A few words about Mosul and the war

© Sputnik/ Дмитрий Виноградов   – a photo from Mosul, 3 days ago-

Following article was written by Necati Dogru in today and published Turkish Sozcu newspaper. Necati Dogru is a Turkish investigative journalist also he is known as dissident journalist. He is 61 years old. In his article he is explaining what is behind the Mosul war, and what’s going on at Mosul right now.

“Puppetized Muslim War”

Necati Dogru, 20.10.2016, Sozcu Newspaper

The missiles which are sent to the air from the war ships. The jets which are lifted off and turned back to the military air bases after bombing. The tanks which give the support to the soldiers who have got the area in a certain point.

These are at there again.

Change is in the city.

Reciprocating conflicts are at the city’s suburbs. Combats are at the underground tunnels which are opened between the neighborhoods across. Slaughters in the streets. To establish dominance in the sewers of the excavated city. To shot to the sand bag positions from the windows of high-rise buildings overlooking the town square.

New battle!

It is at the sewers of the city.

It is top of high buildings.

It is on the corners of the streets.

It is in the middle of the suburbs.

This new war which is called “unconventional warfare” in the Middle East was launched in 2014 in real meaning. It was tried and studied. Reports were kept. Thousands of reports, were sent to the centers which are thousands of kilometers away from Middle East.

It was analyzed.

It was tempered.

Button was pressed in Mosul.

Those who reported, analyzed, pressed the button are American, British, French, German, Italian and etc; they are living tens of thousands kilometers away from Mosul. Their countries, children, women, young people are not in danger like being shattered body with explosion at the railway station, on the street, in the courtyard of the house of worship, at the wedding house, at the bus stop. Their children are not under the danger like being fatherless and motherless in every single day. For their people there is no danger like being refugee at the nearest country by sheltering, even living like the beggars. American, British, French, German, Italian people do not experience the pain, fear, destruction in their homes; they will not do.

But, their governments manage the war.

Muslims have been puppet by them.

Muslims are fought with each other by them.

There are no rules in this war.

No law!

No morality!

Every war is unconscionable.

This war has no conscience at all.

There are not any American, British, French, German, Italy who has taken the war position for killing each other, for destroying each other and for cutting, slaughtering each other in and around the city of Mosul. But over killing, Shiite Arabs, Shiite Kurds, Shiite Iranian have been together; at the opposite side of them, there are Sunni Arabs, Sunni Kurds, Sunni Turkmen. These two sides are preparing to attack with each other. Who will capture the city of Mosul? Who will enter the city at first? Which one will be first? Hasdi Saabi (Shiites) or Nuceyfi (Sunni)? Or the supporters of Nineveh Guard(Sunni) and Naqshbandi Army (Sunni) will enter the city at first, or else Ahl-e Haqq(Shiite)?

The other side inside of Mosul, there is ISIS which doesn’t want to give the city to them. If ISIS which uses about one million children, women and elderly people of Mosul as human shield, would explode the Mosul Dam when they come to the point to leave city, that enormous mass of water which will reach approximately 20 meters height to drown the whole city with 1 million inhabitants within it. ISIS which has used at first “the suicide bomber” into this ruleless, unmoral, unconscientious war, will use the missiles that carry the chemical warheads without hesitation. Sarin gas or lethal chemicals will not ask the adress such as “which one is Shiite Muslim, which one Sunni Muslim?

This new kind of war was launched in 2014, literally. The politicians, religious leaders, leaders of the sects, military commanders, educators, western servant journalists of Middle East were used. Muslim countries in the Middle East were turned into the puppets of the centers where are the thousands of kilometers away from Mosul. First, puppetized Muslims were created. It has been reached “Mosul model combat” like that. When Mosul will end, El Bab will begin. How many years will take the fighting between Sunnis and Shiites?

Inside the reports, “2014-2026” was written for war period.

Puppetized Muslim war.

This is not our war.

This is not the war of Republic of Turkey.

The article was quoted from this link: http://www.sozcu.com.tr/2016/yazarlar/necati-dogru/kukla-musluman-savasi-1457787/



14 thoughts on “A few words about Mosul and the war

  1. Yes, the soldiers need to ask who or what it is they fight for. That is the problem everywhere, isn’t it? That men and women in uniform follow orders. Granted, they’ve been ‘drilled’ to do that, and a court-martial, possibly even execution, awaits anyone who disobeys orders from on high. Still, these men and these women are human beings and can question the ends being served by their organizations. They need to ask themselves who they serve: the people from among whom they are recruited or the rich who govern over them. Not only in Iraq or Turkey or Syria should this be happening, but absolutely “everywhere.”

