This is how the art of movie dies with thunderous applause of Hollywood’s so-called actors and actress in front of world

The Supreme Board of Galactic Council’s is watching Oscar Award ceremony each year. Yes, you have not heard it wrong, they do have such interesting hobbies. Even if I do not watch on earth. Anyway, 8 members of the supreme board of the council enjoy watching this ceremony. However, something interesting happened this year, and this letter was sent to me this morning by them.

“To the attention of Migarium, who is the observor of Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Earth and assigned by Processing Center between the Galaxies with the order of Galactic Council.

As you know Migarium, “White Helmets” documentary was awarded as “Best Documentary Film” at the 2017 Oscar Award ceremony. Even if we know the White Helm’s fake rescue operations while we are so far away from the planet Earth. What we do not understand is that are the fake documentaries now a case which is awarded by human kind? How do we know if all the documentaries that have been made so far are true or false after this day? We would like you to inform us about this in detail.

PS: Two of Supreme Board members are thinking to send a documentary which they will make in view of the fact that the fact or fake is no longer important. You can send the Oscar participation requirements for the next year by learning to us.”

How will I reply to Galactic Council, my Earthling friends!


The news about the White Helmets won Oscar award:

Film about Syrian White Helmets wins Oscar amid allegations of terrorist ties

3 thoughts on “This is how the art of movie dies with thunderous applause of Hollywood’s so-called actors and actress in front of world

  1. Just finding this out now, from you. But why should anyone, including The Supreme Board of Galactic Council, be surprised? Obama, who expanded U.S. foreign military interventions worldwide, is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and that even before his murderous reign really got under way.

    Clearly, it is the madmen who, ruling over us, award themselves prizes, believing that it is the entire world itself that is conferring the honors upon them. All of it, the mere antics of schizophrenics. What else can you say to the Galactic Council?

    (Well, at least the Helmets didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize. Or will that happen next year, now that they have their Oscar? (Trully disgusting, given that obscene amounts of money will be showered on both the individuals participating in the Helmets and the makers of this piece of propaganda.))

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  2. Just read your reply to Tim Hayward’s “Women’s Protection in Syria: Disinformation Is No Help.” I notice that he has corrected his article in light of your analysis. I’ll be reading it again, I mean your comment to make sure I absorb its full import. Aye!

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