Russia, Turkey & Syria Condemn US Creation Of Kurdish “Border Force” — American Everyman, — and My Post About the Issue

from Penny for Your Thoughts I covered the “border force” creation January 7/2018

I covered the “border force” creation January 7/2018 US Plans to Recognize Annexed Syrian Territory as Kurdish. And had actually thought about doing a reminder post yesterday on this news, but, decided against it out of fear of being to repetitive.
 Clearly the US is making preparations to officially recognize the annexed Syrian territory- which was always THE PLAN! As has been stated here repeatedly.  No gibberish about a plan a/plan b was presented here- THE PLAN has been to remake the region. Balkanize Syria.
Replaying Kosovo.

“Last week, it was reported that a new ‘North Syrian Army‘ which included SDF formations and backed by the US-led coalition, was being created to carry out ‘border security duties’ in territories under their control.”

Damascus has voiced its opposition to the US presence and operations on Syrian territory, including Rojava, saying that it does not accord with the principles of international law, including respect for Syria’s territorial integrity. The Syrian government has insisted that US operations inside Syria are illegal, since they were never invited into the country by Damascus.

Go back to December 30/2017: 

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Sees U.S Civilian Presence Increasing in Syria

Mattis said :”What we will be doing is shifting from what I would call an offensive, shifting from an offensive terrain-seizing approach to a stabilizing [effort]…you’ll see more U.S. diplomats on the ground,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon. “Shifting from an OFFENSIVE, TERRAIN- SEIZING APPROACH….”

Penny said:  Land grabbing. As stated for years now. For that Greater Israel..

 The term “border force” is a manipulative, perception management term chosen to obfuscate the fact that the US is creating an occupying army to hold on to the Syrian territory annexed by the PKK/YPG terrorists and the USrael.

Onto the latest.
Chronicle Herald
 Russia, Turkey and the Syrian government on Monday denounced the U.S.-led coalition plans to form a Kurdish-led border force to secure the areas along Syria’s international border to the north with Turkey and to the east, with Iraq.

And the southwest with Syria. Not reported because the chronicleherald is obfuscating or hiding reality.
The core of the force is to be made up of fighters from the existing Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, the coalition’s main ally in the fight against Islamic State militants. The SDF currently controls nearly 25 per cent of Syrian territory in the north and east”

“Assad’s government on Monday also condemned the U.S. plans for the border force, calling it “a blatant encroachment upon the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria” and a violation of international law.”

Turkey and Russia blast US backed Syrian Force as a “terror army”

Which is, in fact, what it is!

– Russia, Turkey and the Syrian government on Monday denounced the U.S.-led coalition plans to form a Kurdish-led border force to secure the areas along Syria’s international border to the north with Turkey and to the east, with Iraq.

I have been ostracized for pointing out the obvious fact, years ago, that the PKK/YPG  Kurdish militias were backed by the US and  they were displacing Syrians and annexing territory?  There is post after post of evidence here demonstrating this reality. Instead the media alt and 5 eyes cheered the US backed terrorists on! It’s easy to be the best fighter against ISIS when your on the same team! Hence my creation of the term KurdIShIS!


BEIRUT/MOSCOW (Reuters) – Syria, Turkey and Russia responded vehemently on Monday to new U.S.-backed plans to set up a 30,000-strong “border force” inside Syria to protect territory held by Washington’s mainly Kurdish allies.

The Syrian government vowed to drive the U.S. presence from the country. Turkey, an increasingly estranged U.S. ally within NATO, accused Washington of setting up a “terror army” on the Turkish border, and said it would take steps to protect itself.

Russia, the main ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said the U.S. plans revealed a plot to partition Syria.

Yes, it does reveal the plot to partition Syria

via Russia, Turkey & Syria Condemn US Creation Of Kurdish “Border Force” — American Everyman


My Post About the Issue

I was glad to read this article. It’s good to see that people say similar things that I’ve said for years. That’s why I needed to share it. Thank you to “Penny for your thoughts” for this article! I have put it before mine, because it already explained the issue well, if I had written I would have written very similar things.(By the way while I was sharing post the pictures cannot be added that’s why weird blank images happened in the post)

Now, when the majority think that the war in Syria is over, American government says that shortly “I will make an army from the 30,000 YPG-PKK militans and put them on border protection.” YPG is known as the mainly-Kurdish militia that the western media has introduced them as the freedom fighters; until today, the epics were written almost nearly like Spatacus by western media. Freshwater leftists also stood behind them, by saying, “But they are heroes who resist against the oppressive regimes.”

