It has passed 36 years since September 12, Military Coup in Turkey: Here’s balance sheet of September 12

This is a news of SolHaber

While Kenan Evren is making a statement to the press

It has passed 36 years since the September 12, 1980 fascist Military Coup in Turkey. The ideas of Kenan Evren (he was the military coup leader general), nowadays continues to be implemented with AKP.

36 years passed since the bloody coup in September 12 which was launched with Kenan Evren’ leadership of the junta.

The leader of the military coup, Kenan Evren died last year, but the spirit of the September 12 continues to hold on to the power 36 years after.

We wanted to remind the balance sheet of September 12, at 36th year of the military coup.

– 650 thousand people were detained.

– 1 million 683 thousand people have been blacklisted.

– 230 thousand people were prosecuted into 210 thousand lawsuits.

– It was asked the death penalty for 7 thousand people.

– 517 people were sentenced to death.

– 50 of these people who got the death penalty were put to death.

– The files of 259 people who got the the death sentence were sent to the Assembly.

– 71 thousand people were on trial due to the articles of Turkish Penal Code, 141, 142 and 163.

– 98 thousand 404 people were on trial with the crime of “have membership of the organization”.

– The passports were not provided to 388 thousand people.

– 30 thousand people were fired from their works due to “being inconvenient”.

– 14 thousand people were excluded from citizenship.

– 30 thousand people, went abroad as “political refugees”.

– 300 people died in a suspicious manner.

– 171 people “died from torture” were documented.

– 937 films where banned due to “inconvenient”.

– The number of 23 thousand 677 the association’s activities were stopped.

– 3 thousand 854 teachers, 120 university faculty members officials and 47 judges were dismissed.

– It was asked a total of 4 thousand years imprisonment for 400 journalists.

– 3,315 years and 6 months penalty of imprisonment were given to the journalists.

– 31 journalists went to prison.

– 300 journalists were attacked.

– 3 journalists were killed with the gun.

– Newspapers did not broadcast for 300 days.

– 303 lawsuits opened for 13 major newspapers.

– 39 tonnes of newspapers and magazines were destroyed.

– A total of 299 people lost their lives in prison.

– 144 people died in a suspicious manner.

– 14 people died in a hunger strike.

– 16 people were shot while they were “fleeing”.

– 95 people have died “in conflict”.

– “Natural death report” was given to 23 people.

– It was reported that 43 persons have “committed suicide”.

This article was quoted and translated from the link of SolHaber: “It passed 36 years since the September 12, Military Coup in Turkey: Here’s balance sheet of September 12”

Important information

Paul Henze who was Turkey chief of the CIA in the 1970s, was close to the generals who made this military coup. He gave the military coup news to Jimmy Carter with saying “Our boys in Ankara have done”. He was mentioning the generals while saying “our boys”.



6 thoughts on “It has passed 36 years since September 12, Military Coup in Turkey: Here’s balance sheet of September 12

  1. Yes, you right! I will make comment on both articles. Here, it is still with Turkey even today. This history from 1980. Balance sheet is the right word.

    All of these people and their lives were ruined. So I can’t help but feeling sad about these crimes. And to think the CIA of my country played a part makes me feel shame.

    It is like the other article about Salvador Allende in Chile. This was definitely a CIA coup. And it is very sad. No reason for it. And as you said: many people died and imprisoned and tortured.

    So I cannot support these actions of my country.

    Only thing I can do is try to be brave and speak the truth the best I can (no matter what).

    So I thank you for the article and history of 1980 coup and also Chile coup. As you said about Turjey: this history continues.

    So always we must know history. No more burning newspapers or magazines. We must save the knowledge, but be with integrity.

    For me, there is so much I don’t know. But I know in my country is something wrong, so I say, “Hey! Something is wrong.” It is not popular position sometimes.

    But I am glad if I can help in some way. Maybe no one wants to be first to say these things. Being first is like pawn on chessboard 🙂 But I can be this. It’s ok. I hope I do a good job.

    Never I have all the answers. So when I am wrong, I must say it.

    Ok, I hope peace and happiness for you and your Anatolia.

    Happy greetings to you,


    Liked by 1 person

    • No one has all answers my Earthling comrade! If we all, so both Extraterrestrials and Earthlings had known all answers, the life would have been very boring:) Important thing I guess, acting with common sense. Already you do this always, the questioning of yourself is the best example for this. Like you said: “Never I have all the answers. So when I am wrong, I must say it.”

      Thank you for your approach which I always know it is sincere approach! And we all need to shout out continuously “Hey! Something is wrong!”

      And, I hope peace and happiness for whole planet!

      Thank you for your comment dear Earthling Paul!

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  2. These numbers are shocking, especially since much of what has happened isn’t being reported on for the rest of the world to see. I don’t really know what to say in this case, Migo.

    Whatever is happening in Turkey seems like it’s just going to end up hurting lots of innocent people

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    • After the military coup in 1980, September 12, almost everything was shaped according to the aim of imperialist west dear Earthling Ars. Because, with this coup people began to fear and the new generation raised their children with the effect of capitalism and this fear. When looking at this coup, when looking at the people who were imprisoned and tortured, died, actually there were no people who have political islam idea inside of them; the people who were suffer and died, all were the left-wing people and right-nationalist people of Anatolia. Anyone didn’t touch to the political islam people, the political islam people came out stronger from this military coup. And this was the result and wish “green belt” project at the region. They struck a big blow the “secularism” foot of Turkey Republic. Now, whole world sees the result of this. Yes, what a huge plan isn’t it? Years and years it has been going!

      And thank you for your comment my dear Earthling friend Ars! I am very glad to see you again around here:) And WD says that “Wow! she has glasses; I always felt that she was cute but I didn’t know that she is so cute!” 🙂

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