Venceremos Victor Jara! Your voice is still being heard; and the murderers of you have been damned by history!

            The scenes from the 2004 Chilean movie “Machuca”

With the fascist coup of Pinochet with CIA’s support in September 11, 1973, Victor Jara has been arrested with many civilian and was put into the National Stadium of Chile. While he was in there, due to the torture his hands have been broken and chopped. As the reports of Vladimir Chernyshev who was Pravda reporter conveyed, Victor Jara was singing “Venceremos” which was the popular song of “Unidad Popular” even while he was torturing. And Jara’s chopped hands were hung to the stadium for intimidating to the other prisoners.

And another journalist, Chilean journalist Miguel Cabezas, has described the events in National Stadium at that day for America’s University review.

…Volleys of machine gun fire periodically emptied into the crowd and bodies rolled down the inclines. Prisoners who hadn’t eaten or drunk in days vomited on the dead bodies of their comrades.

Victor wandered around trying to calm them and rouse their spirits. He went down to the arena and approached one of the doors where new prisoners entered. Here he ran into the prison camp commander who “made tiny gestures of someone playing a guitar”. Victor nodded his head candidly and the commander called four soldiers to hold Victor and ordered a table be put in the centre of the arena so everyone could see what was to follow.

“They took Victor to the table and ordered him to put his hands on it. In the hands of the officer rose, swiftly, an axe. With a single stroke he severed the fingers on Victor’s left hand, and with another stoke, the fingers of the right.

“A collective outcry from 6,000 prisoners was heard. These 12,000 eyes then watched the same officer throw himself over the fallen body of singer and actor Victor Jara and begin to hit him while shouting: ‘Now sing, you motherfucker, now sing.’

“Jara received more blows but raised himself and walked to where the arena and bleachers met. There was a deep silence. And then his voice was heard crying: ‘All right comrades, let’s do the senor commandante the favour.’ He steadied himself for a moment and then lifting his bleeding hands began to sing with an unsteady voice the anthem of Unidad Popular. And everybody sang with him.”

A volley was fired and Jara fell dead.

According to some sources he was murdered in September 15, the others says in September 16. After 43 years, we are still listening Venceremos from Victor Jara. Thanks him for he left amazing-bright trace on us!

The quotes were taken from “The life and death of Victor Jara – a classic feature from the vaults”

32 thoughts on “Venceremos Victor Jara! Your voice is still being heard; and the murderers of you have been damned by history!

  1. You just gave me a post to reblog tomorrow!

    These men and women, who have sacrificed themselves for all the rest of us, will have not died in vain! Someday, their sacrifice will be rewarded, when all will be made right by the rest of us, the rest of humanity!

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  2. Pinochet was not fascist. Fascism is a corporate state that has heavy restrictions on markets and trade Pinochet freed up the markets and trade. And Pinochet only killed communists and revolutionaries


    • You should say your words to the faces of the Chilean people who are relative with the people who were killed, and tortured by Pinochet regime with his command. I believe they can give good answer and comment to you more than me. Also, as it understood from your words, “to kill communist and revolutionary people” is not considered as being fascist. This planet is really cosmic joke, haha!


      • Killing people is not fascism let me explain what fascism is. Fascism involves a corporate state with a centrally planned economy it is usually undemocratic and involves an oligarchy. Pinochet was a free market, free trade enthusiast. He was not a fascist he was undemocratic but not fascist


      • I don’t need your fascism describing in your mind, that’s why thank you but, you don’t need me explain. Only short side of Pinochet’s Chile is absence of “racism” which I am not sure enough this. Looking for a racism into every fascist dictatorship, this would be wrong for the describing to fascism at this age. The experiences in Chile were not the same the experinces in (for example) Mussolini’s Italy. Not to see racism, wouldn’t withdraw Pinochet from fascists league.

        Fascism is coup d’etat against revolutionary
        Fascism serves the ideology of capital
        Fascism is formed from the merger of the dictatorship and capitalist economic regime
        Fascism is a dictatorship which is based on brute force,
        within this context, the destruction of freedom of speech
        Into the fascism, army and militarism would be glorified
        Fascism with an authoritarian pressure, forces to the society to become a majority on it’s side
        Fascism wants unconditional obedience to the leader, and accepts the violence at political struggle as legitimate

        These are the first came to my mind. Pinochet had all them, and many more. He was a fascist dictator. And as I said before you should say your words to Chilean people.


    • Next to the millions who were/are killed by imperialist west, NO, I don’t realize the information which you gave about how communism killed millions. Already, there is no situation which I need to be awere of. Because of propagandist werstern imperialist mentality doesn’t see their own slaughters, NO, I don not need to record and save these incorrect informations to my mind. Even if only Vietnam, these following happened,

      while there are the African, Asian, Middle East countries and the people who live here and have been suffering for years becuase of the western imperialists; “right to speak” can not be over “same western imperialist propaganda.”


      • You’ve replied, “I’m not talking about the imperial west I’m talking about 1970s chile ” I didn’t understand.

        So, while you were saying “You realize communism killed million of people Pinochet just killed communists”, you were mentioning in Chile in 1970’s, millions of communist were killed by communism. Really :))

        And when I look at your next words,
        “Communism killed millions communists should be killed for their evil crimes”

        So, communism killed millions communist by itself.

        Has it happened in Chile again? :))

        I hope you are aware of you talk with western propagandist history effect. Which is the first my reply to you, and all of it is related with this actually.

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      • Then, you accepted that you ran into a contradiction with yourself. Because of your replies to me upper.

        And for the millions who were killed by communism in China and Russia, you have to give offical records. But if you want I can give the figures of the people who died and were killed due to western imperialism and fascist dictatorships. And their numbers are more than 20 millions.

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      • Вы даже знаете, какого рода внеземных вы говорите? тот, кто хорошо знают русский больше, чем английский язык.:)

        I think it doesn’t need too much explanation over it.


      • You can translate at google, it takes only one minute. It gives the approximate meaning. But if your reply meaning is “yes I am stopping and don’t waste time too much both of us”, ok, it is acceptable 🙂

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      • The gllopt-y kind was living in a corner of the universe. It is very long time ago, but actually those times were the times which were later from now according to Earth time. So in a meaning, those days at that planet where gllopt-y kind lived, did not experience yet:) Anyway, the most important feature of gllopt-y kind was that they always wanted the answers. They asked too much, and many kind gave the answers to them, but they weren’t accepting these as the answers. They cannot see the answer inside these answers. All their effort was based on how can they ask more and more question, until they get the answer which they wanted already from begining.

        And while doing this, they didn’t give the answer what came from the ones who were asked the question by themself, gllopt-y kind. They never saw the answers and they never gave the answers. Actually all were in front of their eyes, and ears. It was also annoying. It was annoying because to ask question constantly, but not to see or hear the answers and never not to give any answer to the questions for them, were not good. But many kind accepted them as what they were.

        Anyway, as I said before, this kind didn’t live yet according to Earth time. This was a memory of mine which I wanted to talk about:)

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      • Loved it! The troll just gave up and left! Simply hillarious! Thanks for letting me know about this exchange and I regret that I didn’t get to your email sooner, but for some stupid reason, it was in the “Junk Email” folder. I’ll have to fix that. Thank you again for the hearty laugh, Migo!

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