Heavenly lives

Last two days, some human lives come to my mind often,

Came to my mind from 2011, a 2.5 month-old baby girl named Kubra who died due to hunger from Samsun, Turkey. On the news, after Kubra died, her mother says that: “We do not have work. We were living in a difficult situation. That’s why I could not take good care of my daughter. I could not feed her. Does milk come from a hungry person’s breast? From now on, is it important my refrigerator full or not? My daughter has gone.”

Then a poor woman comes to mind, from Adana Turkey, a woman who committed suicide in 2012. What the news says for her: “In Adana, Emine Akcay, age 26, who was unemployed for more than a year and was unable to pay the house rent for 8 months, went to buy wood with her last money in her pocket when she saw that her children were cold. She had so little money that the woodman said, ‘My sister, the wood can be bought with this money?’ But Mother Emine Akcay insisted, she took a bag of wood and came home. It did not burn because of the wetness of wood. She tried to ignite the rubber parts; but it hasn’t burned again. Emine Akcay handed out a hair dryer by running it to his young son to warm up her children. Then she went to the other room and hung herself, tying the rope to the swing iron on the ceiling.”

Than I remember that in 2013 at Edirne, Turkey, when a young girl with cancer asked from a minister to take care of the situation, due to her medicines are not coming from abroad to Turkey, the minister gave money to her from his pocket in public. I remember her hiccups as if happened in yesterday.
What the girl says while crying: “I am not beggar, I wanted help with the treatment.”

Mine workers are coming to my mind; the beatiful people with coal eyes!
Came to my mind, in 2015, when 301 mine workers died, Soma, Manisa Turkey, while the miners and their relatives were protesting the operator company and the government, a bureaucrat kicked a miner on the ground. Moreover what was the news for after of the event: “The miner Erdal Kocabiyik, who was kicked by the prime minister’s consultant just after the Soma disaster, where 301 miners lost their lives, has now been imprisoned for 10 months in prison after the monetary penalty.” So, the one who lost his miner friends is miner, but the one who was kicked and paid money and took 10 months prison is miner again.

Then those who committed suicide in Turkey because of unemployment come to mind. According to the figures, 59 workers in 2015 and at least 90 workers in 2016 committed suicide due to unemployment and insecurity. There is not this year 2017 figures yet. But in 2017, there are news of the same as in previous years, a lot of unemployed teacher or engineer suicides. Which thoughts did pass through their minds of those who committed suicide due to unemployment in their last minutes?

Number of workers laid off, is very high, especially in the last year.

Only in the period of last 3-4 months, here is some of the figures of the workers laid off in Turkey:

Posco Assan in Kocaeli,  80 workers,

Arcelik factory in the city of Eskisehir, a total of 600 workers (from September to November)

-From Arcelik in Cerkezkoy, Tekirdag factory at the January 2017, 650 workers had been laid off.-

The workers of Real in all Turkey, 1700 workers

Eren Energy, in Zonguldak 15 workers

30 workers who work in the subcontracting company affiliated to the 163rd Branch Chief of the Highways in the city of Sivas

More than 100 workers at Nade Electronics, in Istanbul

40 workers from Meris Textile in Izmir.

Of course there are more others, but I’m tired of ordering these figures, but the bosses are not tired of laying off the workers!

Now while all these and more than these are happening, there are the news series that were spoken about millions of dollars in high levels.

For example, it seems that there are tax heavens on this planet. I had heard them too, but I hadn’t seen their existences, being declared like that before. For example, I am wondering; while these tax heavens embrace the rich people, which heaven would be enough at afterlife(mentioned oftenly in the religons) for the others in this post, so for the workers who committed suicide or laid off, or miners who died in mine or was kicked, teachers- engineers who suicided due to unemployement, or the mother who suicided due to she couldn’t make her children warm, or 2.5 month-old Kubra baby who have died because of hunger?

