Pitiable and dangerous face of EU where is so-called civilization center of human kind

French radio station calls for Donald Trump’s assassination
Source: Pravda.Ru

According to the information received from Breizatao independent media outlet, as well as a video, France-Inter radio station used more than just aggressive rhetoric in its broadcast  against the winner of the US presidential election billionaire Donald Trump.

The radio station openly called for his assassination: “Donald Trump and his victory have given a hope in the American people  – the hope that he would be killed even before his inauguration,” Pablo Mira, a host of France-Inter said during a prime time radio show.

Pravda.Ru sources in France say that there were no penalties applied against the radio host. Noteworthy, France-Inter radio station is known for its strong anti-Trump sentiments.

However, no representative of either the French media, or the committee for audiovisual surveillance that plays the role of a censor in the French society, has found it necessary to apologize.


Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Is this the level which human beings want to reach? Is this the thing that humanity wants to be?

“The assassination” for humanity! How a big pitifulness it is to make an assassination call!

And attention to the last pragraph at news:
“However, no representative of either the French media, or the committee for audiovisual surveillance that plays the role of a censor in the French society, has found it necessary to apologize.”

They wouldn’t do this. Even if they would apologize because of they do have really benefit, not becuase of they believe in “they are in wrong”. This is French’s gift for the planet Earth. This gift consists of full hypocrisy and arrogance. Especially with their thought and lobbies about left-idea, the French left is one of the most responsibles and source of the wrong perception and wrong directioning of EU people about leftist idea and world!

With your hypocrisy you are ugly!

14 thoughts on “Pitiable and dangerous face of EU where is so-called civilization center of human kind

  1. I understand how upset many people are across the board with Trump’s nomination, however I agree that calling for his assassination is uncalled for and inappropriate.

    If we could all just calm down for a minute, Trump honestly isn’t going to be that bad of a president. Sure, he’s said a lot of unsavory things about many groups of people, but his ability to change the status quo for the worst is quite limited. What would be much worse for the American people is his vice president Pence.

    Now Pence is the scary guy we have to make sure never gets a hold on power–his policies would set America back at least 50 years. Trump isn’t even close to how bad his VP can and will get.

    Personally, I think it’s just best to keep living life as normally as possible. I’m still worried about America but this fear should not be dictating our lives.

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    • Thank you for informations dear Earthling Ars! I didn’t know who Pence is, I’ve searched thanks to you:) And of course people should keep living as normally as possible. But the other side, people have to awake. Because the countries are being managed like firms. In this case citizens seem to be customers. This is wrong. This system costs the poeple’s life. And you are definitelly right, “this fear should not be dictating our lives.”

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  2. Migo sorry to comment but the guy is a humorist. It was part of a “black French humour” on the radio. He didn”t mean that. It was part of him to explain in which crazy world we live. When people who don’t speak the language in Russia vehicle fake messages and pure propaganda that’s sad. France said officially that they did not like Donald Trump. Therefore, i believe that this article of russian propaganda is very bad written. Peace

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    • I didn’t know that there is a “French black humor class”. There is “black humor” maybe in sub branch of it, it could be the French artists or novelists or humorists(and etc) who contribute the black humor.

      But as always, some French people who think “I am making humor”, humiliate the other nations according to their race, belief and etc, or like in this example they act with a rhetoric that could be a humanity crime.

      And all time, they say that we are making “black humor” or “satire.” These are not two of them. Like two months before, Charlie Hedbo’s caricatures about Italy’s earthquake.

      With English translation: “penne with tomato sauce,” “penne gratin,” and “lasagna.”

      and this one:

      With English translation: “Italians, it is not Charlie Hebdo that built your homes, it’s the mafia!”

      I think only French people are laughing their “unskilful and nonsense sketches which are far from creativity and intelligence”; also not totaly of French people, some of them maybe.

      In this case there is no Russia propaganda in here. Because anybody doesn’t laugh to this on this planet, except French people. This is not perception issue. Humor with every branch is not like that. And when a Russian sees one of these cartoons or heard one of these radio talks, doesn’t laugh. Not only Russian, except the French even some of them any person doesn’t laugh in any country.

      People don’t buy this anymore. My advise to them, if they want to make black humor they need to study and read English black humor works. And for satire they can look at the Turkish works.


      • I cannot change the view some people have for french people and their culture. l watched the video and i was profoundly shocked by the difference of perception between what is said and what pro-russian media thing it was said.
        Russian media now are the lawyer of Mr Trump. Of course the journalist said some bad things about Hillary but who cares #letsmakeamericagreatagain.
        Why this was taken from Russian media and not other media from other countries?
        Probably the journalist was referring to other previous presidents who were assassinated before entering the White House, in my opinion.
        But Russian propaganda sites will take everything to promote their own ideas.
        And before starting accusing french humorists for “their humanity crimes” let’s wait and see Trump’s real politics against humanity soon.
        And we cannot confuse a thing that a humorist has said with all humorists.
        Is like i say Turkish are all the same,
        Germans are all the same etc etc…
        We accuse very easily cultures which we don’t know unfortunately.
        Good thing is that Trump will work closely with Marine Le Pen. They can soon built a wall somewhere in Europe, this is a good joke.
        This is my opinion because i live the country. Everyone can have its own perception for everything but when we mix all people and their ideas and simplify: french cartoonists are bad ,are evil , then i believe the days of this free world will come to an end very soon. There are bad cartoonists everywhere but Charlie Hebdo is known because they put the prophet in their front page and that is the reason why every cartoon can make a huge scandale. Of course some cartoons were very atrocious.
        Probably he made a bad joke, but how many bad jokes Trump has made through his campaign? Not all people laughed, some ignorants did.
        Other dictators’ daily jokes more nearly ? Nobody laughs
        But when we give a bad representation of a thing, it generally generates to all people of a nation or a country and i, personally, believe it is a very bad thing.