PKK is the terrorist organization has carried out the bloody terrorist actions in Turkey, since 1984. It is obvious that American governments have helped them for decades. Why obvious, because almost all of the weapons seized from them are western countries and American-made. I do not even count the progagandas and hypocritical politics by western politicians and media.

And also there is another one, it is PJAK and it is branch of PKK in Iran.

Until today, you know my earthling friends, especially until a year ago, in my blog I wrote so many things about that neither the YPG nor the PKK are fighting for freedom, they are the militants that the American and Israeli governments both support. Even I have been banned very much by some bloggers due to I have said these, but it’s all been in vain.

Anyway, I am sure some of you are remembering my this post.

There is nothing new on the eastern front

Post date, 9 September 2016. I was saying at there and by putting this picture:


This map was prepared by an American officer in 2006 and published by the Armed Force Journal.

The real issue is to create the puppet Kurdish state, actually in real to create Israel-Kurdish state at the region on very large lands. The map we all saw, it is about to create state for Israel aims, it has never been about with to establish free Kurdish state. In first already we have seen this map which made by Ralph Peters who was former lieutenant colonel United States Army in 2006. 

Today I decided to explain this map a bit. It is not possible for everyone to know the region and country boundaries. Especially for those who live far from the region, hard to know the borders of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, where they begin and end. I want to explain this.

I. map


This map is a slightly enlarged version of the map of the American officer, Free Kurdistan has been the Greater Kurdistan. I am putting it here because it shows that it is actually closer to their purpose, and I could not find the biggest one of first one.

In reality, the borders of the countries are as follows; so approximately.

II. map


I know I am very bad about to line drawing(:)), but you know, I did my best to draw the borders of these countries.

In this II. map, it shows that Syria lost its 1/3 lands, and northern Syria(so the part of I indicated with blue letters) is under control by US government and its back up forces right now, Kurdish militans YPG and the others. Only the part of  the westernmost, is under control of Turkey.

As same as the norhthern Iraq has been Iraqi Kurdistan you know.

So, Iraq and Syrian parts of the I. map are almost complete.

And according to the I. map, (because we can see that the map of the American military officer has made the border change in the two countries-Syria and Iraq- in ten years.) after these, the order is becoming to Turkey and Iran.

Did someone say the Syria war over!

Now if the US’s control is continueing at the northern Syria and provocative arming the people, and if US government insists to be against Iran, Syria, Russia and Turkey, the big wars will come. And those ones will be more worse than previous. Because according to I. map, almost 1/3 lands of Turkey, and 1/4 lands of Iran are under the risk.

And both these two countries Iran and Turkey are not like Syria and Iraq.

When we said that these developments will be experienced in the region, and that it was a big plan like cutting lands from Syria and Iraq and others, they called us paranoiac. Here are the maps in the middle. What is happening is obvious. I am wondering do they still think we’re paranoiac?

Do you know why I’m tired my earthling friends? To see the constant war and the people who have been killed or expelled from their country due to terror and the war consequences in every minute, every day a new economic crisis (because there is almost war economy), constantly dissociated people, constantly increasing nationalist and religious rhetorics at the region, and so on. I was tired even when I wrote these. 🙂

I am sure about I am not going to write about this subject for a long time, that’s why I’m adding right now a possible future scenario in here. Yes, this is a scenario that is in the head of an extratrerrestrial. When this scenario will be happen, I am going to say at the future by adding my this post: “Look I told you before”. What an ego, haha!

