South Koreans protest against Trump: “We do not want war!”

This short video is with English subtitle, and please watch and see while the west speaks against North Korea with claim of “North Korea is oppressing the people and they cannot speak”, how much South Korea developed itself on human’s free speech!

US President Donald Trump will visit South Korea as part of his trip to Asia.

South Korea’s actions against the development of Trump, South Korean people criticized Trump’s pro-war policies, announced that they do not want war.

In South Korea, where pro-People’s Republic of Korea parties are not allowed, it is known that oppressed parties were severely oppressed, and the peace-loving parties were closed because of the reason of being “pro-North”.

However, there are numerous actions against the US bases and policies in the country.

The South Koreans, who protested, reminded that they are the ones who will die in Trump’s war.

Quotes and news were taken from SoL.haber

6 thoughts on “South Koreans protest against Trump: “We do not want war!”

  1. I posted an article a few weeks back that backs up this video!

    The South Koreans want no part of another US perpetrated war. They had their fill of US wars a year after I was born.

    What happened to your reblog button, my friend?

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    • As far as I know, this video belongs to 3 days ago. You might have put another video of protests. This one I added if you watched, has more police violence against the protesters in South Korea.

      I didn’t know my reblog button missing. Already, for a while it was hiding itself from me; so that means finaly its escape has been offical, haha! You can use share button, if you view this post on reader part of wordpress, my Earthling friend.

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  2. Yes, I watched it. my friend. What I posted a few weeks back was an article, no video, stating that South Koreans wanted no US war there.

    Sorry, I didn’t make that clear. Anyway, I am glad the South Koreans are doing this!

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  3. S, I am not sure but I think the reblog button is gone and you can only “WordPress” this now. I have noticed the reblog button has gone from a few sites. I was going to ask customer support. The downside to WordPress this, is it only shows a line link 😦

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    • I have used my super cool extraterrestrial skills and brought my reblog button back, haha!

      (Actually I remembered this morning, when I have break at the beginning of June, I had removed some tools about sharing and discussion, when turned back I forgot the bringing sharing tools back.:)

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