In despair…
Lesbos island, Photo by Ayhan Mehmet – Anatolian News Agency

Refugees flocking to borders as Turkey says not to stop them reaching Europe

Hundreds of refugees and migrants are trying to reach Europe via Turkish land borders and coastal areas after Turkey says it will no longer prevent refugees from reaching Europe.

After a series of airstrikes on late Thursday killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers and wounded 36 in Syria’s Idlib, a senior Turkish official told Reuters that Turkey will no longer stop Syrian refugees from reaching Europe by land or sea.

Hundreds of refugees have rushed into Turkey’s northwestern province of Edirne which is located along the European Union countries Bulgaria and Greece following the statements of Turkish authorities in the wake of the deadly airstrikes.

Some refugees came to the city by taxis from İstanbul as some others were transferred by buses to reach Kapıkule border gate after the airstrikes that killed Turkish troops in Syria.

As the refugees rushed into the border gate in Edirne, the border officials are claimed to direct the refugees to “the river or the forest” en route to Europe. Some different groups of refugees have been observed in Edirne, the city that has borders with Bulgaria and Greece…

Photo by Ayhan Mehmet – Anatolian News Agency

“No illegal immigration,” said the Greek prime minister, responded to migrants with tear gas…” video by

Some refugees speak in English, like Palestinian refugee who started talking in 1.5 minutes, but I tried to translate the others. In some places due to their Turkish is not good enough I translated word to word.

0-10 seconds:

-Why do you want to go?
-The price of everything is raised in here Turkey, there is no work, no money, what are we going to do?

0.50-1.26 minutes: Syrian refugee

-How long have you been in Turkey?
-One and a half months.
-Why do you want to go?
-To go Europe. There is war in Syria. Much problem. There is no life at there.
-So, have you tried to go from here before?
-Two times. Greece holds, hits, they took my money and my phone.Then I deported to Turkey.
-Aren’t you afraid of?
-I’am afraid already. You’re not like human at there. Much problem.

2.04-2.35 minutes: Afghan refugee

-Four months ago I came to Turkey.
-Why do you want to go? Where would you like to go?
-We are going to Europe.
-There are many wars, prohibitions, everything in our country. This place is not so easy for us either. They don’t allow. They do not give a residence permit. Very difficult in Turkey. So much Afghan comes here, what will they do? That’s why we want to go.
-So, what if the border gates don’t open? (by Greece)
-It will be very bad. So many women, kids in here, what are they going to do? We are young, we would find a solution, but what are they going to do? Very difficult, very bad.
-So, do you want to live again in Turkey? What are you going to do if gates don’t open?
We are desperate, of course we will live.


As you can see, there are many refugees try to cross borders to go Europe from Turkey for last two days. Inside them, many Afghan, African, Uzbek, Iranian, Pakistani, Iraqi,  Moroccan except Syrians. According to today’s figures by Interior Minister of Turkey, more than seventy-six thousand migrants have crossed the border of Turkey. I do not know how many of them have reached Greece or Bulgaria, or how many stay in the buffer zone in between countries. Yesterday, Greece said, they sent 4000 refugees back. Right now, beside it is not possible to tell the exact number of people who do not wait in the buffer zone and try to reach the Greek islands by sea. In the video below you can see how some African refugees have struggled to survive with difficulty with inflatable boat until they reach Lesbos Island. (1 minute video)

Even the women, men and children’s teeth are shaking from the cold. It is known Aegean Sea has high temperature in summer. But what the people who do not live in here, don’t know is when the weather is cold in the winter, and because of the high humidity, plus if there is wind and storm, you will feel the cold air until to your bones. All parts of your body must be closed, if there is a tiny open place, even the wind entering from there that can cause pneumonia. Believe me my earthling friends, the cold of Moscow is better than the cold of the Aegean sea that met these conditions. And when these people were trying to cross the Aegean sea, there was a strong storm, with a speed of 50-70 km per hour. The humidity is 73%. The air temperature was 7-11 degrees Celsius; 44-51Fahrenheit. So the conditions I mentioned were been provided. While most people are in their warm beds, they struggle to survive under these conditions.

