Happy 3rd anniversary

It’s been 3 years from the day when we started blogging. Unlike the 1st and 2nd anniversaries, this time today I feel like a truck crossed over me. I’ve been ill for a week, and I can not tell you that I’m still good. But more fine I guess.

Last week I had a chance to think about what’s missing in these years.

WD and I thought about this too much. No, no, not too much actually, just it came to our minds. πŸ™‚

Looking at the years of war in the history of the world, it is obvious that everything is the same or very similar with todays. There is war, there is a cold war, there are stupid managements, there is hunger, there is poverty and etc.

What is missing in today’s, unlike the previous ones? There are no songs and singers who can help to mankind survive at the period. I have added the magnificent Leonid Kharitonov from Vietnam War and cold war years in here. I guess what I mean will be understandable when you listen his song.



And, Happy 3rd anniversary with you all, my Earthling friends!



12 thoughts on “Happy 3rd anniversary

    • Maybe the things that I will write now can be sounded interesting. Last night dear Varsh, before sleeping I have said to WD, “I am wondering Varsh, she doesn’t seem around. How is going her Russian practice? Tomorrow I will write these to her blog.” Ad WD replied me, “Don’t do, I will write, our relationship is better than you, alien!” And I said “ok” to WD.

      Indeed, we were going to write you today.

      And when seing your comment today, I was happy!

      But WD was not. Because he said to me following with more suspiciously when seeing your comment:

      “You made me think always that you were a nonskilled alien. But my suspicious was right, always right! You are sending brain messages to the people to effect them, Damn you, Migo!”

      And thank you for all your good wishes dear Earthling friend, Varsh!

      Also, this planet is better with friends making everything different. πŸ™‚

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