Today, an earthquake happened here with a magnitude of 6.9 or 7, according to sources about 4 hours ago. It took about 45 seconds. We shaked quite a bit. The aftershocks of the earthquake continue.

The exact location of the earthquake, the Aegean Sea close to Turkey and the Greek islands. So it shook on both sides. Some buildings were destroyed in Izmir, there are still people under the wracked buildings.

I’m little bit angry some ignorant people and order.

By the way, WD did not warn again, I am sure that dogs have no talent for this anymore.


Speaking in the main news release, Earthquake Scientist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ercan:
“If the economy is more bad in a country, the more deadly the earthquake is. In order to solve an earthquake problem in a country, the economy of that country needs to improve, that is, if there is more poverty, the earthquake is the closer to you. The poor die, the rich do not die in the earthquake. You’ve never heard of any celebrity, the rich being freed from the wreckage, you shall not. The main problem is PO-VER-TY.”

Edit 1.11.2020

Official institutions announced that 49 people died, 896 people were injured in total until today. It was reported that 682 of the injured were discharged, 214 people continued to be treated, and search and rescue efforts were still worked in 9 buildings.

Edit 4.11.2020

According to the latest information, 114 people died. 898 of 1,035 injured people were discharged, 137 people are still being treated in hospitals.

9 thoughts on “Again

  1. Good point about poor economy and earthquake damage. It’s hard to enforce quake proof building standards (as they do here and in New Zealand) in countries that can barely provide for their citizens.

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    • Thank you my earthling friend! And it’s really surprising behavior of WD, isn’t it?:) Who would expect this from him!:)) Thank you for your sarcasm my friend, you made me smile in these days.:)


  2. I am so sorry I missed this post, Migo. I did think about you when I read the story in the news and I am grateful to hear that you and WD are okay, but so sorry to hear about all of the people who were injured or killed. Sending my best wishes to you both!

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    • No need sorry my friend. Those days I have been already very busy. And we got over without a scratch. Just little bit traumatic has been. We are sending our best wishes to you dear Carol!

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