Refugees have been captured by the consequences of the capitalist and imperialist world. Desperation is their living space. A young Pakistani refugee was saying in a video I did not share here: “Everyone wants to live in own homeland. But there is war, there is poverty; no one would want to leave homeland, live on the streets.”

There is nothing more to add on his words…

And the European or American, who do not want refugees in their country, do not rebel and do not go out on the streets for protest while bombing Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries with their own taxes or while colonizing Africa and still exploiting. But when the refugee comes to their country, they hate the refugees. Why? Aren’t your governments who milking you like a cow with taxes to ruin this planet? Or are you glad that your taxes find a good place themselves when your governments made open financial agreements on refugees, bargaining clearly on human life?

Or none of them. Well then, didn’t you then understand that those who still represent you in your parliaments do not work? The only right political parties on the planet are socialist and communist parties. Otherwise this cycle will continue as long as you vote for other parties.

Here I add an interview with Dimitris Koutsoumbas, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece KKE in 28th February publishing in, so that you can understand the difference.  Greek communists speak out! 

Edit 02.03.2020

Taken from Istanbul Bar Association Human Right Center twitter account

Report on Istanbul Bar Association Human Right Center’s Visit to Pazarkule Checkpoint


18 thoughts on “In despair…

  1. “Refugees have been captured by the consequences of the capitalist and imperialist world. Desperation is their living space.”

    Capitalism is a curse! Everything you stated here, is the truth, my friend! Unfortunately. most Americans/Westerners don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves! They. like their capitalism, are a curse on humanity and the planet!

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    • You’re right, nobody cares about them!

      My dear earthling friend, the situation is really worse both on Aegean sea and land- buffer zone. According to statement in today, the refugees who cross the borders of Turkey more than one hundred thousand. If they are captured by Greece border security, according to many refugees statements, Greece police or border security beat them, and take their money and phones, and send them back to Turkey border. At buffer zone, Greek side is throwing pepper gas and sound bombs to refugees. Today one refugee dead because of this. Even, as if this was not enough, Greece said that they would make military manoeuvre tomorrow with real bullets at the border. Can you believe it!

      These are those who try to cross via land to Greece or Bulgaria. The situation of those who try to cross the sea is worse. I have already explained the nature conditions above the sea. But on the other side, Greek coast guards harass refugee boats they see on the sea, create waves and try to sink the boats. Even with long bars, they try to pierce the boots. In below video you can see. Especially after 1.20 minutes in video, their aim is very clear!

      This is a real tragedy, but humanity is blind!

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      • Disgusting isn’t even the right word. Horrifying comes much closer! Whatever happens to Greece, the Greeks have coming to them. And this is true for the other Europeans and Americans too!

        We have brought down this hell on earth on these poor people, and now we treat them like criminals. like garbage to be thrown away. There is no justice nor sanity left in this world. None!

        All of this needs to be done away with. There is no hope for humanity, we care more about trees and animals than we care about each other.

        I am so glad that I am at the twilight of life and not the beginning. I pity my friends’ children and grandchildren.

        Thank you, my friend, for posting this!

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      • It’s really horrifying. There are also human traffickers. There is also this aspect of the events. These men say they will take refugees to the border and take refugees almost all money for this. This is completely another post topic, my friend. Humanity is at an age of disgustingness!

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      • Did you take my email, I have tried to send it many times, bu I am not sure it was sent. There is internet problem of mine. Even I could open this page hardly. I hope you would see this comment.:)

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    • Yes Dr. Bramhall, a refugee has been killed. As I mentioned in my reply to Sojourner above, also Greece announced that they would make military manoeuvre tomorrow with real bullets at the border! Both on sea or land in buffer zone, refugees situation is really bad.

