The new physical proofs by Russia Ministry of Defense about how US army helped ISIS

In September 24, 2017, Russian Ministry of Defence published satellite images showing that United States military vehicles, were stationed north of the town of Deir ez-Zor.

I have translated the statement of Russian Ministry of Defence in English, from same page:

Aerial photography of the areas of the ISIS disposition north of the city of Deyr-ez-Zor

Special Forces units of the US Armed Forces provide unimpeded progress through the “Islamic state” military orders controlled by the US to the units of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDS).

Without encountering the resistance of the ISIS militants, the SDS units advance along the left bank of the Euphrates River in the direction of the city of Deir ez Zor.

With the help of aerial photographs that were made during the period from September 8 to 12, 2017, a large number of American armored cars of the Hammer type, which are in service with US special forces, were recorded in the areas of the deployment of the ISIS armed formations.

The photographs clearly show that the US special purpose units are located in strong points(stronghold), previously equipped with ISIS fighters.

However, there are no traces of assault, clashes with the terrorists of ISIS or craters from the attacks of the international coalition aircraft around these objects.

Despite the fact that the strong points of the US Armed Forces are located in the areas of the current deployment of the ISIS troops, they do not even have signs of organization of security combat.

This can only mean that all US servicemen who are there feel themselves in areas held by terrorists in complete safety.

Let’s see what are these aerial photographs,

First one is Russian from the Russian Ministry of Defence web page,


Below it is the same picture, but I have translated Russian terms into English. (Yes, I’ve made my public service to all mankind. 🙂 Also, there is not another translated in English of these pictures, except my translate on whole web. You can use these freely whenever you want.

pic. 2


As far as I understood from the picture number 2, (so upper one),

There is a road where goes to Jisr al-Shabbabi(it should be another province at Syria, I guess); and the Hummer type vehicles, armored vehicles, trucks which are used by “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) units that are controled by US army and ISIS vehicles met on the road. According to propaganda of US government, these SDF units should have been fought against ISIS. But, what is that? They are passing next to ISIS vehicles but there are no fire. (Maybe they didn’t only pass by; SDF stopped and chat with ISIS about the weather conditions, who knows. :))

Second one is again Russian from the Russian Ministry of Defence web page,


And same picture number 3 with my translate:


As far as I have understood from picture number 3, there is a protective area and ISIS vehicles and armored vehicles used by SDF are in the same area. I am wondering, if this is a protective area, they are all hiding together from whom? Maybe they were playing hide-and-seek, who knows?

In parallel with these, Chief Spokesman for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov asked the most logical question can be asked yesterday at Moscow.


‘Who exactly is the US fighting in Syria?’

And he added:

“There are absolutely no signs of fighting on the images of the ISIS strongholds occupied by the US Special Forces and the Kurdish formations. There are no funnels from the rupture of artillery or air ammunition, moreover, as you can see, there is no even basic protection, not to mention defence,”.


Is there anyone who knows that US army and the local units supported by US government are fighting against whom in Syria?

Of course I do have strong opinions backed-up with facts about this, and many time I have shared them in here.

Well, do you have? 😉







14 thoughts on “The new physical proofs by Russia Ministry of Defense about how US army helped ISIS

  1. In answer to the question, my friend, I copied the following from a post I just published (it’s quoting me):

    “Get the picture, Mr and Ms America? Your government wants war with North Korea, Russia, China and the rest of the world. Your dying empire is in its death throes, and so like a wounded, dying animal, it is striking out everywhere it possibly can…”

    Insanity is the order of the day in the US and most of Europe. Insane greed and desire for more power is why and what the US is fighting in Syria and everywhere else! A mad dog needs to be put down, euthanized, if you understand what I mean?

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    • I definitely understand you, my Earthling friend.

      I have read your another post about taxpayers and football right now.

      People are sleeping. What happens in US, is very similar with anywhere in the world. People don’t questioning. They don’t ask themselves, “why I pay many tax and becoming poor day by day?; the governments’ managers are living in wealthy, and riches are becoming more rich while I am becoming more poor.”

      Also, US people must ask themselves this question more than the others. Because the government of US is not effecting only own country, its action is effecting whole world.