Here it is my scenario:

US forces will continue to stay in Syria. Turkey kept under control in the western part of Syria’s in a year will pass to Kurds who are into the hands of American goverment control. North of Syria will be fully considered in Syria Kurdistan. It’s the same as in Iraq. Maybe they’ll do a referendum in Syria for show only. Syria will want to resist it, especially for the waterways, but it will have to deal with it and accept it in some way. PKK and PJAK terrorists events will begin within a year will improve in Iran and Turkey. After a while, in Turkey’s south eastern and northern of Iran, there will not be only the PKK and PJAK, there will be also their contrast, so the religious references militants as it was the same and Syria and Iraq (they exist already from now; such as ISIS terrorists who fleeing from Syria and Iraq until now). Perhaps, they will try to establish a new one, an another Islamic state. Already, whenever they want to establish an Islamic state, the result always be a puppet Kurdish state. What a coincidence. 🙂 It is a Kurdish state under the control of America and Israel.

There is no need to think too much on how this could be happen in Iran, because its Shia and etc. It would be the same. It happens in Iran too. This will depend on how much they will compress Iran from the outside economically.

In Iran and Turkey the religious and nationalist rhetorics will increase in thoroughly. The most people will think more that these are the most valid basis not to the division of the countries. (Due to neither the administrators of the countries nor the people do not understand that it will not be a policy with religious discourses, or, the managers know that this is the best way to put the people to sleep, they have always been the pawns of the imperialists of western, knowingly or unknowingly.) It could be thinking that if Islamists and Kurdish terrorists are fighting, why Islamic rhetoric increase? It is important to remember that there are many sects in Islam religion, and the disintegration within them is always a sharp. American government will not have the ability to directly intervene in this time. So it can not send military units to these countries with the reason of Kurdish and Islamic fights. Because one of them is Iran the other one is Turkey. Due to this reason, they will do everything they can to bring civil war in these two countries, for an international intervention could be realized by the hand of American government.

In this point, there are two options: if the civil wars break out in these countries, and if the civil wars not break out.

If it breaks out, I need to say, the civil wars in these two countries(Iran and Turkey) will paint with bloods to all regions. And the worse economic collapse will strike all world. So all of the peoples on the planet will be fu*ked up.

That’s why US and some European politicians will act and say (via their propagandas) such as “the civil war almost coming in these two countries and there is need to international solution immediately”. While they supporting the terrorists on the other hands.

So, as if there is civil war already, but due to their civilisations(!) they will want to bring issue to UN.

Probably in the first five years, the small lands from I. map will be taken from Turkey and Iran, and at there the kind of federations will be establish Kurdish states; such as an independent in inside, dependent on the outside. After the next two years they will declare their independence and many western countries will already declare that, especially America, immediately they will recognize these Kurdish states as countries.

Even though if I passed soft the seperated of the countries with the civil war, it will not be. Because the peoples of these two countries, Iran and Turkey depend excessively on their lands. There will be many conflicts and many people will die. Terror will increase.

There is a saying in Anatolia: “to convince for malaria by showing death.” Here likewise, in Iran and Turkey, it will be shown the death, and will convince the people for malaria. Initially, Iran and Turkey people will not agree to the decision of UN, even if they oppose it, but they will accept finally, due to they will not be able to afford more conflicts.

In the meantime, the terror will not limited with in Turkey and Iran. It will spread even to Russia more. Because there are many Islamic militants in old Soviets soils. And their numbers will increase. Already if you look at the map I. again, the mess areas will be more close to Russia anymore. So the Israel-US’s puppet Kurdish states will be the places where almost anybody cannot know what happen at there.

Already NATO bases in the east of Europe are at the command of the United States, even in the Black Sea, America is able to military exercise freely, from the west to Russia there is a threatening approach, we know. It will be unclear what will come with the terrorists from the south. When Turkey and Iran will lose the part of the territories in 7 to 9 years in my scenario, and will be weaker, so the two powerful countries as allies of Russia will be weak. There is China left behind as powerfull ally of Russia. This is actually a very long issue, but shortly I think within 10 years China will strengthen its relations with the United States rather than fight with America to consolidate its position in the world market, and China will not be a powerful ally of Russia anymore.

In other words, a serious economic crisis will be at the door of Russia after 10 years. Because during this time Russia will have to transfer more money to defend industry, so the people will become poorer and it will be very difficult to establish this balance anymore.