11 thoughts on “Heavenly lives

  1. It seems inhuman to say “I like “these stories you bring. They are the direct result of money taken away from millions of people in our extractive Economy: Which is now totally a worldwide thing. All these richer people who deny paying any fair or even a reasonable contribution to society, leads directly to these people you describe- who just can’t cope anymore. There’s millions more, maybe billions of others, all ignored by their respective government and respective political creatures- who are less human, not human beings anymore. To sit and watch their brothers & sisters suffer

    How many more will have to keep suffering? How long can it continue…?

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    • You ask “How many more will have to keep suffering? How long can it continue…?”

      What can I say?
      There are the times I am giving up my hope on human beings. And there are the times I am feeling embarrassment on behalf of someone else, like on behalf of the rich people, my earthling friend. Into these days, while I am feeling like that my answer will be “it will long forever,” probably.
      But tomorrow, I will try to answer your questions again, and I hope I would be in different mood.:)

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      • It’s a very sad-making, in other words thought-provoking post you have put out here for us to share. We just feel so powerless because we’re all little separate pieces, not part of a real joinedup online community. Yet… but hopefully soon enough…

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      • Trigger inspiration came with the comment of Carol A. Hand, and I do not have to wait for tomorrow.:) She says that “… to continue doing what I can as a mother, grandmother, neighbor, world citizen, and teacher to do what I can …” That’s the spirit we should have!

        Yes! Maybe we are separate pieces or seem to be seperate, but we are not little, my earthling friend. That’s why our feeling on powerless, even if sometimes around us, we need to leave this behind us immediately. You see, my hopelessness feeling has been long only two hours.;)


  2. A powerful, heartbreaking essay that highlights the inhumanity of these times where acquiring power and money kills the most sensitive among us. Like Nick, I felt the difficulty of “liking” your post, yet your message is so important for all of us to hear. It inspires me to continue doing what I can as a mother, grandmother, neighbor, world citizen, and teacher to do what I can. Thank you.

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    • As I have said to Nick, upper lines, the trigger inspiration came with your comment! You say that “… to continue doing what I can as a mother, grandmother, neighbor, world citizen, and teacher to do what I can …” That’s the spirit we should have, Carol A. Hand. You have a brave heart and soul, and gave the inspiring to us! Thank you for your comment!

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      • Migo and WD, I Just wanted to let you know that I shared your post with students in the college research class I am teaching. In case you are interested, I have posted part of the message below.

        “This morning, I read an essay written by a blogging friend in the Republic of Turkey: https://unnecessarynewsfromearth.wordpress.com/2017/12/01/heavenly-lives/. His post helped me remember one of the main the reasons why I chose to major in social work rather than ecology so many years ago. His essay highlights the very real heartbreaking consequences of oppression for so many people around the globe. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read his work before class tomorrow.

        “Often we are so caught up in our own troubles that we forget to focus on why we initially chose to work with people who are suffering. During stressful times, we may lose perspective and give in to feelings of hopelessness, especially when we face the daunting challenge of learning about a dreaded topic, research. Please remember that the inquisitiveness, critical reflection, and discipline that research requires provide an essential foundation for effective practice at all levels.”

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      • Yes, most people are oppressed almost everywhere in the world, and their lives are not stories, but one of the primary facts of this planet. While most people watch horror stories in front of the screens, they are not aware of that the lives of the majority of human beings are actually a more terrible section than these movies. The most tragic thing about it is that, while the majority is in this situation, and the minorities are responsible of the the majorities situation, the majority can not be organized against the elites minority.

        I think your students are very lucky. As long as you and the people who are valuable instructors like you would be, people’s awareness will be increased. You are doing a very nice and useful job. And in fact, probably I have said wrong; I think you do not see your profession as a job. Because those who see it as a job, do not touch the subjects-issues like you. I hope your students will benefit from your knowledge and experience more many years. Also thank you Carol A. Hand, for your sharing my writing with your students!

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