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    • You’re definitely right my Earthling friend, the soldiers should ask to themselves, and questioning. But in here, at the article there is more specific question. The fighting groups in the Mosul war, are not the regular army soldiers; of course except the army of Iraq state. They do serve to the imperialists aim, and they do not have an idea what or whom is the behind these events. This had been turned into sects wars. Mostly they act with sect hatred against opposite side(Sunni x Shiite). This bigotry is managed by the western governments and cost to the millions innocent people life. Unfortunatelly they will have nothing after this war, except deaths.

      In all equation of Mosul war, only one question is in my mind and I cannot give any answer for it. Iran is supporting some Shiites groups into Mosul war. With the begining this conflicts Iraqi Kurdistan Region area increased 12%. Every conflicts at the region stand Iraqi Kurdistan in good stead, so with the other meaning, US gets more involved to Middle East. In every way, this is not good for Iran. I am not sure that Iran knows what are they doing.

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      • Yes, you are right: my reply does indeed slide past the complex sectarian aspect to the Mosul war. But that’s because I tend to come at things from a Maxist point of view, and one, by the way, that also has to be adopted in terms of its abstraction if one is to claim that the various ‘groups’ confronting one another are being manipulated by the Western mafias. That kind of manipulation doesn’t happen unless the manipulators themselves are looking at things from a point of view that stands over and above, that is to say, outside the submerged viewpoints of contending ‘group identities’ being manipulated or puppeteered. That is precisely what is happening, of course, and as you yourself point out, and the only way out of this quagmire for everyone thus involved is to try to analyse their situation from the same abstract viewpoint as that of their puppet masters. Easier said than done, however, and that is where a questioning attitude must enter into any attempt to come to terms with one’s personal involvement in any military conflict, regardless of whether one is part of a ‘regular’ army or an informal militia.

        In reality, at the commanding heights of the various hierarchically arranged and contending ‘groups,’ the fight is wholly political, that is to say, it is a combat to decide who among the already corporate rich will reap the benefits or win the right to exploit an underlying general population and a given region’s natural resources. No matter how it may be disguised, ideologically speaking, from the underlying population, or from the men and women involved in the actual fighting, either as combatants or advisers, this is what the battle of Mosul — or any other war for that matter — is about.

        And that is the lesson that anyone taking up arms anywhere must come to understand, and on the basis of this understanding, decide whether he or she wants the people to benefit from their labors or whether the collective efforts of society will accrue to a politically empowered elite in the guise of exclusive property .

        Now if the West is playing the various ‘tribes’ of the Middle East off and against one another, it is doing so through the connivance of both intelligence and military personnel who dutifully follow orders and who, in doing so, are directly responsible for all of the blood and chaos at hand.

        So these intelligence and military personnel really ought to be asking themselves the hard question: do I server the Western oligarchies or do I serve the common people everywhere? If it’s the latter, then I either withdraw from the field or cease to be effective in fulfilling my duties.

        The same thing goes for anyone wanting to take up arms among informal militias: if they do it for ethno-religious ends, they are lost, both morally and politically speaking, because they do not understand the stakes; otherwise, they must choose between serving ‘coteries of political masters’ or the general interests of the masses, to be either ‘mercenaries’ or genuine revolutionaries.

        The Western powers — and ruling capitalists everywhere — exploit the political naivety of people willing to take up arms in a cause they believe to be their own; but what needs to happen is for ordinary people to wake up to this manipulation resulting from their own naiveté, to recognize what is truly their own cause and not be suckered into fighting for anything but that cause.

        From the Mosul conflict, nothing good can come for ordinary people. Only the corporate elites, whether Western or the Middle Eastern, stand to gain anything. For us, the object is extract “that lesson,” and to spread “it” far and wide, that our brothers and sisters in arms might hear of it and hopefully also learn it . . .

        No fight that stands to benefit only the rich, regardless of their nation or religion, is a fight for honest and good men and women . . .

