Boring day


I am so bored today. As if an ordinary day, not seems like April 1. I don’t find anyone to make a joke fittingly to the today’s soul. And, Migo is not helpful to me. I am so bored!

I have read my daily horoscope analysis today as I have read everyday morning. This is important for me, I read every morning what my horoscope say to me for that day. It creates good effect especially to meet “right” lady dogs.

Migo doesn’t believe any horoscope. Already he hasn’t got any beliefs, you know. At the begining, I have insisted on some points for getting some beliefs of him. Because my zodiac sign is Taurus, and according to horoscope analysis, one of my features is persistence. (For the record, my birthday is May 12, all good foods and beer are accepted on that day:))

But I’ve gave up to insist, after all my rising sign of my horoscope is Libra. And according to analyses of a dog who is Taurus and Libra rising sun, we are harmony with world, and an awareness of beauty, of relationship, of style, and how things fit or blend together. That’s why I gave up obstinacy, even it has happened in one week after I met Migo. What could I have done, my dear followers, I have faced to face with an alien!

Anyway, according to my horoscope for today, “Tackle things that require high energy today, Taurus. This is your day to make short work of chores, errands, or any sort of physical activity. Patience is the thing that you will lack, if anything, but don’t worry, because your strengths lie elsewhere now. Your heart is apt to sing once you get going on a personal project about which you feel passionate.”

So, this day could be the day that I can meet with my soul mate! But I didn’t go out yet. And my heart is apt to sing! Bone god damn it! I’ve only heard the birds’ tweets today. By the way, I hate the birds, especially the sparrows; they are so much happy digressively. Also they don’t know where they can do their poops! I don’t even mention seagulls. In these days, mother or father seagulls are preaparing the child seagulls for flying. They do give the fly training to them. But they don’t care we are sleep or not at very early hours in mornings! Do I have to wake up with seagulls’ crazy sounds in every morning! Even, as far I understood from their voices, the new generation of seagulls could be stupid, they cannot learn the fly technics with one or two lessons.

Did I say, I am so bored today? What kind of April Fools’ Day this is, if there is no joke? And my soul mate could be anywhere out right now, and could be waiting for me. I need to go out right now! MIGOOO!

8 thoughts on “Boring day

  1. Lets improve ur knowledge..
    April 1 is named FOOL’S DAY, after Steve April. He was born on 1st April 1579. He did 105 businesses inhis lifetime. He lost all his father’s assets, and so everyone started calling him father of the fools. At 19, he married a 61-year-old woman who divorced him after a year because of his foolishness. He used to drink water with his shoes. He also had a fetish for combs and used to keep 100 combs in his pocket all the time. He used to read all kinds of fake stories like you are doing now. It was great fooling you. Happy April fools day WD and amigo! 😝

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    • You have caught us, haha! Also, this is the spirit what WD needed today, dear Varsh. πŸ™‚ He doesn’t like to be with me in kind of these days, he is more beyond me, about excited stuff, you know.;)

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  2. Haha πŸ™‚ this is so awesome! Ah, but poor WD! We hope on May 12 you have beers and lady dogs πŸ™‚ And I never imagined the seagulls in Turkey!

    Don’t worry, WD! Keep reading the horoscope and you will find your soul mate πŸ™‚ –Paul

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    • Yes, I hope too Paul! And you cannot predict. The seagulls are not only here, they do have kingdom! Also, I keep looking for my precious soul mate lady dog, I will find her some day. πŸ™‚

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  3. I was thinking that the horoscope applies only to people born on earth as it is connected with the moon movement. But you’re trying to integrate human race with its bad aspects seems fair!

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    • Yeah! But not only humans, the horoscope applies both the dogs and people born on earth.(not cats!!) I am reading everyday my daily horoscope to meet with my real soul mate lady dog! Right now, with your comment, it all makes sense, why Migo doesn’t involve to these horoscope issues, because he’s from outher space. πŸ˜‰

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