      You know, I gave some figures at my previous post. These are real figures and events from author article:

      “Four years later, 2002 …

      The US administration has now comprehended it clear that Saddam will not be overthrown with the covert operations. Now, they had to bring in American troops and fight. The American congress approved the $189 million appropriation; the paramilitary forces of the CIA were activeted as a vanguard force.

      They bought over 6,000 soldiers of Saddam’s army. Easy to say, six thousand; the Americans gave each one of them a satellite phone, set up a perfect intelligence network. Saddam’s army began to follow second-by-second.

      There were the hundred dollar banknotes in cardboard boxes. A million dollars weight was 20 kilograms. In order to disrupt the upcoming war’s substructure, US has distributed more than $100 million in cash to build militia power, buy men, sabotage.

      Even one day, Kurdish leader Talabani requested from Americans, “Do not give $100; you give us $100 as $1, $5, $10”. The Americans asked “why?”. Talabani responded: “Everybody has $100 banknotes, everyone in here does not carry the money which is less than $ 100. We drink a cup of coffee, we give $100 to coffee shop. Because of the keeper of a coffeehouse does not have any money under $100 banknotes, he cannot give money in change.”

      So, while even an ordinary American could not find 5 dollars for a day, the government of US throws money around.

      I am hard to believe, if any American read these lines and if don’t feel regret.

      In this content, Americans are under the burden, as long as (or if) they don’t ask themselves “where is my tax money spending?”

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      • Yes, and many of this know this truth. But the majority of Americans are no longer asleep, my friend, they are once again, the silent majority. They either don’t care anymore, they are fatalistic, or they are too afraid to stand up with the rest of us,

        And when it comes to paying taxes, and wanting to know where their tax money goes, Americans have given up fighting the government. Taxes used to be a source of conflict when I was young, but mot anymore.

        Honestly, it will take a war happening here, in the US, to get Americans off of their asses and ready to fight the government.

        The best thing the east could do, is to bring a war to where I live, so Americans could finally experience what war is really like.

        Truthfully, with Russia and China kowtowing (going along with) to Washington, I see little hope for any of this changing!

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      • To be silent with knowing, this is real problem! Is not it bad to know the truth and not make a voice against it? But people all over the world like that. There is a proverb in Turkish which is giving similar meaning with “let sleeping dogs lie”, it can be translated as “the snake that does not touch me, may live” in English. There is also in Russian for this situation, this can be translated as “don’t rake the hornet’s nest up”. I believe the other nations have the similar proverbs. So everyone intends to be silent and made their proverbs to this situation for very very long time ago.

        Language is important you know, this is genetically transmitting to the next generations and effects to the neurons, it is determinative to people’s thinking way. While almost every nations prepared themselves to this situation and found their words to this, I am thinking, how can I expect from them not to be silent. Damn you the ancestors who found these proverbs!

        And I am sure you have made sarcasm, my Earthling friend, when you wrote “the best thing the east could do, is to bring a war to US.” You know the war economy makes rich people more riches always, and poor people are the ones who die at war as first.

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  2. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Edmund Burke”

    Actually, my friend, I was somewhat serious about war being waged on my warmongering country. Americans are flippant about war, because, except for our mercenary soldiers. none of us have experienced war around us.

    A war coming here would awaken all of us to what this government has been waging on the rest of humanity.

    I see little else, beyond a worldwide economic collapse, that will ever make most Americans take a stand. And poor people in this country are as much for war as the rich. This country is completely insane, my friend!

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    • Yes, American people never had a war into own soils. But rather than this truth, after world war two, they wrote a heroitic history about how they won the war and defeated the enemies. Where they joined to the war?: in Europe. Even if only joining to war, caused another history for Americans.

      About one week ago, I have seen a post by a wp blogger. The subject was communism. He was comparing Nazism and Communism and had wrote like that(according to his post these are the words between him and his wise old friend) :

      “The problem,” I said, “is that, unlike the Nazi ideology which we defeated forty years earlier and then relegated to the waste bins of the human mind as an aberration, for some reason we let the equally evil ideology of communism off easy. We never engaged in the destruction of the idea, when the regimes that defended it had fallen away. Why do we have Holocaust museums, but no Cultural Revolution ones? Why have we preserved Auschwitz in horror but not the gulags of Siberia in equal disgust? Why did we leave the work unfinished?” His answer, “We are Americans, we are never ones to humiliate a defeated foe. It is unsportsmanlike.”

