games. Maybe in four maybe five years, nothing will be the same and the elites are aware of this:)

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      • I’m not disappointed, my friend! I am a realist and aware of the mess, as are you. And so far, no “ism” (not one) has had a cure for what ails humanity and this planet.

        It’s time to shuck all of this old “ism” crap and look to something new and fresh. The elite love it when we are focused on their “isms”, it keeps us doing their bidding, in the west and east!

        The old has never worked, so let us stop being fixated on large governments/politics/economic-systems (“isms”) and try something new!

        I hope you are right, my friend. But I have been hearing how the western elite are doomed for the last one and a half decades. And guess what? They are still here and in charge!

        Yes, right now, Putin and Russia are looking good, but that is only because the US and NATO look so bad.

        Remember, my friend, what Russia has become would sicken Karl Marx, if he were alive today !

        I know we want the same thing, my friend, this is all that matters!

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      • Haha! “… what Russia has become would sicken Karl Marx, if he were alive today !” Definitely you’re right:) Oligarchs full and manage Russia anymore. The people feel that “we need to chose a side, in this content, so when seeing NATO’s aggression against Russia, we need to chose Russia side.” But how many people know that Russia is not CCCP anymore. Russians are carrying own heritage which came from socialist days. But todays it is not enough and they are not happy due to the oligarchs. But what can they choose when they see the NATO’s agression? In Russia, in Iran and in Turkey, people are feeling very close with each other, because these three always had been under attack of western imperialism. Russia is natural choice for these people.

        And you can be right absolutely about “ism”s. In here just I want to say that communism had not got a chance to evolve. Capitalism has got this chance more than hundred year. If communism had been this chance, and we can see its results, I can agree with you in completely. My opinion is that if the people would give a chance and study over it and use it on their managements, it can be seen its result. And I know this is not a realistic right now, but I hope I could explained what I meant.

        And as always, like you said, “we want the same thing, my friend, this is all that matters!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • “In Russia, in Iran and in Turkey, people are feeling very close with each other, because these three always had been under attack of western imperialism. Russia is natural choice for these people.”

        Yes! Yes! And I am glad the three have banded together! And I hope Turkey leaves NATO as well!

        It is the west that needs to be dealt with right now. Capitalism was doomed to fail, as Marx and other’s pointed out!

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      • Yes, the people are feeling same against western imperialism, but there is no ideological bond among the politicians except political and financial advantages.:) Maybe the things that I will say right now can be surprised for you. But I think Iran is acting more rational and for the sake of the people on the region than the other two. Probably dear Sojourner, it is because of Iran is only shia country on the planet Earth, and I guess, it is aware what is usefull for its existence, and applies them.

        And Turkey cannot leave NATO under these conditions both inside and out of its border, even I can say it is not able to do this. This is already my dream too, but as I said, it can be only dream.

        Also, Marx was a great human! Actually still he is:)

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