Yesterday he had the hopes, today he has got a hashtag with his name…


Berkay Akbas, 19-year-old student at Baskent University School of Medicine in Ankara, yesterday night lost his life at the bombed attack near the Vodafone Arena Stadium in Besiktas, Istanbul.

According to the informations in the news, after the midterm exams, he came to visit Istanbul with friends for the weekend. While passing near the Besiktas Vodafone Arena stadium, he was seriously injured in the vehicle with the effect of the blast. Then he lost his life in the hospital where he was taken.

The result of bomb attacks, 38 people dead and 166 people were injured, 14 of injured people are in critical care unit. According the news this terror attack has been made by TAK terorrist organization. TAK (Eyrêbazên Azadiya Kurdistan in Kurdish) according to wikipedia in English “Kurdistan Freedom Falcons.” Again according the wikipedia this terrorist organization is not only explosioning bombs, they have undertook the blame of some forrest fire’s in Turkey.

And young Berkay has been victim due to these f**king terrorists and the dirty politic accounts!

Only one Berkay life is more important than all terrorists and accounts!!

I am sorry my Earthling friends because of my words, I am feeling so much full with anger and sadness…

Also Berkay’s father talked today and expressed his feelings.

Explanation from the father of Berkay Akbas

Salim Akbas, father of Berkay Akbas said:

“He is 19 years old. Medical School 2nd grade student. He came to Istanbul for only 2 days after the exams from Ankara. They came to visit and by chance they pass by taxi around there. It is just so coincidental. It is so cheap and so simple. For this he is martyr. No, I do not want that my son would be martyr. Mustafa Berkay Akbas is a promising medical student, at Baskent University. His dreams were to be a doctor, and helping these people, but I am taking him back with the funeral car. Now, he is person who has missing person report on twitter. If terror has been finished with only condemn… We have been condemned it for years. They would leave flowers tomorrow. They will not do anything else. I do not want my son to be a martyr. My son was murdered.”

Yes, he was murdered, he doesn’t exist anymore…

He was 19 years old!

He will be always 19 years old…

news was quoted from:

19 thoughts on “Yesterday he had the hopes, today he has got a hashtag with his name…

  1. You have every right to be enraged! No apology necessary, not to me anyway!

    This is sad, tragic! The world is insane, my friend, as we both know.

    I choose, at least for now, to believe that this young man still does exist. Not in some religious sense, but in this sense; none of this existence here and now, makes any sense to me, if there isn’t something beyond this. I am making no claims to know this for certain, it is simply what I sense, what I believe.

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    • I feel like that a thing chocked up in my throat; young human being Berkay. I drink but it does not make me feel good, because today, since I first saw the face of this beautiful young man, behind this face, I see Ali Ismail Korkmaz who was also same with Berkay age, and he lost his life in Occupy Gezi, I see another young Ozancan Akkus behind this face, who was murdered at last March on the Ankara bombing. I see many young people behind Berkay face, all them is dead anymore, even vodka does not comfort me today.

      I see the future on the face of these young men, who will be able to give this planet something really good and make other people and all living creatures be happy.

      Now they are gone. There are so-called human beings who should not breathe, who consume oxygen in vain, but instead of them these young people are disappearing.

      Of course, it is certain that he and the others will live in the heart and in the presences of their loved ones. But on the other hand, Berkay lost his most valuable asset, so his own life. Time was zeroed for him. He will not see one more tree or the sea again or not smell sea, he will not fall in love with a girl and he can not marry with her, he will not be able to caress of a dog’s head and etc. Because all was taken away from his hands. Just like the other young people who were murdered. The beauties are getting less and less day by day on this planet and, this planet caused me exhausted!

      But I’m ashamed, when I said I’m exhausted. I look at Berkay’s face, I see other young people, I look at all and I’m ashamed because I said I’m exhausted, my dear Earthling friend.

      I look at WD, he looks to me like saying: “If you, you alien is tired of this planet, what would we do?” WD is murmuring to me: “It does need not to get tired for bringing the responsibles to account for the uncompleted things of these young people’s life!”

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      • You are exhausted right now, my friendly, and you have a right to be. But you will recover your strength.

        Yes, alcohol is not a solution for this kind of pain, frustration and anger. If only it were a solution

        Grieve, my friend, this is your service to these young people at the moment, so grieve.

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      • If only we earthlings were as human as you are, my friend, then this world would be a great place to live!

        Maybe some day, we will learn from you!

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  2. So sad about this young man and all the other victims. I saw this story in the English news earlier. It is terrible times when these things are happening. I hope for great changes to end these acts. I don’t know what is the solution. Very sad. –Paul

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    • My opinion my dear Earthling friend, the solution is to bring the new system which is based on “brotherhood of all nations” and get rid of all elites and dirty politics that is using the terrorism to be an enstrument.

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  3. The death of any innocent is a catastrophe, and especially for those intimately affected, left behind by his or her demise.

    And it is certainly shocking to know that these things are happening, and on one level it is enraging. And once the catastrophe has happened, we are impotent to prevent it. And that, too, is maddening and deeply dispiriting. And there is nothing for it but let the emotional shock wave move through and finally away from us.

    And once the grieving is over, the time is upon us not to nurture sentiments, condemnations, recriminations — as justifiable as that may be — but to try to rationally understand why acts of terror happen at all, to grasp events in their true significance, and to try, along with others, to think our way toward collective actions to eventually eradicate the “conditions” that presently spawn the motivations, however just or unjust, for committing acts of terror.

    But now is not the moment for what must come in retrospect, when the shock of what has happened will have attenuated of its own accord,

    Now is the moment to acknowledge the absurdity and the pain of knowing that a young life has been cut short, and to remember that such a life is but one instance of millions that have, are, and will so occur — until the conditions of collective human despair are largely surpassed.

    Do have a drink for me, too, Migo.

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    • “but to try to rationally understand why acts of terror happen at all, to grasp events in their true significance, and to try, along with others, to think our way toward collective actions to eventually eradicate the “conditions” that presently spawn the motivations,”

      When looking at the all frame, to eradicate the “conditions” are not up to the majority people on all planet. Democracy is a fairy tale, it does exist because majority people like to be cheated by politicians. They live in a dream, and endless nightmare is thanks to them. They don’t want to wake up my dear Earthling friend. For GDO, “da*n terrible thing” they say, but they don’t do anything against GDO. For air pollution, “no! I can’t breath” they would say, but they do use the still high carbon-emission fuel. They share the most cute white seal pictures on web, even while the hunters hunt a pup.

      When the politicans talk, all follow to them, they are like the football fan; no questioning, no arguening.

      To prevent all innocent people’ dead, there is so many thing needs to be done, because there are billions people need to be awakened.

      And of course I have drink for you too!


  4. Kurdistan Freedom Falcons: this is not at all freedom as i imagine it, violence in the 21st century has no right to exist

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