      I agree with you these are crime against humanity. But no one’s care. Even today, it’s satated that EU Interior Ministers said they will discuss sending border patrol support to Greece and Bulgaria at a meeting Wednesday. They do not see any humanity crises in here. They want to prevent their pass quickly. Actually it is Germany all behind this events.

      Many years that they pressured on Greece, which economy had almost collapsed, to take more refugees. In fact, the incidents occurred on the Greek islands last weeks. Greeks were on the streets against police. For example EU want to place tens of thousand refugees on an island, the population of which is about 20,000. The GDP per capita of Germany in 2019 was $46,334. The GDP per capita of Greece in 2019 was $19,974. The GDP per capita of Turkey was about $9.300.

      Or Lebanon. Lebanon took about 2 million refugees from Syria. Lebanese population already 6 million. So 1/3 of its population almost. Lebanon was not the country that dropped bombs on Syria. But, Germany or France one of them. By the way, GDP per capita in Lebanon is about $6207.

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  2. This is a heartbreaking situation, Migo, as is the situation at the southern border of the U.S. I honestly don’t know what I can do. I am sharing the poem your post inspired me to write this morning:

    I wonder what I can do
    as a descendant of a people
    who barely survived
    the onslaught of immigrants
    from nations with vastly different cultures
    What can I, or should I do
    about the many people fleeing
    from the same situations
    created by the ancestors of immigrants
    who now rule my homeland?

    Thank you for sharing this account. It was not in the mainstream media this morning.

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    • This is a great poem, my earthling friend! And I think, you already do your best. I am sure with your blog and your great posts you give many valuable things which can help to people’s life. There is few people like you!

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      • Thank you so much for your thoughtful, gracious reply, Migo. After I hit the send button, I worried that you might see my comments as a criticism, downplaying the seriousness of the human tragedies refugees face, and the absolute heartlessness of capitalist corporate greed and parasitism. There are moments when my anger flashes at the destruction of cultures that know how to live according to communitarian principles. It breaks my heart to know that so many people suffer needlessly because of rapacious “leaders” and complacent populations that are either unaware that their privileges come at the expense of others, or simply don’t care. Normally, I self-censor and wait to find a balanced perspective. Sometimes, though, I just can’t. Please know that I value your virtual friendship.

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      • I have no idea why you got an idea like that my earthling friend. I didn’t see any downplaying about serious issues by you; not now, not before. You are not like that those people. But you are kind and very sensitive, probably the problems in human beings give you more mixed feelings. And there is not any need to self-cencor in here or questioning yourself, -I am sure your other blogger friends will say the same thing to you-, you are in the friends. Already while capitalist-imperialist pigs(sorry cute piggs cause I used you in here.)) do not make any self-cencor for themselves, I think we can be more relax on speaking.;) And this extraterrestrial and this marvellous, most handsome and intelligent earthling dog -yes, as you can guess WD wanted to especially point these features.:)- value your friendship too! By the way, my internet connection is very problematic in these days, I guess I need to turn back to my space frequency band defaults.:))

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      • Dear migarium and Carol,

        First of all, I have not heard from both of you for a while, and hope that you are doing well. I too value your virtual friendships.

        Thank you, migarium, for writing about the plights of the Afghan, Syrian and African refugees.

        Also, Carol, I really feel your concern and great empathy for the unfortunate, homeless and stateless as you have expressed yourself so wonderfully in your comments.

        I really wonder how much worse things may become in 2020 and the coming years. The resulting post-truth world and win-at-all-costs mentality have been highly problematic, egregious and insidious.

        I recently came across some of the writings of Donald Monaco, who is a political analyst in Brooklyn, New York, writing from an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist perspective. His recent book is entitled “The Politics of Terrorism”. Extracted as follows, I have found the last few paragraphs of his article published at to be very sobering indeed.