So in short, according to my scenario, my earthling friends, any war isn’t over, even bigger ones are coming. Are we ready! I do not know what the administors of the countries are talking about behind the closed doors, of course, but looking at what has happened so far, the scenario of this extraterrestrial seems pretty close to reality.

Of course, a lot can be done to prevent coming wars. First, it is necessary that the governments of the region to balance the income distribution, to leave religious discourses, to reduce the debt-tax burden from the public and to provide more free speech conditions. If these are done, the rhetorics of western imperialists will never find a response in the countries of the region. They do not have existence in a place where they can not find a response. It’s that simple.

By the way of course, my scenario could be canceled if Kim Jong Un presses a single button, haha!


PS: one of my previous posts about the real reason of all behind these wars:

Water Wars in Middle East written in 13 May 2015



19 thoughts on “Russia, Turkey & Syria Condemn US Creation Of Kurdish “Border Force” — American Everyman, — and My Post About the Issue

  1. Most Americans don’t even know there has been a war in Syria, my friend. But many of us do, and a whole lot more!

    And we also can see and know that this government is at it again, this routine in Syria is just one of dozens the US has been carrying out since ww II.

    My question is, where the hell is Putin and China? Playing games with the petrodollar is all fine and good, but the world needs some real action at this moment in time!

    Even Erdogan is getting in the face of Washington.

    Sometimes I wonder if all of them aren’t working together to destroy humanity and the planet. Personally, I don’t trust of any of them. They all could be, and most likely are, according to history, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    I’m in my senior year now, so I graduate soon. But I fear for the incoming freshman and those behind them! The world is in hell, and no one seems to be willing to change it. My hope is pretty much gone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really do not know what the answer of your question is, my earthling friend. I do not know what the governments do. But as I have said and add in my post, there is a saying in Anatolia: “to convince people for malaria by showing death.” I think this is not just fit to the people of the region, this idiom proper for all the planet’s people.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had to go find this quote by Martin Luther King, Jr, I had forgotten where I read it:

    “Maybe we just have to admit that the day of violence is here, and maybe we just have to give up and let violence take its course. The nation won’t listen to our voice – maybe it’ll heed the voice of violence.” – Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968 (1)

    Your quote here, “to convince people for malaria by showing death.”, reminded me of it. I may have interpreted your quote wrong, in fact, I probably have, but this quote by King sort of speaks to where I am at right now.

    I see less and less people blogging on a regular basis, and when they do, they never seem to be interested in what you have written here, or what I write about. Hardly anyone comments anymore. Americans, for the most part, are completely incapable of being concerned about anything but their own selfish lives. I write and post on these issues in hopes they will impact others the way I have been impacted by them. But I believe I am performing in an empty theater. Add to this, Google has already started messing with these sites; everything seems to run slower, and some sites won’t come up for hours on end.

    I am going to continue blogging, but only because I still care enough that I can’t stop, my mind and heart won’t let me.

    I am tired and rather depressed, my friend, if you hadn’t noticed?;-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for adding the words of M. Luther King my earthling friend!

      And you are saying “I see less and less people blogging on a regular basis, and when they do, they never seem to be interested in what you have written here, or what I write about…”

      I realized the same. But already we do not make posts for them, do we?;) And also I have realized that your are seeming that you are tired but not see as you in depressed. Maybe you seem bored. Also, I guees you missed one part of my this post.

      I have said upper lines into the post:
      “Do you know why I’m tired my earthling friends? To see the constant war and the people who have been killed or expelled from their country due to terror and the war consequences in every minute, every day a new economic crisis (because there is almost war economy), constantly dissociated people, constantly increasing nationalist and religious rhetorics at the region, and so on. I was tired even when I wrote these. 🙂”

      So here comes the million dollars question: “if a tired human and tired extraterrestrial come together in same bar, what would happen? Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry, my friend, that didn’t register with me. I read so much, that sometimes, I’m reading on auto pilot!

        You wrote here, exactly what I expressed to you! We are in the same boat, my friend!

        I didn’t mean people commenting on my blog for numbers, I meant I don’t know if my posts are getting the attention of people whom I am trying to wake up.

        You wrote,

        “So here comes the million dollars question: “if a tired human and tired extraterrestrial come together in same bar, what would happen? Haha!”

