To wait Zorbas

I am not talking about the movie Zorba the Greek,

(what a great movie it was!) or not mentioning Nikos Kazantzakis(that was difinitelly great book!) book. Even I am not referring Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot” either. I am talking about powerful storm “Zorbas”. Over Mediterranean, this has been effecting and coming from Sicily about 24 hours ago,

and now at Greece and into 24 hours at Turkey’s west coasts.

This is what I mention


The red eye is Zorbas. It looks like a giant eye, and kind of purple, beaten eye.:)

It is said that this is medicane or powerful storm. But for the people of the all east Aegean sea, this is hurricane! It’s speed can be 100-120 km/h. So the people are reacting this kind of hurricane, maybe the little one. In Greece yesterday,

Medicane “Zorbas” threatens Greece earlier than expected

The medicane which is named “Zorbas”, will form in the Ionian sea and will bring torrential rain and gale force winds to southern Greece, before reaching Attica, the island of Evia and the Cyclades.

The phenomenon is dubbed a ‘Medicane’ as it is a tropical-like storm, not of hurricane strength, but can reach a similar strength to a Category 1 hurricane. It is rare for cyclone type weather to occur in Greece, however this will be the third year in a row that such rare weather occurs.

Greece’s Civil Protection authorities are on high alert awaiting for the Mediterranean Cyclone to strike the country. Fire Service. Police, Coast Guard and other state bodies are on alert to deploy teams to areas most hit by the Medicane. There is a sailing ban for ferries to the Aegean Sea as of Saturday morning (Sept 29th 2018) due to strong winds up to 9-10 Beaufort.

Tomorrow about 12.00 pm it is said that it can reach Izmir, Turkey shore. Like in Greece, as in all coastal cities, Izmir in particular, Turkey was alarmed. Civil defense teams, municipal employees, fire brigades and similar institutions were given a disaster alarm for 48 hours. Some sports matches have been postponed.

In this morning WD and I went out as usual. We needed to buy some things form some stores; we got them. And we witnessed almost everyone talking about Zorbas. In some places we joined the conversations. People were little bit nervous here. Everyone is trying to take precautions in their homes or workplaces. It’s such a fast storm, so it’s a sort of little hurricane that has never been seen in the Aegean Sea, which is an inner sea. Tomorrow I do not know what will happen. Maybe Zorbas won’t stop here and it’il lose his influence by directioning north. I do not know.

The question in WD’s mind is that if Zorbas will come here tomorrow, where WD will make his toilet. We bought some sand for him. He looked at sand and said that it was an insult to him. He said that any storm or even hurricane cannot prevent his life. These are his words, if we cannot go out tomorrow, we will see what will happen. In the meantime, if those who have a hurricane or strong storm experience can give us an idea of ​​what we should do, that would be great. In addition, if the electricity goes down tomorrow due to Zorbas, I may not respond your comments in the same day tomorrow. Because probably at that time we’ll be trying to solve WD’s toilet problem in the dark. 😎

10 thoughts on “To wait Zorbas

  1. I have no idea what to do, my friend. In Ohio, we only get the last few remnants of a hurricane, and only once every several decades.

    As far as WD is concerned, you could teach him how to use the toilet today, perhaps?;-)

    Be safe, my friend, and don’t go near a shore line, and I am not joking!

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    • Thank you for your concern my dear earthling friend! I do not have any experiences about powerful wind storms or hurricane either. But I will take your suggestion in seriously, and won’t go to the shore.

      Also about WD’s problem; he is very conservative about his poop spots, really. 🙂 Always makes his poop and pee at the same points and even if we do not go that points, due to he is very stubborn, he holds himself till we reach up to that points. I have an idea about this issue. Today I picked some soils from one of his points and put it in the plastic bag today( I have used gloves do not worry;)) I am thinking that if Zorbas comes tomorrow and we cannot go out, I will put this on the sand that we bought today. And maybe when WD is sleepy he can use it and relieves himself. I do not know, whether it will works or not. But I am sure one thing, if he makes his poop on that sand I prepared when he is sleepy, after that he will be definitelly anger me, as you can guess, and I will hear many complaints such as “you sneaky alien, tricked me, damn you!” 🙂

      I wish Zorbas does not come tomorrow and it would lose its effect in all Aegean, and we would not be in need all of these.

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  2. Stay safe, for sure. I also hope no one gets hurt and that property damage will be minimal. Many in the Ottawa region were not so fortunate last week. Apparently, six tornadoes touched down in the area. No deaths. But many had their homes destroyed. I can’t imagine their distress, having to live through the terror of the devastation and then having to deal with the stress of having to piece their lives back together in the aftermath.

    Make sure you have food and water on hand. Stay indoors. Let me know how it goes.

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    • Thank you for your advices my earthling friend! It is said that Zorbas changed its direction and it is going to north. Probably when it will reach the north shores of Aegean sea, which there is more closed mainland, it will lose its effect. They say that it needs to wait 24 hours for determinating its action, if it does not change its direction again, this is being waited;

      Last night in here, Izmir, there was rain after the hot weather; in morning it stoped. Right now it is waiting strong rain. It is okay, in Izmir, there is always rain, strong or slow. People are used to. I have seen also the some islands of Greece had been material damage due to flow and strong rain and storm. I hope Greek people will get over it with minumum lost!

      I am sorry to hear what happened in Ottawa. I can imagine how stressful situation was for them! Even to hear Zorbas will come was enough for our stress, but living this is must be real stressful!

      Right now as I said Norman, we are fine, even as you can guess, we went out in morning especially for WD. 😎 But if there will be any changing about Zorbas direction, I will give the updates my friend! Thank you for your concern!

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