Holy criminal code

TASS June 5, 2018

Lost in translation: Russian family mistook Soviet Criminal Code for Quran for generations

The senior citizen told reporters that her family had passed the book from generation to generation

UFA, June 5. /TASS/. A family from Russia’s Bashkortostan Region has presented the local museum of the Interior Ministry with a 1926 Arabic language edition of the Soviet Criminal Code, which they misidentified as the Quran for many years, the ministry’s press service said on Tuesday.

“The museum was presented with the 1926 edition of the criminal Code in the Arabic language. The book’s elderly owner said she had mistaken it for the Quran and put under her child’s head,” the press service said, adding that the woman’s son later served in the police.

The senior citizen told reporters that her family had passed the book from generation to generation.

“My mother said that this was a holy book, which should be wrapped in cloth and placed under a pillow so that children would keep calm and not misbehave,” the elderly lady explained. “Many years later we found out that this is the 1926 edition of the Soviet Criminal Code.”

The museum of the Interior Ministry was opened in Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan, in 1982.
I am still laughing this news, haha!

4 thoughts on “Holy criminal code

    • Spot on, Norman!

      The funny thing for me as you can guess, my earthling friend, the 1926 Soviet Criminal Code, has punishments for religious actions in many places of it, as you know.

      Followings are what I can see right now on wiki ru page, 1926 Soviet Criminal Code’s religious actions’ punishments parts with briefly looking:

      -The use of the religious prejudices of the masses with the aim of overthrowing the Workers’ and Peasants’ power or provoking resistance to its laws and regulations.
      Penalty: Deprivation of liberty with strict isolation for a period not less than three years. The same crimes committed in a military setting or in the presence of people’s unrest, the penalty becomes to shoot.

      – Evading the call to compulsory military service by damaging health, committing forgery of documents, bribing officials, changing their surname or rank, or any other tricks, as well as under the pretext of religious beliefs.
      Penalty:Up to five years in prison.

      -Teaching religious beliefs to young people or minors in public or private schools and schools or in violation of the rules established for this entails.
      Penalty: Labor for up to one year

      – Forced collection of fees in favor of church and religious groups.
      Penalty:Labor for up to six months or a fine of up to three hundred rubles.

      And this family kept this book and maybe prayed many times with it for almost 100 years along, only because of it is Arabic.

      Even it had been French criminal code or any other one, definitely would have been much better choice to them. 🙂

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      • Of course, I did not miss the irony that you underscored, and a quite delectable irony it is!

        And it does go to show you that the devout to any purported creed, secular or otherworldly, do not necessarily know or understand what they’re committed to.

        People, by and large, are metaphysicians, cultists and ritualists: at bottom, they believe in the sacred and the profane.

        Of course, they may not be able to penetrate for themselves the foggy mysteries of what makes for either the sacred or the profane, but they can at least hold to the reassuring certainties of genuflexions, talismans, relics. and so much more.

        Mystery and Irony: the two most fundamental cosmic qualities of humankind.

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