For the generations who have free ideas and free conscience…

Başlıksız 3

November 10, is the day of 79th death anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who is founder of Republic Turkey.

Today, Communist Party of Turkey issued a statement for the 79th death anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

“With respect…

If Mustafa Kemal Atatürk became a historical leader, there are historical reasons for that.

Mustafa Kemal is a historical leader for ruining imperialist plans of sharing the Anatolia after the First World War.

Mustafa Kemal is a historical leader for foreseeing the end of the Ottoman Empire.

Mustafa Kemal is a historical leader for taking the risk of abolishing the Sultanate and Caliphate.

Mustafa Kemal is a historical leader for using his personal authority fully to establish a secular Republic.

Mustafa Kemal is a historical leader for establishing a friendly relationship based on mutual interests with the Soviet Union.

Mustafa Kemal is a historical leader for taking progressive steps and speeding up the flow of history.

On the 79th anniversary of his death, those who are holding ceremonies with fake cries and heroic speeches without mentioning these reasons making him a historical leader and without confessing that all these progressive achievements are gone are hypocritical liars. We will denounce them.

On the other hand, those who don’t want to see the fact that independence, secularism, sovereignty and republicanism can’t coexist with an exploitation order will keep getting disappointed. Our call to them is as follows: ‘If you really want a secular, independent and sovereign Republic, you must fight to overthrow this social system dominated by big monopolies.’

Turkey is not in the 1920s. The social structure of the country and the circumstances have deeply changed. The bosses were just growing at the time. Now we live under the domination of an exploiting class that steals, ravages, plunders everything inside the country and endangers not only our people but whole world for their regional ambitions.

Now, this exploiting class will either be overthrown or the darkness will deepen. The material conditions of socialism were very weak in 1923 in comparison to now. Therefore, Mustafa Kemal and his friends made a different choice. As for now, we don’t have any other choice than socialism for the future of our country. Turkey will certainly meet with that choice.

With this consciousness and determination, on November 10, 2017, with respect to Mustafa Kemal…”

Communist Party of Turkey


5 thoughts on “For the generations who have free ideas and free conscience…

  1. It’s not a whole lot of help; sometimes I console myself with the fact that the way exploitative humans generally behave is an anomaly. I don’t know why they persistent do what they do from generations innumerable but we all know that they shouldn’t behave in the ways they do, to their fellow humans, their fellow animals and plants, to their whole planet with its precious biosphere. They are wrong to behave as they do: Pure and simple, underneath and behind their “avoidance” strategies, of which which tax is a small but significant part of this behaviour, which shows so clearly how they feel about Society, there is a tiny part which knows this to be true. Underneath we’re all human beings together, equal in the eyes of the universe.

    We have to wait for them to change for and by themselves as we can’t force them, that will only make it worse.

    Best wishes my friend, we will be as patient as we must continue to be.

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    • People seem to turn in a vicious cycle into the same dilemmas, do not they? As if the philosophers, artists or litterateurs were not useful for centuries. After closing the cover of a book or seeing a picture in the museum, and then when you get home, everything is going back to beginning. It starts from scratch. The fact that disingenuousness is common to society is a situation brought about by not being personally sincere of inviduals anyway. But there is always hope, don’t you think.;)

      Best wishes to you too, my earthling friend!

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