Mamma Mia!

In February 2013, Sweden commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Sverker Göranson, had said that Sweden’s scaled backed military leaves the country vulnerable. As he claimed Sweden could only defend itself for one week if it came under attack. Also, if a war would be between Sweden and Russia, Sweden needs to be in NATO, according to him.

After this statement,

In March 1, 2013, the controversial admission of Sweden’s dwindling military capacity has been seized upon by Russian national television in a sketch on the satirical programme Yesterday Live. Featuring the melody of Abba’s hit song Mamma Mia, the parody shows a man who appears to be masquerading as Göranson as he makes an impassioned plea about the imminent threat from the east.

Whenever I see this show, I am laughing. As the singer pointed at the end of the clip, this is humor. Already the Swedish people who made the comment below this video on youtube, they seem that they showed understanding. Especially in these days which the west lived fear of a war with Russians I thought that this clip would be very appropriate. I don’t know how many of you have watched this clip. If you didn’t watch yet, I hope you would like it, my Earthling friends. And the most impressive expression of this song has been the last words for me. When you watch you will see what I meant.

Also, who says that Russians don’t know good humor 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Mamma Mia!

  1. Too funny. Loved the ending, and Having Russia protect them from NATO!

    Russian women! Wow! Make me feel younger, my friend. Beautiful people, our sisters and brothers, not enemies! Russians can camp out at my abode any day!

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    • Yes, as we always said my Earthling friend, “Brotherhood of the people on Earth”, is more important. I don’t know how US people can imagine a war between Russians who are the people have humor like in this clip, for example. I think US people never want a war against them. All happened is trap of the capitalist-imperialist elites!

      And also I think Russians would like your offer:))

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  2. I’m sorry, my friend. I am so behind on reading your blog. But you bring up a good point.

    As I’ve said, I don’t think NATO is a good thing. Not only did it not end after the Warsaw Pact ended, but NATO has added more and more countries to its membership…closer and closer to Russia’s border. This is provocation by the United States.

    I do not blame Russia for annexing Crimea because I believe the Ukrainian overthrow was a coup perpetrated by America.

    I will say, my friend, I know you don’t like capitalism. You are right that it can be horrible. But I voted for Donald Trump and I hope he wins. I think he will make peace with Russia.

    Our socialist candidate Hillary Clinton is a fake socialist. Really, she is an imperialist. And her crazy elite WANT war with Russia.

    The only true socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders, was cheated out of the race by Clinton. Now also we are hearing he took a $3 million bribe which he used to buy a beach house. So he sold out.

    I can only say that I hope Trump wins because I think it will be a more peaceful world. Everything Clinton says is a lie. Except one thing…she wants a no-fly zone over Syria. The Chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Dunford, has rightly said that this would mean war with Russia.

    Hillary is insane. She should never be President.

    Thank you,


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    • It is ok, my Earthling friend. I know you are very busy in these months:) And I understand your election’s choice. You tried to make choice between two bad candidate; kind of trying to make choice the good one of a bad bunch. But there is no way to get rid of the bad situation from the corrupt world order, even if the people are trying to choose. Because this order wants that people make choice inside the candidates which the system enforced to the people. There is no free will in it.

      You’ve said that Clinton is socialist candidate, the other side, Bernie Sanders. And as you added, they are fake. They do not have anyhing related with socialism. I am in shock in everytime when seeing the perception of socialism in west. I had the researced one time and I made a post, maybe you remember, about PSL’s candidate Gloria La Riva. She is the only one socialist candidate in USA.

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      • Thank you, my extraterrestrial friend 🙂 I have a soft spot in my heart for socialism. Actually, one of my main professors is socialist. I think there are wondetruly ideas there in Marx. But I have come to appreciate some aspects of capitalism. The main thing is creating value. Capitalism does that very well. The problem (and embarrassment) is that we have very rich people and very poor people. It is an injustice that we have so many poor people, yet we are the richest country. So I think we need the lessons of Marx and Adam Smith. We need to find the best parts and form a new system. Maybe we can write the manifesto:) By Karl Migo and Paul Engels? –Paul

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