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      • There was no need too much excitement while you were replying:) And you can change the peoples’ views about anything. But you can’t change the others’ opinion. View is much more superficial concept, that’s why it can be neglected; also that’s why it doesn’t be object at issue. So people can have a view about almost every superficial subject, but they cannot have an opinion almost every serious subject.

        Also if a human or in this example an extraterrestrial – 🙂 – says “I do have opinion about …”, and if the others want to change his opinion, the opponent argument has to be strong base and supporting with exercised and on facts.

        And again, in here this extraterrestrial is talking about “humor”. Humor is serious a subject. Even the best definition about humor has been made by Vladimir Jankélévitch who is French philosopher and musicologist. He says about humor :”humor is the smiling of intelligence”. What a wonderful describing! Even I use this describing almost everywhere I need. I have looked at my old posts and comments, I’ve seen that I used same quote of him in Charlie Hedbo massacre post, you can check my post at same day, 2015. I think, you didn’t know Jankélévitch’s words about humor like me.:) Why I said this? I am not praising myself. Because I do have too much information about “humor”, “black humor,”,”satire” more than the people who I know or not. And my opinion has occured over these knowledges about “black humor”. Let me explain more “black humor”.

        The next level of humor is satire. The next level of satire is “black humor”. So if humor serious subject, black humor is double more serious subject.
        For example less people know that “Sigmund Freud was a black humorist.”

        The real experiences about his life give many black humor samples. For example;
        “In 1938, Gestapo forced to Freud to leave his country. They let him take his movable property with him. Before his departure, Gestapo officers come to his house, they prepare a flawless record of his books, the clothes, all at once in the file, and Freud signs it. Years after, while Freud is telling this event he tells like that, “If you want to see a job that is done with care and whole-complete, I would highly recommend the Gestapo to you.”

        This is the black humor. Do you see any similarty between Freud example and these French so-called black humorists?

        And some one wants to change my opinion about humor, black humor or satire, he or she has to put strong base in front of me. Not my view please attention, I am talking about my opinion.

        Also, for this, you need to be more argument than your words “starting accusing french humorists”. I am defending Humor, my reaction of these so-called French humorists becuase of this. You are defending “miserable humor” on behalf of the defending of French so-called humorists. While you are doing this, the other side accusing me with even a thought “I accuse someones with unjustice way.” What a diversion.

        I think that’s why you don’t understand what I told.
        I keep reading your reply and I see you did and did again same thing many times. Like you said, “Everyone can have its own perception for…” I am writing my opinion in here. Reply again, These are not my views or perceptions, these are my opinons.

        I hope you see, you don’t read my replies actually in real means. Already if you read with attention you could see I used in two place “not all them, some French” words. Have I need to keep using “some French people” words? Have I need to prove myself about “I am not discriminating against peoples according to their nations” continuously? Are you attentive for every nation as same as me? Please ask yourself. The other side, if you defense in every time like “knights” with excitement, there is no way out for these conversations between us.

        But if you want to tell me about “humor” history in France I would like listen and discuss over it with you. And when I see your humor knowledge at that moment, maybe I can open for new ideas inside my brain cells, if I get satisfaction for your knowledges.

        Actually I can give the examples about this sucject for starting to talk about French humor which was made by French writers or thinkers at history, but I am not sure that maybe you can conclude the subject again Russian propaganda.:)

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      • When i listen again and again what he said, i believe that Pablo Mira had to excuse himself. Probably for me he wanted to say that this hope will be assasinated talking about hope and not Trump as a person… if it was his intention.
        As i said, at the beginning i was thinking that he was making a bad black humour about previous US presidents who were assasinated before entering the White House.
        But if he was really meaning that Donald Trump have to be assasinated before entering the white house, and this was broadcast from the national station he should apologize asap and there are no excuses for it. I think that it was a bad taste of black humour also. But as i said we don’t have to do a mix and all humorists as evil and good one’s. For that reason i might have exaggerated a bit:)
        He writes for the journal the Gorafi in France, which is mostly an imaginary parody. Probably he was trying to do this also with Trump but the words he used i believe he used them in a very bad way. If the purpose of using these is to make him well known to the public, i think it was a bad taste of self-promotion.
        But bad promotion has a lot of place in France during these times. People who belong to the far-right become best sellers as Eric Zemmour.http://www.npr.org/2014/11/05/361790018/a-french-best-sellers-radical-argument-vichy-regime-wasnt-all-bad
        The more far right you are you can always succeed these days and make money or the more shocking. That’s the reason why i limited to write about ISIS atrocities on my blog in the Middle East.
        All right and far-right media and parties reacted to his show very badly with very tough words.
        But the fact that it was taken by a lot of pro-Trump media and some far-right parties outside/inside the country that disturbs me.

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      • Thank you for the new informations and samples like Eric Zemmour. There have been people always like him, and always will be. This is already about to accept or not to accept kind of these speeches.

        Also, I am glad we came in a point as agreeing. Already I knew that you didn’t read enough my reply – 🙂 – and when you read with focusing, you already saw actually we could be in same point.

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