      This is the naked truth in their minds actually, I have been seeing many writings against communism like that wrote by Americans.

      According to my opininon, by seeing and reading many things like that, I belive that more than half of the Americans into population believes that they won the WW2(as if it was a war that experinced in US soil), and all heroic war stories were written by them, because they are hero nation, and like against Nazism, maybe more than nazisim, they fought against Russia at WW2.

      This is all tragicomedy my Earthling friend.

      As my comment for that post:
      “The Red Army was the real power which defeated the Nazis; 26 million Russian have lost their lives in this war; 11 million soldiers 15 million civilian Russians and losses are made up this figure. Even the smallest land of the USA was not occupied, but the Russians gave their lives for motherland while it has been occupied.

      Besides, if Soviets weren’t been at war, WW2 could have been finished yet, but at least it would have been more two-three years long. And any west ally couldn’t hold over the all war cost two-three years more. This first paragraph completely smells anti-propaganda in simple style with questions and answers.”

      Soviets won the WW2, and only power against nazism is the communism. It was like that before, it will be the same at future.

      European countries, Asia countries and Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria experinced many war into own soils against external powers many times in whole history. But US people as you said, none of them have experienced war around themselves.

      When we look at the Hollywood war movies figures, we see that many war movies have sell-out. This is sad actually. Because if US people knew the truth of war, they would never give credit for these movies. But they don’t know, how much horrible the wars can be.

      Just they know the fiction stories.

      When look at the perception of many US’s people from away, the eastern people see that this is only cheap heroism. Mybe European people see that too, I don’t know.

      There is a distorted sense of history that has come so far by brainwashing that the US governments have done against communism. I guess, the history books at schools at US, told the war on this brainwashing.

      This leads to many wrongs. A history of cheap heroism creates the millions who have same wrong feelings and thoughts. Then every American who feels himself as hero, goes to get a gun by running. Then schools or concerts are raided down by maniacs with guns and people are killed.

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      • Preaching to the choir, my friend. Many of us know the truth. And there is good news, the last three generations of Americans are so ignorant of anything that they will never know the lies that were pandered to those like me, when we were children. We were indoctrinated/brainwashed to believe these lies. Why do you think I hate this country so much, beyond what it is doing to the rest of the world?

        Understand this also, ALL GOVERNMENTS propagandize their sheeple; this is true in America, Russia, China and elsewhere. The people don’t start wars, governments start wars, isms start wars, statism starts wars, every last variety of ism, whether capitalism, communism, socialism, Catholicism or Zionism.

        Get rid of isms, then perhaps, humanity and the planet can survive. Keep them, and get that spaceship ready, my friend. The East isms will replace the west isms, and the leaders will rewrite history and promise the sheeple a new world and a new life. And then the same old shit will take place, just like it has over the ages. Isms have become another religion, Statism is a religion. Get rid of the political doctrine dogma, no matter what flavor, and you will get rid of the religion that is going to wipe out all of us!

        It takes more than one to tango, my friend. And remember also, Russia was an ally of Hitler at the start of ww2, and that is a fact. In truth, there is not one of us alive today, who actually know what happened 70 to 80 years ago today, because all the historians were liars.

        The guy you quote from is the kind of patriotic moron I have to put up with every day. There is no reaching this kind of an red-white-and-blue asshole, my friend. Only death will set this jackass free!

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      • Of course, all governments are making propaganda on their own citizens. To change their way of thinking and to benefit from it. But I have not witnessed in eastern societies the facts of world history have been diverted as much as the west. Obviously, the eastern societies may be more closed societies, and from the outside it may be the impression that the same thing is in the east. Of course, nationalism, even extreme nationalism, is also present in eastern societies. But the very essence of all of them is the fact that foreign powers attack their lands. This may, of course, be lead by fascist governments in history.

