Happy 5th anniversary!

It’s been 5 years from the day when we started blogging my earthling friends. Here we are again with our traditional anniversary post. But today, with a different, I am giving the keyboard to WD right now. πŸ™‚

Finally Migo! So my dear, beloved readers, my all friends! You know this alien Migo never gave me the opportunity for my fame! And he has always interrupted the relation between you and me! My all dreams has gone! I waited and waited soooo long. Okay sometimes I have written some but it was not enough, I always knew that you wanted to talk with me, not with him! The most handsome, intelligence and brave dog; who doesn’t want to talk with me! Even myself sometimes I cannot understand how I am so much full earthling dog, even envy myself. I hope that lady dog who stepped my foot yesterday, is reading this right now. If you are reading this my darling, I am here, find me. πŸ˜‰

And all my beloved readers and friends, if right now Migo would have written this anniversary post, probably he was going to mention his sinusitis or the other problems. If you don’t belive me you can check the other anniversary posts before! Almost all same! How boring he is! Luckly this year we have the opportunity finally!

-This year luckly I am not sick or have any sinus problem WD.
-What! Where did you come from! I will not give you keyboard back Migo, buzz off!
-Okay don’t give me, but this should be anniversary post, not your complaning and boasting post.
-I am just telling truths, not more not less.
-I am sure you do, but look WD that tabby cat is again out there.
-Really where!

WD ran away, my earthling friends; as you can guess. 😎

Happy 5th anniversary with you all, my Earthling friends!

10 thoughts on “Happy 5th anniversary!

      • Yes, we all did, didn’t we? πŸ˜‰ I’ve check right now your blog -about page- and saw again the trolls and what we said to them. Everytime I see or remember our comments to them, I am still laughing, haha! Also I have seen new one, but I am not sure he was the same or not, because both two of them similar nick with starting brown… I have seen Ivar also came to say somethings to them in your blog for extra Viking power πŸ’ͺ.:) He is also great friend.:) When I looked at these years we left behind, we actually had fun, all of us and all together! Thank you too Caleb! Cheers!

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      • How could you forget them; they have been giving huge effort in their troll lives, haha! By the way, with your experiences in many years, you can even write a book with the title, “One hundred percent effective methods of tossing trolls: Practice with your underdeveloped trolls, you will not regret!” 😁

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