“Words” are ours, “Saz” is ours!

Lyric of the song with Eanglish translation:

It’s name is stringed instrument.
It neither listens verse nor muslim judge,
The one who plays it, would understand.
Where is the devil inside of it?

It never asks to you “did you perform the ablution?”
It never asks to you “did you perform the prayer?”
It never gets something illegally like muslim judge!
Where is the devil inside of it?

It’s wire is brought from Istanbul,
It’s arm is made by juniper tree.
Hey, silly servant of god!
Where is the devil; is devil inside or outside of it?
It hasn’t got horn, it hasn’t got tail!
Where is the devil inside it?

This is very old Turkish folk song actually. This folk song was written at the begining of 1800’s by Minstrel Dertli against a muslim judge who made a law against playing “saz” (Turkish stringed instrument).


According to this muslim judge, “saz” was the devil’s work, and he banned to play “saz”. At those days, muslim judges tried the cases in Ottoman, and their title was “kadi” in Turkish.

When looking at the history, actually nothing changed in some human brains. Maybe different conditions bring different events. But mentality is the same as always. And they can never see “Minstrel Dertli is still living”, but that muslim judge name is not remembered by anyone. Same will be to the others.

Like another Turkish-Alawite great Minstrel Pir Sultan Abdal said in 16th century:
“Walk Hizir Pasha!
Someday your cycle also will be broken!
The Sultan that you trusted,
Someday he will be overthrown!”

*Turkish-Alawite Minstrel Pir Sultan Abdal had been hanged with the order of Ottoman Hizir Pasha in 155o, because of he revolted against Ottoman. (Yes! Anatolian minstrels have got the rebellious soul along side their music soul:))

Also, thank you Turkish heavy metal band Pentagram, for this amazing adaptation!

8 thoughts on ““Words” are ours, “Saz” is ours!

  1. “Satan” and “god” (good and evil) reside in all of us. These two reside in “the men of god”, like the Muslim judge you have described here, who try to force others into believing and doing as they will.

    We all have good and evil in us, but it is those forcing their will on others who are being led by the evil, by “Satan”!

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    • Yes! And according to “the men of god”, everything is mostly guilty, even if it can be a musical instrument encouraging people to sin. This is the foolish people’s planet, my dear Earthling friend. But it is good to see that there are always people who resist against this stupidity, and always the last words are said by the resistant people who are against the system!

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      • Did you know that 400-plus years ago, a composer could be sentenced to death for having an exposed dissonance in a melody or harmony.

        European Classical music began with ecclesiastical music, and consonants were considered of god, while dissonances were of the devil.

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      • My degrees are in music composition, so I know a few things.

        It’s amazing to think you could be killed for not resolving one musical note to the next properly.

        It has always been an insane world, my friend!

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  2. This is a great story! I knew about the saz instrument, but I didn’t know what it looked like. So thank you for posting the picture πŸ™‚ Also, I didn’t know Pentagram was from Turkey. I’ve heard of them (I think). Yes, it is some good lyrics…and you are right about the musicians: rebellious πŸ™‚ Thank you! –Paul

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    • Thank you my dear Earthling friend! Yes, you had heard Pentegram:) I had put one of their songs video in one of my posts. But it has been too long maybe more than 1 year, it is normal you can be forget. And salute to the all rebellious musicians! πŸ™‚

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