Just want to listen

On this planet, I loved the most 3 things made by humans. First, good humor which is the gleam of intelligence. Second, good heavy metal music- mostly guitar sounds into this music genre. Third, good books. Except these three, for the others I am not sure I love or not.

And most people think that, escpecially good heavy metal or metal bands comes out from west. In first look, probably they can be right, truthfully when thinking the metal genre borned in west, this leads that this genre has more opportunity to develop itself in western countries. Actually, the real struggle has become at east. Many band at eastern contries, on the contrary their countries’ music culture, that eastern metal bands worked harder more than their western equivalents. Because, they did not have to chance becoming popular like the western metal bands. These happened in the days when internet wasn’t widespread in global scale.

When internet fulls around the people, everybody got the chance to listen many music bands from almost every corner of the planet. And the people saw that SOME THINGS HAVE NO LIMITS; like metal music.

They saw that the good representers of this genre in young generation, has been rising from east. Even these eastern young representers started to become more good than the many western bands, compared to western equivalents in their age groups.

I want to share two of them into these eastern new genaration metal musicians. Both two of them is from Russia. I always believe that I do have good taste in heavy metal genre and some subcategories of metal genre, as the representer of the extraterrestrials on this planet.:) However, I think, you need to listen and you need to decide I am right or wrong, my earthling friends.

First, Dmitry Demyanenko, Дмитрий Демьяненко. He is guitarist and composer of the “Shokran” band. He was born in 1991.

Here is one of his songs and performance:

The other is Sergey Golovin, Сергей Головин. I could not find his birth date, but I guess, he was borned in early 1990’s like Dmitry. But, on the contrary Dmitry, Sergey is kind of a lone wolf.:) He makes instrumental albums by himself. Even I have read in a review, in his “Changes” album, Golovin wrote all the material, he arranged all by himself and played the guitar, bass guitar, keyboard instruments, and also programmed the drums.

Here is one of his songs and performance:

What do you think, am I right about them? 😉

You can see that many people from western countries, they put the good comments below performances on youtube of the “Shokran” band, Dmitry Demyanenko and Sergey Golovin. Because the music listeners give the good musicans their due without discrimination west or east. Also for me, “Shokran” band, Dmitry Demyanenko and Sergey Golovin are successful from now. I feel the reflection on me of mood of their rhythms in their musics; even like I can hold it and shape it. This is success. I belive that, we will hear their names and musics more a lot in next years.

While the politicians(mostly western politicians) try to drive each other into corner and separate the people in whole world, music is gathering. I do not want to hear the statements of politicians, the world’s dirty politics, all the contentless and unnecessary talks, also propagandist words, I want to listen only good music, next to the voice of nature. Let’s give hope to survive of the planet on the name of good music!

Надеюсь, однажды я могу слушать вас на том же этапе на концерте. Также после концерта мы можем говорить о музыке, и отражение этого в космосе. 🙂 Спасибо, Сергей, Дмитрий и Shokran за ваше существование на этой планете!





20 thoughts on “Just want to listen

  1. I thought heavy metal was used to make skyscrapers?:-)

    The second guy kicks some serious ass. And and 8 string electric guitar no less! It’s about time, with all the soloing in the stratosphere these guitarists take part in! It’s beginning to look like a lute again!

    Not my cup of tea, as you know, but excellent examples of the genre. And all music is common to all of us, not just westerners or easterners, the arts are here to unify us, not keep us divided.

    In the eighties, I really liked the Scorpions, by the way.

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    • You say, “The second guy kicks some serious ass,” haha! You are right my earthling friend! 8 string electric guitar really amazing! Once listening it’s voice, it can be phenomenon! Also, I did not know this kind of lute. I cannot pick how many string that lute has in the picture. And you do have musician ear, if you say they are excellent examples, even if you do not listen this genre, I trust your taste! -Scorpions is good choice, they are like the one of the fathers of the hard rock, ohh yeahh 🤘- (And with your words, I make double confirm to my music taste:)) Also, my earthling friend, as you have said, “the arts are here to unify us, not keep us divided”. We should keep holding on this!

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      • I had never seen an 8 string guitar, acoustic or electric! With the added two higher strings, they don’t have to rely on harmonics to get the very high notes anymore, since the high notes are already there on the instrument.

        This just shows how long I have been out of the loop, musically speaking.

        And on the fathers of hard rock/heavy metal, don’t forget, my friend, the originators, Led Zeppilin!

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      • I had seen 8 string guitar before, when listening guitarist Marten Hagstrom of Meshuggah, Swedish extreme metal band. He is an amazing too! And who can forget the Led Zeppelin! They changed 20th century music ecole! For example, countless riffs created by Jimmy Page were(are still) used by hundreds of bands after them. There are countless examples like this. You are absolutely right, my earthling friend, they were real fathers of this genre, because music is not only rhythm, Led Zeppelin created a soul, philosophy and lifestyle. Also, in my opinion, looking periodically, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Pink Floyd created such a golden triangle in those years.

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  2. I like it! Thanks for the intro. I’m not a musician but feel that my life is nevertheless tremendously enriched and enlarged by the memorizing rhythms and riffs of people like Demyanenko and Golovin. Don’t know exactly what it is about music, but it moves me like absolutely nothing else can: something primal, something at the edge of things, something deep in the tendrils of my neurology that feels like I’m touching eternity . . .

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    • I am happy you liked them! Definitely you are right Norman, about what the music gives you! I was saying similar things with you in my post “I feel the reflection on me of mood of their rhythms in their musics; even like I can hold it and shape it.” But this is not happening to me with all kind of music, only some genres and some instruments sounds give me this feeling. And the electronic guitar sound in metal genre is the top of my list. Also, there is no harm to touch eternity in some times, my earthling friend. 😉

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    • Haha! Okay, I ignore these two. 🙂 And you made my day with Satriani! He is kind of god! I know when he hears “the god” description for himself, he does not accept this; he is so humble! But I always say that people should not look for the gods at sky, some musicians and some writers are really fit to the god’s describing. And Satriani,- what a cool name by the way:)- with his perfect technique, and with the spirit in his music he makes us listen to him without making the technique feel in his music! I think he borned with guitar, but doctors have cut the guitar part on his when he borned, but he found it later and completed himself. 🙂

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  3. If I only have 10 minutes and thirteen seconds to live, Norm and Migo, I want Jennifer Aniston in a French maid’s outfit, telling me she can’t lie without IT!;-)

    And there is only one god of music, and he is writing this comment!;-)

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    • Haha! You raised the level of the expectation at the last minutes with Aniston! :))

      Than, no doubt you are one of them! Here its the prayer for you: “On the name of all music gods in universe, Sojourner opened the music roads on earth, long may your music reign, Sojourner! Amenn!”

      WD says that: “In a second you wrote the prayer. Migo, as an atheist alien, how curious are you to worship!”


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      • WD is on to something, methinks!;-)

        I should have added, self-proclaimed to my statement, since I’m my only faithful follower!;-)

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      • WD asked to me “Migo, I want to get the temple built for Sojourner in another planet, is there any planet do you know which is fit to this?”

        I answered him as “yes”.

        And he added, “He needs a follower like me, not any atheist alien like you! He and I, can be famous and be rich in a society where Sojourner is god.”

        You were right WD is after to something as always. 🙂

        And as his statement, you are not only faithful follower for yourself:))

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      • I think I have gotten myself into trouble, my friend!!;-)

        I pity the planet and its inhabitants, where I would be god! Oh the humanity!;-)

        But tell WD I appreciate his patronage and faithfulness! If WD were here, I’d buy him a bone and scratch behind his ears!;-)

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