The unknown series with WD, Part III

The moment when I have read Migo’s explanations

You know my dear followers, I were disclosing the secrets about that alien Migo before in two times. I have checked today and I have seen only two posts I made about this subject: Part 1 and Part 2

It has been very long time after second one, I have realized now.

But today, I caught incredible opportunity about Migo’s hidden aims and for Part 3! Migo said following lines to an another wp blog writer:

I am not able to say the name of my origin planet. I can only say where it is. It is in open cluster NGC 265 at Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy. I cannot say it’s name, because the humans couldn’t discover it and give a name yet. If I say its name right now, before humans describe it, it can create paradox. Probably it wouldn’t be same with Grandfather paradox, but it will create a fluid motion in that direction that I pointed at. Noone is affected from this paradox, except me and the one who I said it’s name and the ones who heard this from us. Let’s we imagine this.

I say it’s name to you right now. You and the people who are following to you read this. Hundreds of years later someone reads our talks in the digital records. And he or she decides to give the same name which we talked about. At the moment when it’s name becomes definite as same my word hundreds of years later, you and me and the others would stuck between today and that time hundreds of years later. To realize that moment, we have to live again and again same things on this planet on this period. Do you want to see again and again Trump presidentship or anything else similar like that in an infinite loop? Like a nightmare, haha!

I don’t want to do this wrong to any Earthling friends.:)

Bull sh*t!

As far as I know Migo, Migo never says where his origin planet is. So what is his aim right now!

These are seeming like distortional words to confuse of the humans minds. But the most important question is why it is happening in todays? Why Migo needs to say these in these days? Why didn’t say anything about this before and he chose todays to explanation.

This is definitely about alien’s invasion! He is giving some clues and sending signals to his alien friends to invade of them to our beatiful planet! Maybe not today or not tomorrow, but this certainly will be close! Open your eyes!

Also, don’t worry I am watching his movements carefully, even Migo is not aware I watch him. I have my eye on him as always!

-WD, what are you doing?

-I am disclosing your nonsense to my dear followers like your words about where your planet is.

-Hmm, may I read, WD?

-Of course, here you may read.

-Hmm, it seems that you are complaining about my explanations.

-What! Migo, when I complained? These are the truths that you need to confess! When will your alien friends invade to our planet! Say it! Why you didn’t say anything about your origin planet before?

-You didn’t ask, WD. If you asked, I would say.

-What! I have asked many times, I remember.

-No, you are wrong, you never asked.

-Yes, I did.

-No, you didn’t.

-Yes, I did!

-No, you didn’t!

-Ohh no, this is one of your alien tricks, isn’t it! You alien! You are confusing my mind, and to cause to forget! I don’t buy this trick!

-You didn’t ask WD.

(after a short silence)

-Really? I didn’t ask this before, Migo?

-No. You never asked, WD. And, do you want to go out?


4 thoughts on “The unknown series with WD, Part III

  1. Poor WD. So easily distracted with an offer for an outdoor stroll. Capris and Milou are exactly the same way. They actually know what the word “walk” means, now — so much so that we have to spell it when discussing among ourselves, the non-dogs, whether we want to take a W-A-L-K by ourselves or with the dogs, so as not to disappoint them too much should we decide to sneak out by ourselves without them. Indeed, sometimes we inadvertently blurt out the word when recounting a story or something that happened, and no sooner has the word been uttered than the poor dogs go absolutely crazy with anticipation, as though we’d just promised them the greatest dog-thing ever, and then we have to take them for a walk, otherwise they remain utterly wound up and frenzied.

    I hope, then, WD that you will read this comment and that it will alert you to another of Migo’s possible extraterrestrial ploys. Don’t let yourself be fooled, WD. If every time you think you are onto something about Migo, and he gets wind of your suspicion and then offers to take you outside, it’s obvious he’s up to no good. Ignore his blandishments and treats, WD. Remain vigilant! Aliens can’t be trusted!

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    • It is really good to hear these words from you Norman! From the beginning I have been trying to warn to the humans against aliens’ hidden aims! “Aliens cannot be trusted.” This is always the thing that I defended from the begining. But some of the bloggers ignored my efforts they seemed like they fallen under Migo’s alien spell! This is important, if our numbers are being so much, we can protect our world so much against aliens.

      And I hope Capris and Milou are fine! Say hi to them from me! Please don’t shorten the walking period with them, this is one of the most important things for us. The others you know, beatiful lady dogs, beer and good foods. 😉


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