        They would both get blasted and then go kick some butt!;-)

        And then the tired human would try to talk the tired extraterrestrial into breaking out his space craft and getting the _uck out of here!!!;-)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I get it, already it was very log post, even me, I did not read twice to correct some grammer mistakes:)) And your answer is good answer, but it should have been, “they would order the vodka, because vodka make all creatures revive.” Haha!

        Liked by 1 person

      • See, my friend, some of us earthlings need to learn from you extraterrestrials!;-)

        And I should explain that kickin’ butt is slang for having a good time! I’m not a violent drunk, just a happy one!;-)

        Liked by 1 person

      • We all learn from each other! Already it is hard to imagine you as violent drunk; also for another definition to my slang vocabulary.;)

        And one of the most popular jokes about vodka is this. Actually it is still suspecious, because some of people think this is not joke it is real event.

        You know, Russians love vodka a lot. But when Gorbachev came to power, he made a law on “Fighting with alcoholism and drunkenness”. It was introduced restriction to vodka consumption. For example, the sale of alcohol was banned before 14.00 pm, by saying “it reduces labor productivity”. Some vodka factories were closed. People started to make long queues in front of the shops selling vodka. All are true until this line. But after this line nobody sure; here is that part. 🙂

        A man who is waiting in one of these queues is bored and says to the man in front of him.
        -I will go and kill Gorbachev.
        And he quits his line, then he comes back in a few hours. The man in front is still in queue, curiously asking him:
        -What did you do, did you kill Gorbachev?
        The man answers:
        -No, because the queue of those who are waiting to kill him in front of the Kremlin is longer.


        Liked by 1 person

      • Too funny!!! Great one!

        If only we could get REAL queues started in this country, not for drinking, but for killing the government!;-)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Just came across these three quotes. They speak for me, and I know they speak for you, too!

    “I am a person who is unhappy with things as they stand. We cannot accept the world as it is. Each day we should wake up foaming at the mouth because of the injustice of things.”
    – Hugo Claus

    “All too often, when we see injustices, both great and small, we think, That’s terrible, but we do nothing. We say nothing. We let other people fight their own battles. We remain silent because silence is easier. Qui tacet consentire videtur is Latin for ‘Silence gives consent.’ When we say nothing, when we do nothing, we are consenting to these trespasses against us.”
    – Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist

    “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
    – Robert F. Kennedy

    Liked by 1 person

      • JFK was. I believe now, America’s last hope. I was just about to turn fourteen on November 22nd, 1963. Everything changed after that day, beginning with my friends being sent to Vietnam to kill and be killed.

        I only came to realize this over the last 10 years or so. I finally looked back over the last half century, and I could come to no other conclusion. JFK was not perfect, but he was a two legged god in comparison to the low life criminals who have come since!

        I’m glad you liked these quotes!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am thinking similar things with you about JFK. He was realy US’s people last hope. By the way, there is new tv series with name “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” and the episodes were created from Philip K. Dick stories and adapted. Especially the episode 7, episode name, “Kill the others” is great, if you get a chance I highly recommend you to watch this episode.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. You know what, my friend? Senility/dementia has finally set in. I just noticed, after posting these quotes and sending them to you, that this last quote was by Robert, not John F Kennedy.

    I need to find a nice padded cell and go to sleep!;-)

    I couldn’t believe it, at first, when I realized this quote was by Bobby Kennedy and not John.

    But my statements about JFK still stand. And Robert was assassinated because 1) he held to his dead brother’s values, and 2) he was going to reopen the investigation into his brother’s assassination!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Confusing JFK with Robert is natural my earthling friend. I think you diagnose senility/dementia to yourself is early.:) And when you wrote these words belong to Robert Kennedy, this came to my mind. You know, the speeches of the presidents are written by the others mostly. Maybe JFK speeches were written by Robert? After all, two of them, as far as I know, that two persons were very close with each other in idea means. That’s why when people see the speech of one of them, they can confuse about that they belong to. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Could be. I have heard that the most famous speeches JFK made were written by him. But I’m sure Bobby and some other advisers aided in his speech writing.

        Thanks for back up!


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