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      • You again made quite perfect comment my Earthling friend! Thank you! Also, when looking your comments like this one, my comments look like murals in the caves:))

        And, I agree with your many point. Just, (if I didn’t understand wrong) these people who are fighting against with each other at Middle East, they are very far away from having “group identities”. You think, they all recognize only the dogmas at their holy book, they don’t think or know any rules or life style except the book. Their life spend according to this book. Actually not only the book, they believe and live according to many hadith of prophet. So every move they make, they think they do in the name of God. And this applies to all conflicting sides. Even, the hierarchy within the groups, consists of two parts as the sect leader and the believers.

        Already, this structure is the most important effect of the Middle East currently situation. Syria had (even if it is half-way secularism) secularism and the imperialists never like the secular managements, you know, even if this management Muslim secular they want to destroy immediately.

        I am digressing the point, and turning back right now:) So anyone cannot expect to them any logical move. But, as you have said, the soldiers of western armies, should ask themselves, “what are we doing here.” Aside from conscientiously side, they have to aware of “someday this boomerang can return their home lands”. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, when thinking the increasing refugees figures at western countries, and financial crisis shows very unusual things at the door.

        Interestingly a week ago, I have made a comment very similar with your comment, to another my Earthling friend Paul’s blog. If you don’t mind my Earthlin friend, I would like to add some part of it here.

        “When looking at US military system, my dear Earthlig friend, according to datas, 2/3 of US army is working out of the country. So, 2/3 military stuff of US army is not working inside US borders. This is huge figure! Global Firepower has announced the 2016 army ranks of the countries of the world. US army is the first powerfull army at the list. And this question is really thought-provoking in my mind:

        If the first army at world is working generally out of the own country borders, does it mean “this army thinks that it is world’s army; not own country army”?

        The most known thing about the armies of countries(and the thing it needs to be), the armies are for the protect the country borders. And they work for the protecting homelands against enemy. But US army is working out of the borders, with most stuff of it. So, US government sees the all planet as own homeland! So, does it mean “US government sees the all planet as enemy”?

        This is sickness! It has no right to be inside any country borders! That’s why the people on Earth, sees the US army as invader!

        And US ordinary people have to question: “I am paying tax for defence expenditures, and my army work out of the borders; why?”

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      • No question, the U.S. military is an ‘imperialist and invading army.’ It’s purpose is to intimidate other nations or societies into doing the biding of the Western transnational oligarchies (headquartered primarily, but not exclusively, in the U.S. , the E.U. and Japan — as explained by Samir Amin). And if the compradores of the targeted nations or societies don’t comply but try to go their own way, or if the popular masses of those nations or societies are too powerful, then it is the job of the U.S. military to destroy those societies, that is to say, their ‘organizations’ or ‘institutions.’ That is why infrastructure — like power plants and water treatment plants and hospitals and roadways — is targeted, so as to force those who can — usually the technocratic and engineering cadres — to flee to other parts of the world, leaving the remaining population utterly vulnerable, because disorganized and without effective leadership, to the ‘control’ of the invading army. That’s what happened to Libya and what is now being done to Syria and Iraq . . . Americans do indeed have a great deal for which to answer. Unfortunately, they, as much as everyone else, are captives to a system that keeps them dumb and blind to their own complicity in the crimes that they themselves unknowingly commit around the entire globe. It is really insane, isn’t? The only thing that can change the situation is ‘education,’ that is, getting people to ‘recognize’ that in which they are complicit.

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      • Definitely, “The only thing that can change the situation is ‘education,”. All people at Earth need an education, which is given by unconnected (with governments and elites) and scientific institutions. That’s the way which gets the people real civilization. Already, according to datas of Galactic Council history records of planet Earth, if they would not do this, humans will be classifed as 31. level sub-livings. Yes, as you can guess my Earthling friend, under the 30 level is identifed as kind of “beneath notice”; the meaning of this level is the planet Earth’s future can have an end like the book of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    This is what your government and allies are perpetrating on the peoples of the middle east, Mr and Ms America!

    Read and take responsibility for what you are doing to these poor people, because of your willful ignorance, apathy and blind consent!

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  3. ISIS is the most freaking ideology that exists in the world today and they must leave or die in Mosul. But the locals when ISIS arrived in their city they were disappointed so much from the Iraqi government. Iraq is mostly a shiite country Mosul is mostly sunnite . Shiites and Sunnites commited a lot of crimes in Iraq. That’s why ISIS found the way to overlap the 1/3 of the territory in one moment. But what will the future bring for these populations? Will they survive? More refugees as Iraqi forces are approaching the city? When doves will fly freely again above the houses in a shining free, blue Iraqi sky?

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