The walls that gain autonomy

These street writing examples are from Turkey. I will try to translate them in English. They have hope, joy, humor, and sometimes deep interactions. It’s not just about the writer who wrote the grafiti. They do have the feature of establishing a close connection among the people who read it on the wall. Maybe some of them will make you feel or think the some connections, my Earthling friends; who knows. 😉

At this war against the tea bags, I am at the teapot’s side.
If I was the fish, the ferry would have hit me
I’d like to use bad language, but the paint spray is about to run out.
I’ve bought the paint spray, mot*er f*ckers!
It would have been good, if we had read the script once before we were born
All lazy people, let’s unite, sometime
hey policeman, the body search is in vain, all is in my head.
The aliens are real
     why you didn’t love me…                                                                                                                                   (the plate’s writing on the abandoned building at the background: Community Mental Health Center)
Maybe someday we can share the same house and we would say together “oh sh*t!” to the electric bill of the same house.
There are two deficiencies in the Turkish education system
While the sea is not rough, all you are becoming sea captain.
Life is short, give vodka to the butterflies.
Where are you Spartacus 😦

9 thoughts on “The walls that gain autonomy

  1. There are so many things you can write on a wall but “spray” always runs out. Let’s write them…sometime:)
    Also probably they found out that you are an alien. Message is speading wall to wall

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    • Actually, in Anatolian culture there has been rich sarcastic humor culture for centuries. However, since it was forbidden to write Turkish in the Ottoman period, this sarcastic culture was only in the oral literature of the folk poets (Ottomans built up a language called Ottoman language that arabic and persian mixed). And while many Turkmen rebelled against the Ottoman court, these people used the sarcasm of their songs (from the 16th century onward). These are the works that are almost all about humor and sarcasm. Unfortunately, because they were not written works, they did not take much place in world literary culture and the chances of learning Anatolian humor of the people who use other languages, have been weakened.

      In republic period of Turkey, this culture still continues, but I guess, mosty on the walls and on twitter. 🙂

      I am glad I introduced the humor of Anatolia to you, Peter Lach-Newinsky. And thank you stopping by and your comment!


    • Yes real, isn’t it. 🙂

      Also, I believe that the education system is same in everything on the planet, except some Scandinavian countries. They all are giving the education to grow the intermediate staff to the global companies, from to east to the west. There is no questioning into this system. For example the science education that they claim to give is only to purpose to bring kind of new slaves to the capitalist system. I don’t believe any of them.


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