If Lenin comes to town


In 1991, with the collapse of Soviet Union, some Lenin and Stalin monuments and statues or busts were removed from their places and some of them were sent to trash. One Lenin bust(wooden) had come to Bolu city, Akcakoca town, Turkey, so come ashore. Obviously, his bust had similar features with Lenin. Becuase it is not easy to pass over Black Sea! Normally a good swimmer cannot swim over Black Sea along.

Possible routes of Lenin bust over Black Sea:)

According to the newspaper archives on the net, those days in 1991, this event had been news at world public. Even diplomatic traffic experienced between Turkey and Russia, on what will be the future of this bust. And they decided Lenin bust could stay in it’s new home, Bolu, Akcakoca.

During these passing years, Lenin bust stayed in municipal storehouse of Akcakoca. In 2009, the mayor of that period had said that they will exhibit the bust. But it stay in the storehouse still.

Yesterday about this subject, there was a new news. Turkish writer Baris Bicakci and director Tufan Tastan announced that they have written a screenplay about Lenin bust story (kind of black humor) and shooting movie will start for the coming days. The name of movie: “You, me, Lenin”.

According to story of movie, when the Lenin statue is put at the town square, the lives of villagers are changing. I cannot imagine how conservative people can live with Lenin bust. This movie is probably satire story πŸ™‚ In fact maybe with this way, the unfinished story of the Lenin bust would be completed.

The other side, when I heard this news in first time, I remembered the Underwater Museum at Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea. (While I was saying “remembered”, I didn’t see the museum, I remember its pictures:)) There is a valley at the underwater museum, “leaders valley”. Another Lenin statue also is at there.

I am wondering, if Lenin wooden bust at Turkey passed near by the Lenin statue at underwater museum, while it was coming to Turkey. What did they say to each other? I don’t know, sad story, maybe they said with each other “goodbye Lenin”; I don’t know.

4 thoughts on “If Lenin comes to town

  1. Such a wonderful piece of writing, Migo! You always have the most intelligent sense of humor πŸ™‚

    But it is also serious topic. In the US, we don’t learn anything about Lenin. All we learn is that communism is “bad”. Actually, you will remember when Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union “the evil empire”. That’s one of the most ridiculous statements. It’s meaningless. What is “evil”?

    So that was when we had an actor for a president. Yes, you remember Reagan was a Hollywood actor before he entered movies.

    Anyway, I think maybe Lenin was a good influence. It seems like communism became more corrupt with Stalin (and Mao).

    Also, in the 1960s, not only was Marxism-Leninism popular in France, also Maoism was briefly popular there.

    I think much of this socialist ideal in France relates back to the Paris Commune.

    Also, in the 1960s, France left NATO. Actually, it is a very mysterious story. It seems that they secretly rejoined. I’m not certain what is the truth of that process.

    Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent article!


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    • I was honored my dear Earthling friend, because of your kind and encouraging words! Thank you! Yes, I know Reagan was former movie star at Hollywood. And I had heard about him, some government’s men were written his speeches and he was reading these speeches in front of puclic, and he was playing like movie star when he was president. If it is true, the planet was lucky at the days when he was president, because the events would have gone forward like a Hollywood cowboy movie :))

      Also, his Star Wars project, it was amazing propaganda and advertisement style! πŸ™‚

      I did’t know France left NATO in 1960. You gave me a subject to research and will be learnt, you are great!

      And Lenin was a brilliant and magnificent human! You are right about the era after Lenin. Actually the things what are told about Stalin by western world, are not reflecting too much truth. Yes, so many corruption come with Stalin era. But he was not only reason of these.

      Thank you again for your words my dear Earthling friend! I am lucky that I do have a friend like you on this lonely planet!

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