Another “Updated” year, 2018

Again traditionally, we give our new year message with a song of Iron Maiden like previous years. I do not write its lyric this year. I can just say that, music and lyrics are very good, as always. 😎

And, I am thinking how the year of 2017 passed. I see that one thing came forward prominently:


I realize that I was plenty updated in 2017!

Life on the planet earth has always kept me energetic. In 2017, I was more energetic because I was constantly updated.

“Updating” is not my statement. This is the new name of the “price increase” to almost every price pulls out of the public’s pocket, from the roads to the bridges toll, from the electricity to the milk or to the tomato (in a very wide range) by the government wing generally used this year. The government’s economy authorities does not say “price increase” anymore; instead of “increased” they use “updated.” The word of “increased” almost will be removed from the literature.

I’ve also had the pleasure of updating myself abundantly!

I didn’t miss the opportunity!

For example, when I learned how to live on with a salary increase of up to maximum 8% per year, I have been updated with pleasing.

While the salary was raised up to maximum 8%, I was happier when hearing the 50% or more updating of electricity bill, food prices, transportation expenses or etc at the same time. (according to consumer associations calculations, for example, 51 Turkish liras are the taxes of 100 Turkish liras electricity bill) Because I had been updated again!

When I was in the update mode, I’ve found myself by thinking on how it would be like to bring Tesla to this time and to make free electricity for the public. Time machine is the only way to bring him to this era! If I would be updated so much, maybe I could invent a time machine!

I thought how I might be more up-to-date, while I am more updated. Because, you are so much updated that you are feeling yourself like brand-new beyond time!

For example, due to even straw was imported from abroad countries (and according to news of November, the prices of straw were raised 100% in 3 months), the price of milk of the cows who ate straw has also “increased”; sorry Updated!

But wait a minute! The cows are also imported from Germany, Austria and etc.

I wonder, do they milk the cowIs on the ships while they came; I do not know. Even thinking about it, has updated me.

When the price of raw milk has updated 20 Turkish kurush (about 7 cents), caused to update milk products such as cheese with 40% plus price at markets, updated me more! For example, right now the news said that the updating champion was butter in 2017; January 2017 1kg butter was 25 Turkish liras–December 2017 1 kg same brand butter is 65 Turkish lira.

I am never mentioning the price of gasoline, as long as I started to use public transport more, I realized that I was not considering gasoline money anymore.

But then when “updated” price comes to public transport, I think, the best is bicycle. If it would not be, we will run.

I do not know how can I be updated while I run, but I am certain to find a way!

Next to all of them, it was the bread that disappointed me! I wanted to be updated with it, but it did not. Even last month, a news has fallen to the newspapers: “230 thousand tons of wheat will be imported” (No, Anatolia is not a “wheat silo” of the region anymore, until ten years ago, it was; like eveything, the wheat comes from abroad.) I was so happy when saw that news! I was waiting a “great” update with the new bread prices! But it has not happened! Authorities reduce the weight of the bread instead of the update! So, a lower weight bread was going to be taken with the same price. It was a complete disappointment for me!

By the way,

I am not a selfish extraterrestrial, so I have not forgotten my earthling friends, while I was constantly updated. Of course they are being updated too. But I thought maybe they did not notice this yet, and I did them a favor.

Every new year eve, I buy books as present. But the book prices have also been updated almost 30% in this year. This year I’ve bought “one” book(novel) for two friends; it was expensive because the book was at the updated price. I divided down the middle of the book in two, copied it’s back and face covers via printer. I wrote “Volume One” on the first part, and “Volume Two” on the other. I glued the covers face to both. I gave the first volume (that is actually the first half of the book) to an earthling friend, and the second volume(rest of the book) to the other. I updated them as well and strengthened their friendship by providing them to exchange books with each other. Haha!

-What are you planning to do next year, Migo? Will you give the pages of the book one by one to the people!

-Hmmm, maybe, why not WD? That’s a good idea.

-It’s not a good idea, Migo! You alien, this is not a good idea! I cannot believe I will spend another year with you, Migo! Damn!

-So, don’t we wish “happy new year” for us?

-Let’s just say that! It would bring end your crap at least! Happy New Year, my beloved readers! Also, you see what I am dealing with!

-Happy new year my earthling friends! We know that we will be updated more in 2018. But even if it would be with the updates, the good part is that we still be all together in peace and good health. 😉

Mutlu Yeni Yıllar! — С новым годом! — Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Another “Updated” year, 2018

  1. I can see that “updated” will become so much more relevant to others too.
    Thanks for letting me know it’s on the way to me also…

    Does this: 2018 yılına çok mutlu yıllar – mean the same as: Mutlu yeni yıllar! – even approximately should I say:


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    • Yes, “güncellenmiş”, that’s right translation! It can be also “güncellendi”.
      “2018 yılına çok mutlu yıllar” translated in English, I guess like that, “Very happy years to 2018.”