        You are saying my Eartling friend “… isms start wars, statism starts wars, every last variety of ism, whether capitalism, communism, socialism …”

        Maybe it is because of my ignorance, but I do not know that socialism and communism started a war in world history. Obvious the socialists and communists battled against many powers, but I could not remember which of these wars were the wars that socialists or communists are the starter side.

        And of course I remember what Stalin did in 1939 with Nazi Germany. But this didn’t mean Russia was an ally of Hitler. If they were ally in real, it means that Soviets would have fought with Nazi troops side by side against the other European countries. That pack so, Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was the German-Soviet nonaggression pact. I could understand why Soviets made this pact. In World War 1, Soviets lost about 10 million people at war 1914-1918. Inside these dates October revolution happened.

        The most important reason of the October revolution was that tzarism shared and prosper wealth of Russia with the French and British capitalist-imperialists. The people have been particularly poor in the last century. 72% of Russia’s coal, iron and steel production, 50% of petroleum, 30% of industrial capital and 40% of bank capital were shared by the tsarist and western capitalist-imperialist monopolies.

        Now let’s add a world war 1 on top of it. The Soviet people and the leaders are in a new formation. This is called communism, and this is something new that has never experinced before on the world. A second world war is starting 20 years later. It begins among the western capitalist-imperialists. For that, Soviets was going to surely make a non-aggression agreement with one side to save time. And it is certain that this side was not going to be England and France.

        On the other hand, if we are going to blame, for example, during that time, during the second world war, the Turkish government had signed a treaty with Nazi Germany which called German-Turkish Treaty of Friendship and Non-Aggression. Maybe, I do not know there would be another treaties with Nazis and the other countries which come out of the first world war and couldn’t fix itself yet. If we go to this way, by blaming all countries which wanted to take time, our direction would be a way to blame all the countries that have no interest in fascism, by thinking about them, “if they made a treaty with the nazis, they were responsible.”

        But the main reason of the war is the rise of the fascist Nazis, more precisely the rise of fascists in Europe, isn’t it? If we’re going to blame somebody or some countries, we need to talk about Churchill’s admiration to fascist Italy, by begining in 1920s and ending almost the start of ww2. So he and the people like him fed and grown the fascists until it’s too late. Already, Churchill never hide his admiration to Mussolini.

        For example, in 1920, one of his speech, Churchill extolled Mussolini by saying “If I were Italian, I am sure I would have been with you entirely from the beginning, against the animal appetites and passions of Leninism ”… “what a man (Mussolini)!…“Fascism has rendered a service to the entire world”.

        Soviets had taken probably the most logical decision that could be done. Already they were at the begining of a new road that has never been tried before on the planet; all those who were against Leninism and communism were fighting each other; under these circumstances the most logical thing to do is to sign at least one non-aggression agreement with one of these sides.(I have explained why this side wouldn’t have been France and England upper lines) If they don’t sign, nazis will attack the Soviets, and everything that was built until that day will be destroyed. I do not know if there’s another better way other than this pact.

        By the way, I am sick today, got pharyngitis I guess and blocked nose , after the tiring weekend and yesterday. And in hundred percent I am agree with you, the mankind needs to save itself from all religions immediately.

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      • P.S.

        This shooting on Sunday night is just one more false-flag like event to keep the sheeple afraid and suspicious of each other and everyone else.

        Hell, these inbred assholes sacrificed almost 3000 lives on 9-11, so what is 50 or 60 to them?

        The LUNATICS are running this world system, the west and east. We need to wake up to this truth and unite as humanity, not as capitalists, communists, socialists, Catholics, Zionists, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

        But that’s a pipe dream. Humanity has always been divided. The writing is on the wall, THE END IS NEAR! And the universe says, HALLELUJAH!

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      • There are many conflicting stories about this shooting already, just like there always are after one of these “lone shooter” incidents.

        It could be that this is a legitimate act by a lone shooter, but they have cried wolf, lied, one too many times.

        Time will tell.

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      • My friend, when you feel better, this article kind of explains, to some extent, why many of us question these kinds of events:

        Whether it was a false flag or not, 59 people are dead, and 515 wounded. And this is a sign of a sick, twisted government and society!

        Get well!

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