Cartoon is laugh provider for sad Children in Kabul

To be child is very hard in some places on this planet! Get off the children’s back! So that the children can laugh and laugh with happily echo until the end of the universe!

Human Story

Shukurallah was one of kids in Kabul city that his family punishes him and make him so sad. Sadness, that his family given him, could be vanished by watching cartoons.

Shukurallah, who was in First Grade at “ChilhellDukhtaran” (Forty girls) Public School, used to watch Tom and Jerry Cartoon. Couples of his hour spend on watching of escaping and following of the cat and the mouse that known as Tom and Jerry.


“My favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry” said Shukurallah.Shukurallah was only eight years old that his mother frequently punished him with beating by woods in his back.

Family punishing is not uncommon for children in Kabul. Wood that Shukurallah’s mother used to punish him was not only case of family violence against children.The Majority of children in Kabul faced hard violence and are under oppression of their families.

“My mom punishes me. She used to get in her…

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3 thoughts on “Cartoon is laugh provider for sad Children in Kabul

  1. So much sadness, pain and suffering in the world. It should not be this way, my friend. It should have never been this way for any child!

    I grew up with a father who beat me, and so I understand what this kind of violence can do to a child. Even my mother would, at points, become physically violent with me, and she and my father were violent with each other as well.

    I have often wondered just how much my childhood has impacted my life so far. I am angry quite a bit of the time, and I wonder if this anger isn’t somehow natural to me, something I learned as a child who was beaten?

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    • Any child should not experience physical and psychological violence. I am sorry because of you lived through in your childhood period. It is heartbreaking. And you have made such a good work on your own, dear Earthling Sojourner. Despite you lived through, you have become such a good, charitable, equalitarian, fair human, and maybe most important a human who has conscience. This is something that most people can not do. To do this, it needs virtue. And that’s something you do have. Thank you for your existence on this planet!

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      • Thank you for your kind and very generous words, my friend.

        I have struggled being the person I desire to be. I have made grave mistakes in my younger years, hurt people I cared for deeply and never wanted to hurt.

        But I also believe I have done some good, at least I hope I have!

        Thank you again, my friend!

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