      In Turkish, for good wishes to new year, it is used “years”. So, “yıl” means “year” and “yıllar” means “years”. I do not know why it is used plural of the word of “year” as “years”. It could be a mystery of this language.:)

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  2. We’ll all be updated to the point of starvation and homelessness, if these greed-driven, cloven-hoof oinkers have their way.

    I thought as I read your posting, my friend. “Wow! This sounds just like America!” There is always an excuse, in America, why everything must be updated. It doesn’t matter if the reasons are bald faced lies or not, they are still the reason for the updating. Every once in a while, I just have to cuss and slam my fist into the walls! Better the walls than a corporate pig’s face!

    But other than the updating, my friend, life here, in America, is a real piece of crap, unless that is, you are a corporate capitalist pig!

    Happy New Year, my friend! And a Happy New Year to you, WD!

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    • We always are being updated my earthling friend. For example today, I have learned, with 1 January 2018, so about 5 hours later in here, 8.8% plus “update” will come to electricity bills. I am wondering, why 8.8%? It should have been 10%! My updating happiness will be lack, haha!

      I have been searching the knowledges about hunter gatherer humans era. How did they hunt(I mostly eat fish, I can start fishing), and how did they plant(I can make a mini size garden for vegetables). Already with the stupit wars already planet earth will return to those ages; I can be a pioneer in this regard.:))

      And happy, healthy also peaceful year to you, my earthling friend; from me and WD. 😉

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    • Это хорошо Варш!
      С наступающим новым годомб, мой дорогой друг, надеюсь всё то что вы загадаете сбудется. 🙂

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      • Can barely read English, so of course, I don’t know what you have stated to each other here, but I love the writing. The written English language is so bland and ugly in comparison. Looking at your responses is like looking at a work of art!

        We should all be together, all of us, ll of humanity; learning from each other, sharing our lives with each other, LOVING each other! It continually breaks my heart!

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      • You read my mind S. It was the first thing that popped into my mind. Looking at this beautiful language is exactly like admiring a work of art. The words and meaning give way to the pleasure your eyes see in these ancient letters. This beautiful language far outdates our sickly English. To think this country allowed an orange beast to rule the USA and breed hate against people who speak and write differently. I sit here with our updates from Colorado. 5 police man shot and one dead today. People lined up at the shelters hoping for a bed to not freeze today. The bread and wheat in this post. Raised deep thoughts in me. In the USA we feed and supply our food banks with cheap white bread fluffed with air and gluten. Now our poor are becoming sick from the cheap gluten. The solution is to price healthy food at a higher amount than families can afford, keeping poor families from having a quality life. You are what you eat. In Austria, they have a rule. Baker’s must abide by these rules. A slice of bread has to have a nutritional content that is balanced and the air content must be low. The Austrians believe if you give a man a piece of bread it should sustane him. The government mandates that each Baker at the end of each day has to give away a certain amount of bread for free. I see no updates yet. I prefer the Chinese New Year. To my delight 2018 is the year of the dog! Our orange ruler does not like dogs in his real life. I’m not surprised. Dogs are good judges of character and I doubt that orange man has ever met a dog that did not want to bite him. Yes, Miggo give out pages of books as presents as we all have learned society doesn’t read anymore and thrive on sound bites and worthless mainstream media. I think one page of a book stirs the imagination. As for the real news. I do not watch TV. I wait for my fellow bloggers to post and tell me what is happening in the world, the real news censored by the USA. Blogging is difficult and I appreciate the time and work all of you do. The Chinese New Year starts February 16th. I am ready for the dogs!

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      • Recently, I was thinking, I have thought, I have many friends from all over the planet, but I realized I never had a German friend. And shortly after I remembered you, and thought, “no, I have a German friend, and she is strong, tough and has good heart! One day, I can buy a present to you, and it would be book, but I cannot be sure right now, if these price updating will go on like that, that book will become as pages to you, not full, you know:) Also, WD was happy to hear the dog year will come in 16 february. He can announce his kingdom that he always desired in any time after 16 february. Happy new year my earthling friend, with health and peace!

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      • Yes, Cyrillic alphabet seems more beatiful than Latin alphabet, you are right! And I am calling from future right now, from 2018! You know, I like to do this calling every year, haha! Future seems little bit with fuzzy right now, it could be effect of vodka! Also, you are the best my dear earthling friend, there are more things this planet needs to learn much from you!

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      • Thanks, my friend! You are a good friend!

        But I doubt I have any answers.

        I want some vodka! it’s 2017 here!;-)

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