Old black-white French noir movies, my love life and toilet door

This folk song is perhaps the most appropriate song that describes the general situation of my love life. It is a very fun song, isn’t it?
What it tells with its lyrics in the general sense:

“You said me on monday we would go to date, I came but you were not. You deceived me.
-Yes, it is true, I deceived you.
You said me on tuesday, you would kiss me, I came but you were not. You deceived me.
-Yes, it is true, I deceived you.
You said me on wednesday, we would go to walk together. I came but you were not. You deceived me.
-Yes, it is true, I deceived you.
You said me on thursday, you would come to concert with me, I came but you were not. You deceived me.
-Yes, it is true, I deceived you.


In short, the song is the story of a lover man who is deceived in all the days of the week by his lover.

Is it similar with my love life? Actually, it is not at all! Because, I do not even have a darling who can fool me during a week!

My love life has hit the bottom again. Whenever I meet a lady dog who stolen my heart, that big love ends before it’s beginning. A lot of things that can happen, are evaporating all in a moment.

My love life is like old black-white French noir movies.


Numerous depressions, despairs, and coincidences that are not certain where it come out. At the end, that is me, who can not even know where will bump into! I, who even can not stand watching these French movies for 5 minutes, I have to live it in real life. Maybe I am the most unfortunate dog of world history!

Recently, with a lady dog which I fall in love, I came in front of a door seller’s shop. How I came here is a different matter. Of course that event was linked to Migo. The toilet door was not closing. Migo, had to take out the lock part of the door and tried to fix it. But of course, he could not do. After a two-day long struggle, he thought that he would work on it more easily by removing the door. He took the door off. He changed the latch bolt, but in this time he could not replace the door in its place again. The toilet door was open for three days, because we do not have toilet door. On the fourth day, Migo thought that the door was swollen due to it was old, and needed a new door. Then we started looking around the door sellers. I came across the gorgeous lady dog who played with my heart of the second shop we entered.

Just like in this video, she was cute, confident, and dangerous. I did not know what will I do when I saw her. My heart was beating fast. I went to her side and tried to chat. But she did not even look at my face. She turned around and went to next the shop owner. By the way, Migo was bargaining with the shop owner when he heard that the door price was too high. The voices of the shop owner and Migo rised against each other. Before I could not understand what it was, we quickly left the shop with Migo. Migo was saying, “They are thieves, it is just a door, how this price could be!” When I returned my back, I saw the magnificent lady dog inside the shop, while she kept her guard up next to shop owner and scowled at me.

Migo had finished my love life before it started! Yes, he was responsible again. If we had bought the door from that shop, maybe I would have a chance to get a date with that wonderful lady dog. But as I said, I’m not even in a position to say that folk song. There is no lady dog who will deceive me!

It’s all Migo’s fault! As usual! Damn you, Migo!

In the meantime, if you are curious about the toilet door, Migo called one of his friends and they both put the old door in its place with together. Migo’s friend told him, “if you had called a locksmith at first, it would not have been a problem for so many days.” I had told same to Migo at the first day, but who listened to me!


14 thoughts on “Old black-white French noir movies, my love life and toilet door

  1. WD, you should be thanking Migo, not damning him! Women are dangerous and time consuming. Find a hobby WD! And be grateful for Migo, he saved your sanity and your life!;-)

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    • Definitely! But every bad thing WD lived through, in a way, is linked with me by WD. Also, he should have lived with you, my earthling friend; there are too many things that you could teach him. On the other side, I could not image how your life would be with WD, haha!

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      • My father described me, many years ago, like this, “He has gone to the dogs!” An old adage, here, meaning he is a waste, a failure.

        So, you wouldn’t want WD with a human who has gone to the dogs, would you?;-)

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      • I think your father probably said that words to you in his angry time, like every father can say. And I think you are one of the most proper persons who can live with WD. It would have been very exciting times both you and WD, and plenty stories that we can hear from you.:)

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      • Thank you, my friend!

        On a lighter note, I have had my own dog days as well.

        There have been many times, in the past, of course, when I scratched my ear with my foot, and barked at a nice pair of legs and pretty eyes.

        But now I’m an old dog, who prefers to stretch out on the couch, yawn, and eat my Purina Dog Chow!;-)

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  2. “my canine part in a french film noir with Charles Aznavour singing on the soundtrack ‘My door is corrected very quickly’ ” sort of nearly close enough
    Your story is very interesting


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