        In assessing policy in the Middle East, it is important to note that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is an offshoot of Al Qaeda that is presently being used as a justification for U.S. troop deployment in Iraq and Syria. Ostensibly the troops are deployed to fight ISIS, but in reality they are there to secure the region’s oil resources and protect the apartheid state of Israel. As such, Trump’s regional policy directly conflicts with that of the Russian, Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi governments that actually fight ISIS. Trump’s order to assassinate Iranian General Suleimani, who coordinated the fight against ISIS puts a lie to U.S. claims that it is fighting a ‘war on terror’ against the Islamic State.

        Although Trump has indicated that he is against wars of regime change in this region, his policies are likely to provoke the very wars he claims to oppose, especially if he follows the advice of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, yet another neoconservative warmonger.

        Trump’s missile strikes in Syria and the illegal military occupation of Syrian oil fields; Trump’s green light for the Turkish invasion of Syria; Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement (JAPOC); Trump’s imposition of economic sanctions on Iran; Trump’s extrajudicial assassination of General Suleimani; Trump’s massive arms sales to Saudi Arabia; Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights; Trump’s support for the dictatorship in Egypt; and Trump’s drone war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, constitute genuine war crimes and crimes against humanity for which he should be removed from office. But Trump is not being impeached for any of these crimes because they are crimes committed in furtherance of empire.

        Furthermore, Trump has committed these crimes with the full support of Congress, the largely symbolic and non-binding War Powers Act Resolution of 2020 notwithstanding.

        It was Congress, in a vote that included 188 Democrats, that approved Trump’s $738 billion military budget in 2020.

        It was the Senate that ratified Trump’s $500 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia in 2017. The majority of those billions are used by the Saudi’s to buy weapons from Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics and Boeing so as to wage war in Yemen. It should be noted that members of the House and Senate own an estimated $5.3 million worth of stock in the defense industry raising a visible conflict of interest. Consequently, it is no surprise that the Senate confirmed former lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon, Mark Esper as Trump’s Secretary of Defense in 2019 without a hitch.

        Additionally, the den of Congressional thieves continues funding for the war in Afghanistan at a cost of $45 billion per year, approved a $38 billion military aid package over 10 years for Israel in 2018 and overwhelmingly extended key provisions of the Patriot Act in 2019, with significant support coming from the Democratic party of lesser evilists, thus illustrating their support for the rampant militarism underlying American state criminality.

        Unrestrained militarism is a crime against peace. Aggressive preparation for war leads to actual war. America’s Imperial President and its venal Congress are guilty of waging war on humanity, a monstrous reality that is hidden behind the charade of impeachment.

        The battle over Trump’s impeachment is a power struggle that will decide who will lead the American empire. It is not a fight involving the abuse of power as much as it is a fight involving the exercise of power. The outcome of that fight will determine which faction of the American political establishment will employ Imperial state power to advance a vicious global empire that relentlessly elevates the rights of property over the rights of people to the detriment of all humanity.

        Lastly, but not the least, happy May to both of you very soon! Please stay in touch.

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      • It’s good to hear you my earthling friend! I hope you are doing well too! Thank you for your detailed comment! I will check-read the link you shared. US governments have been warmongers for decades.This is, of course, the result of cooperation with those who want to hold the planet’s arms industry as regional also global with the politicians who want to retain power. Just like big pharma. The first is openly destroying the planet, the other is underhand. After the Covid-19 outbreak, which has been around for three months, the planet will take on a new shape, which has already begun to take. I think what is important here is that the working class now has to produce a solid solution against this greedy system and takes action. If this cannot be done, much greater interest wars will continue to return to ordinary people at the most terrible costs.

        Also, you said “I too value your virtual friendships.” As same as for me too! Happy May to you and all livings!

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      • My dear extra-terrestrial friend migarium,

        I am delighted to hear from you, though I wonder why it took you about a couple of weeks to reply. You must have been busy with interstellar affairs!

        Since music can be an essential part of the process of sustainability, wellbeing, healing and even social change, I would like to introduce you to my latest post containing my original musical compositions and poem to bring you some creative “distractions” or “diversions” amidst the disruptions and woes engendered by the pandemic.

