Russia’s Zakharova Invites US’s Power to Visit Syria to Learn ‘Shame’ Meaning

The US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power had claimed that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “should be ashamed” for accusing the United States of defending the Islamic State. The reply to her came from Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.

The invitation message was posted by Maria Zakharova on Power’s Facebook page, as a comment under the US diplomat’s statement where she claimed Zakharova should be ashamed of the comments on Washington purported cooperation with the ISIL, TASS reported.

“Dear Samantha Power, in order to learn the meaning of word ‘shame’ I would advise you to visit Syria and meet people there,” Zakharova wrote.

“Not with al-Nusra Front (now, renamed as Fatah al-Sham Front), nor with the moderate opposition, nor about delivery of humanitarian aid for which Washington is worried so much, not with those living in the West who are so concerned about the prosperous future for that country, but meet people, who live there, despite the fact that for almost six years already their country undergoes a bloody experiment, with an active involvement of Washington.”

The foreign ministry’s representative said she has been communicating Syrians, including representatives of the Syrian militant groups, with orphans, who come to rest and receive rehabilitation treatment in Russia, with reporters. So that Power could also have experience of the kind, Zakharova invited her to visit Syria.

“Why not go together?” she said. “All at my expense. Sure, it is not a tour of the UN corridors for the miserable. That trip would be much more breath-taking. Do agree. No fears. Nobody will touch you if you are there with me. But for a possible chance, where yours “by a mistake” deliver a strike somewhere special. You will have things to remember. And, besides, will be able to learn what “shame” means.”

Zakharova also critically commented on Power’s statement the US cannot support the ISIL, since its militants cut off heads of the US citizens.

“To your words claiming the US could not support those who cut off heads of the US citizens, please find attached hereto a picture from Wikipedia “US President Ronald Regan meets a delegation of Afghani militants in the White House in 1983”, Zakharova wrote.

The picture what she mentioned

On September 17, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov said the anti-ISIL coalition’s warplanes delivered air strikes on units of the Syrian governmental forces, killing 62 Syrian servicemen and injuring 100 more.

The Syrian command in Deir Ezzur also said that dozens of Syrian servicemen died in the air attack and about 100 more were wounded.

Upon this information, Zakharova said, actions of the kind are pushing Russia to the conclusion about cooperation between the US and ISIL. In response to this statement, Power said the foreign ministry’s representative should be ashamed for the supposition.

This news was guoted from Farsnews

14 thoughts on “Russia’s Zakharova Invites US’s Power to Visit Syria to Learn ‘Shame’ Meaning

  1. “The founding fathers” What a sick joke! Perpetrators of the biggest crime in history is more like it!

    The US was intended to be what it is today, before “the founding fathers” arrived here.

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      • Absolutely, my friend! Reagan was a senile old fool, chomping on his jelly beans! He was a lousy actor and a stooge president. Of course, as far as the stooge president thing goes, all the presidents have been stooges of the elite swine, as will be the case with the next one, if there be a next one, that is?

        My bet is on Trump not being allowed to be president, and Hillary being to ill to be president, or dead, and Obomber being named first Emperor of The American Empire! And I am not joking!

        And this will set the stage for a civil uprising in these here united states of “merika!

        Bad things are coming, my friend. Really bad things!

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      • This civil uprising is based on the “failed of the people” by elites and politicians? So, over a thought like that: “If they would uprise we would quash, and they will never be able to uprise again.”

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      • They are planning to do to us, what they have been doing to people in the middle east, and elsewhere, for the last two centuries.

        These assholes do not represent us anymore than they do you, my friend.

        The American people have been brainwashed, but we are not your enemy. This government, and the swine who own and operate, are your enemies, and ours as well.

        I am truly a man without a country or heritage, as is almost every other American. It’s just that I am aware of this truth!

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      • Brotherhood of the people on Earth!

        This is most important thing! I believe your sincerity as much as I believe the sincerity of many American people I know. You have spoke quite well your thoughts and what’s come from your heart! Publics are not enemy with each other my dear Earthling friend! Politicians, elites, imperialists make the people enemy. Actually they are not succesful enough for this.:) Even if they have been dealing with this for hundreds years, they couldn’t achieve to make people enemy with each other!

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  2. “Brotherhood of the people on Earth!”

    Yes, this is the only desire I have left: unity, oneness, peace, love, compassion, and the death of greed, power, war. violence and destruction!

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  3. Samantha Power is wife of conspiracy-hating Cass Sunstein. There are two of the most pathetic representatives of the United States. I am ashamed by their vicious warmongering and censorship. They’re not qualified to scrub toilets in s McDonald’s. –Paul

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