For some people this night will never end

According to google translate she says:

“A person who does not want to be torn from this soil; The heart is stubborn; it throws itself into water and fire, but its foot does not move two steps. I did not go and I am still in Kabul; I am in my corner and we are crying in pain. It was sad to see the scene of the airport, the influx and the begging of the people and the fact that no one took their place on any flight.”

This post is perhaps the shortest post in my blog. I just wanted to make a note of the history for the night that connects August 15 to August 16, 2021. Afghanistan was destroyed again tonight. Let’s not forget that today the people are stuck between escaping from their country and not fleeing; while the foreign governments, at first US, that made their own country this way have literally devastated a country as they fled. For, it to rise again…

In fact, for the entire planet, this order must change!

Edit 16.08.2021:

Today this tweet was deleted, I do not know why. But with a little research I have seen same tweet content, in her, Sahraa Karimi’s instagram account, here,

6 thoughts on “For some people this night will never end

  1. It doesn’t matter how short your post is. It matters that you cared enough to post at all. Here in the USA the people are so self absorbed, they care little is at all what happens to earthlings beyond their back yard.

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    • Not all US citizens but I can understand what you mean, my dear earthling friend. For example I have seen World War Z was in US twitter trends, and some of people were making fun with the World War Z hashtag of Afghan people who trying to leave Kabul by even holding on to the outside of the plane and fell down (how crazy and terrified situation Afghans are in, really unbelievable they attemped this action!) or makng fun of vehicle convoys or people running towards the airport on the streets. By the way I have seen following video today under this tweet, I’ve just heard of Mahbooba Seraj today just like many, and I think Founder of Afghan Women’s Network Mahbooba Seraj here has summed it up great the situation, it’s in English, if you want to listen.


    • Definitely heartbreaking but very strong voice as you can accept, my friend. Into about 2 minutes, she gave a very strong speech. And over and over again, these events are going to destroy a people somewhere in the world. My general impression is that in every similar event, women are braver on this planet; this is also like that in the sociological sense. Men’s combat with guns on the battlefields creates a visual perception of bravery, but I think women are much more courageous, showing examples of great courage with the small opportunities in their hands. In my opinion, the planet would be a different place if women were given a chance all over the world (especially in terms of education and participation in politics) on par with men.

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      • You are correct my friend. Generally speaking, woman have compassion, and value life much more than men. Since the beginning of time, men have been responsible for all the atrocities on earth. A small example: we have mass shooting in the US almost every day for decades. The media and news always want a motive. Was it religion, revenge, mental health, disgruntled worker? Yes, those are things to consider, but one thing they all have in common. All of them, they are men.

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