Small talk with a stray dog

These scenes were broadcasted via internet yesterday. I don’t know where these scenes were taken. It is obvious the young man on the video wasn’t aware that he was taped. The words of the young man are very openhearted. Maybe he said these with the effect of the wine -I suppose probably empty- bottle into his hand. I don’t know. πŸ™‚

Here this small talk at the video with translation in English:

My biggest expectation from a dog is “bark voice”. I am expecting from a dog to say “bark”. For example, I am expecting from a cat “miaow”. I am expecting from a bird “cheeping”. So, this is what we we expect from you. You make your case as much as you can do. Could I explain? If you resist with this way, this is not a resistance. It would’t be with this way. There is no reaction from you. You have not given even a respond. Look, I’m talking, I’m telling you some things. You do not have self defense mechanism. Animals, instinct, Freud have come to mind, but you do not even have an instinctual approach.

As a dog, you should give credit to the bread which you ate. You should become the labourer. You’re a communist dog, a Marxist dog. Did you understand? All the dogs and all animals are the leftists in my sight. But I did not see that light inside you. In an another time when I come back, I want to find you a little bit more concentrated, a bit more involved in life, a little more literated, so with more philosophical approaches into the life.

According to WD, the young man at video is not right. WD says that he wished he’d like to meet him, and say some things about humans and especially cats to him too. And WD added,”this video is very insulting, and we are not going to learn how is to be a laborer from the human kind!”

Also, I am wondering where does the cat go by running in high speed in 1:07 minutes at video. Maybe, it understood what the young man said and it goes to notify to the other cats.:)

17 thoughts on “Small talk with a stray dog

  1. Well, he said Marxist do not cat. Probably she was more a Stalinist cat thinking of him that: “You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.”
    As for the human kind, it disappoints me more and more year after year. In the next G7 we’ll have Trump, Kim, Netanyahu, Farage, Marine le Pen and other outstanding figures of our vain times on earth

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    • Yes, this is an option, that cat may be Stalinist:) And, you are right, into whole human history we all coincided with this age of humans, bad luck. It would have been super cool, if we had been in Renaissance times, even I would accept the Vikings times!

      By the way, how did you understand that cat was “female”? πŸ™‚ You should have X-ray vision in your eyes like Superman.:)

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    • Thanks to you for following me too! WD who is my dog friend and owner this blog with me in equal terms and I also, we all extraterrestrials love you Earthlings, except religious bigots and capitalist-elites.:)


  2. PS. I have an amazing Rat, that was smarter than the doctors. What would we do with out these special critters? Unconditional love and support. They will die for us. Yet, we destroy their habitat, kill them, abuse and neglect them. They should eat us humans. No, they love us. Amazing, these little true earthlings.

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    • To be a friend with a rat sounds cool. I don’t have any experiences like that. The relationship between the humans and the other living creatures is such as interesting situation. In many relationship between humans and the other living creatures is based on human’s dominate. As you said many animals and plants (I add) connect with humans unconditionally. Not all of them but most human connects with them in concrete expectations.

      As an excuse for the reason for these expectations, mankind suggests that mankind is more intelligence than the animals. While a crow can make a tool for catching worms from tree hollow, this is nonsense excuse. WD and my relationship as you can guess, is very different from a relationship between humans and animals. WD is my best comrade on the planet Earth, and WD is the most intelligence living creature inside all which I met on here. If WD had not been here, I wouldn’t have survived on the planet; even if WD always suspects from an extraterrestrial like me. πŸ™‚ Already he has got always own agenda on beatiful lady dogs, beers and good foods:)

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      • Thank you for sharing the story, also as you wished I have removed your comment. And yes, the animals especially with their smell sense do have the ability to understand chemical changes on the around. If there is a strong connection between animal and human, that animal gives primacy to perceive the chemical changing on that human. Because like every living creature when some chemical changings happen on human body, the smells of the body change, even if humans don’t understand. The animals percieve this with their amazing smell sense. The animals already have been doing this for entire life in their 4 billion years life on planet Earth, they do have billions of years of experience. When looking this angle the humans experiences are very few, in humans’ two hundred thousand years life experiences on the planet Earth comparison with 4 billion years life experinces of animals. And, the thing that humans call instinct, actually for the animals is the most neccesary thing to survive. They smell and hear for learning the environment, because if they don’t do these, they are not able to understand if there is something dangerous and threatening to their life. With the strong connection between human and animal, the animal perceive the threatening thing to the human as if the threatening thing to itself.

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