        The post is at

        Please enjoy the post to your heart’s content. I look forward to receiving plenty of feedback from you at the comment section of my said post, as I like to learn from your extra-terrestrial perspectives on my music and poem.

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      • Thank you for your concern my dear earthling friend! I have no idea why I have been so busy last two-three months while mostly all earthlings at their homes and they are bored. I do not even time for being bored!

        “Since music can be an essential part of the process of sustainability, wellbeing, healing and even social change…” Definitelly you’re right! I look forward to read your post and listen your music! Thank you so much you shared with me, from now!

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  3. I found this but can’t translate it :

    This is he intro for the article where I found a link to that article in Turkish, my friend.

    What do you make of it? Ask the being who comes from Off Earth perhaps? Thank you Migo.

    “Facebook Censors Sci-Fi Drawing

    Last week, I posted a picture a reader had sent me of a drawing that had appeared in an Italian magazine in 1962 depicting life in 2022 because it seemed eerily prescient. The reader had discovered it in a Facebook group dedicated to sci-fi memorabilia, but don’t try and repost it on Facebook because the moderators won’t let you. A reader in Germany tells me he got the above message when he tried to do that, informing him it was “Partially wrong information. Tested by independent fact checker.” It included a link to an article on a Turkish website by Ali Osman Arabaci, presumably the “independent fact checker” being referred to. Arabaci writes:

    It is not possible to say that the image depicts the quarantine in 2022. The visuals are made with city traffic and ideas to reduce it… In the box titled, it is stated that the traffic problem can be solved with vehicles similar to small transportation vehicles that are considered as scooters today…

    In other words, it is also possible to qualify the claim as a disconnection from the wrong types of information.

    Not sure Google Translate has got that last bit quite right, but you get the general idea. That’s something the artist failed to anticipate – in the future people won’t be allowed to see his depictions of the future because it might lead to wrongthink.”

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    • It’s good to hear you again in here, my dear Earthling friend! I didn’t know this news. And I have checked the link you added. First I have to say the google translation seems very right for this. Even its better than me.:)Already according to WD, I pretend to know three earth languages, but I am smatterer in three of them.:)

      As far as I know the web page of this link is a place that investigates the truth or falsity of news and information on the internet. According to about page of them, this site: “is trying to ensure that internet users can access the right information by making verifications in many areas from the widely known mistakes, suspicious information that is on the agenda of the social media, claims made by the media, and in many areas.”(for this, I have used the google translate too, haha!)

      In here they tried to explain that the possibility of the right or false of depiction of the future of the artist in 1962 is %50-%50. So it could be or not is on the same rate. They do not say that this news is absolutely false. Also, I don’t think they would want it to be used for censorship by facebook.

      But, I didn’t know how facebook works, due to I do not have any account at there. If you ask me what I am thinking about the cencorship of the magazine, my answer is as you can guess, “is there anywhere you can free on this planet my friend, except north and south pole”, haha! But if you ask me what I am thinking about the depiction of the future in that magazine, I believe that real artists and writers can shape the future with their thoughts, not the hunch of portraying the future. In this sense, an intelligence that can combine the possibilities of future with their creativity -even without realized it when they did do this-, may seem like magic for those with more primitive thinking.

      And for the artist of this drawnings, so Walter Molino, I guess he was an artist who portreyed some kind of terror moments of humans. I have found this link.

      These drawings in this link are giving very different feeling from the magazine at issue in 1962. And I think these more valuable.

      By the way, I have to say that I have seen or read many depiction of the future in old Soviet magazines or sci-fi books. And many had creativity, which depicted 50-60 years after they were published. For example, the first writer that comes to my mind is Aleksandr Belyaev. He lived in 1884-1942. He died due to starve in Leningrad siege. He had a creativity in his stories that could even imagine a face transplant; yeah like in Face / off movie! Or in one of his stories, for example, in a depiction of a future where “air and water is not free”, Belyaev talks about “capitalist air sellers” who make a profit by selling the atmosphere of planet earth to the Martians.

      If you want I can send you some links about the old Soviet writers and artists works.:)


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