Let’s begin again!

Hi everyone! We hope all you are fine! Are we ready for the new season! Migo and I are ready!


In May 26 we were running from Cylons! Cylons are not real, I had said this to Migo in many times but he didn’t listen to me as always!

Anyway, it’s been almost three and half months, my beloved friends! Wow! I didn’t realise that the time has passed quickly like that! I am sure Migo has kept the record and was aware everything. We, the dogs don’t keep the records but we are aware and remember eveything. For this, there is no need to be an alien from outer space!

Even if I don’t keep the records of the world’s events, I am aware nothing chances on this planet for last 3,5 months.

Let’s check together what happened or not happened.


You see, nothing changes on this world. But you cannot tell this to Migo!

That’s why I gave up to tell some things to Migo for a long time. In this summer I’ve dedicated myself to my novel. Yes, I am writing my adventures with Migo finally. I am sure it will be best seller after the Bible at Amazon! I am trying to tell everything about aliens and their hazards. The world needs my novel!

There were hard times when I wrote my book in this summer, especially hot wheather made me nervous some times.

At the beginning of the summer it was already too late for us to reach the sea. Normally we would start to swim in May. But this summer we could go to swim in mid June as first. I was so excited that day. Though not as much as in this gif, actually I can see similarity with my excitement and its.πŸ€”


Why we were too late for opening sea season? Because Migo had started to learn Tai Chi those days and he was studying Tai Chi in early hours of the days instead of go to the sea. Yes, we always go to swim at 7-8 am in morning. We could not go swimming until Migo learned to use time well!By the way, those days were very funny. Because, the funnier thing than an alien who tries to learn Tai Chi, is an alien who cannot learn Tai Chi. Haha!

While the funny days were passing with Migo’s Tai Chi traning, at 12 June, an earthquake happened in Izmir where we reside in.


It was interesting day. I’ve sensed the earthquake but I didn’t give any reaction. Migo couldn’t make sense of my attitude. That day this conversation passed amongs us.

-Didn’t you feel the earthquake WD?

-Yes, I did Migo. So?

-Why you did not give any reaction before it happened?

-What! Do I have to give any reaction? What do you think I am? Am I earthquake alarm!

-But human resources say that…

-Human resources say that, bla bla. Who cares Migo? Besides, you are the alien, why you didn’t any sense about earthquake? Tell me.

Migo didn’t answer. I had finally found the way to stop Migo’s questions! That was the victory day for me!

After that day, we have shaked too much. There were many afterschocks. Even in one of these days the records announced that 490 aftershocks happened in only one day. We were so used to shake that we were shaking ourselves when it was not aftershock.

The days have passed with the earthquakes, very-very hot wheather, writing my book, training Tai Chi of Migo, swimming, and many drinks in this summer. But, I couldn’t find my precious lady dog mate again. My unfortunate broken heart! However, I do have hope, after I finished my novel and published it, many lady dogs will line up at my door! That day I will be the lucky-one! Yeah!

Let’s begin to new chapter of our lives!




16 thoughts on “Let’s begin again!

  1. Welcome back! “You see, nothing changes on this world. But you cannot tell this to Migo!” : Goodbye Lenin with a small Migo’s extraterritorial nuance πŸ™‚

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    • It’s good to see you again! We know that Migo is as obstinate as a mule; he is an idealist and has got an ideal world that can be reached, in his alien head! We, the dogs know that this world is not ideal. I hope, he will learn that the reality on this world is not in ideal form in some day. πŸ˜‰

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  2. YAY!!! Migo is back! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ you were greatly missed by this earthling in Colorado! What a wonderful morning Migo, thanks to you! Seeing you post again gave me a huge smile with my morning coffee. Something just went right in the universe again! Migo you and your writings were greatly missed my friend! The earth is a mess 😦 this is true. Not all is lost. You gave me something to smile about today Migo! Thank you for coming back Migo! The earth is a better place with a writer like you on it πŸ™‚

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    • It is good to see you again! Thank you for your sincere and kind words, my Earthling friend! We, WD and I missed you all too! Also, we both know that the planet Earth is a better place with the friends. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you for your concern! And for the book, it is WD’s book, not mine. Also, you can be sure, WD will announce day by day what would happen with his book, he is already a dog who loves advertising of himself.:)

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    • Yes, according to WD, the dogs have been the driving force of human evolution. Everything is connecting with the dogs. -hey, I am whispering right now- (I am not sure that should we give too much credit for WD’s bragging)

      And yes, we, the extraterrestrials believe that every important thing bounds up with the dogs on this planet. πŸ™‚

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  3. Good to see you guys again after so long πŸ™‚ Im glad you’re ok after the earthquake, that sounds pretty scary! Its true the world hasnt seemed to change much, but things will work out in their own ways in due time, we just have to keep our spirits up. I hope this coming season is kind to you πŸ™‚

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    • Heyyooo, Ars is here! πŸ™‚ Good to see you again, dear Earthling friend Ars! WD and I missed your smiling face:) Also, you are right about earthquakes are definitely scary.

      After turned back with rested and energetic from 3,5 month break we will keep our spirits up! We hope this season will be kind to you too!

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  4. Hey, You,

    Hope the break did what it was supposed to do. Nice to have you back and to know that all is still well with Migo and WD. I’d been thinking about you and wondering. I was about to write to you to inquire . . .

    No, nothing much changes in a couple months. Everything remains pretty much as it ever was. At least the tenor of the overall plot, anyway.

    Myself, I’m still in hiatus mode. So don’t think I’m ignoring you even if in a manner of speaking I actually am. It isn’t you or anyone in particular, but the whole insanity of the uglier side of this scene called life.

    For now and for a little while yet, I’m focused on smaller things: time with my kids and wife and dogs, and walks and bike rides and my wife’s flowers and short jaunts in the woods, and more snoozing than maybe I should. Just being a creature attending to my creature needs is good. It’s rejuvenating, really. Reality isn’t only “over there,” but “here” also, under my nose. I’d forgotten. I needed to remind myself . . .

    Happy to be reading you again. And many thanks for the chuckles WD. Hope the book is a great success and that the ladies take notice!


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    • Wow, Norman came back! I had started to think that you were kidnapped by aliens. They are aliens you know, everything could expected by them! If you were kidnapped by them, already Migo wouldn’t say to me! They are too connected with each other and protect themselves; I am explaning what kind of connections they have in my novel with every details, don’t worry! I am serving to all livings in the world with my valuable work! (Yes, I am making advertisement of my novel already now on the sly;)) And many thanks for your great wishes about my book, Norman!


      Hi my Earthling friend. It is good to see you again!
      You have said that: “Reality isn’t only β€œover there,” but β€œhere” also, under my nose. I’d forgotten. I needed to remind myself . . .”

      If you’ve found the balance between all, I am happy on behalf of you. Already, is the reality not within the perceived field? Sometimes the people should not expand the field of radar too much. If you do this always, you can have too many frequencies in it in the same time. Then you feel as though you’re listening to the radio channels that are imbricated on top of each other.:)

      And in all insanity, your family, your friends, and your dogs, and the vodka ( of course it will vary according to preference) will always help!

      ps: by the way, it caught my attention right now. Interesting, “insanity” word, if we read this word in Turkish, and separate it into two parts, “insan” as word stem and “ity”; there is “insan” word in Turkish, and it means “human”. Haha!


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