Retrospektiv utstilling, Fana Kulturhus, september 2021 — Ivar Jørdre

«Kombinasjon – Fridom?», olje/akryl på lerret, 115 x 110 cm, 1987

Retrospektiv utstilling, Fana Kulturhus, september 2021 — Ivar Jørdre

Retrospective exhibition, Fana Kulturhus, September 2021

Utstillinga “Retrospektiv frå eit kunstnarliv – 40 år med det politiske og det måleriske”. “Kombinasjon – Fridom?”, olje/akryl på lerret, 115 x 110 cm, 1987

Utstilling: Ivar Tveito Jørdre

laurdag, 11. september 2021, 14:00 – måndag, 27. september 2021

Sjå utstillinga “Retrospektiv frå eit kunstnarliv – 40 år med det politiske og det måleriske” i Fana Fana Kulturhus, Nesttun.

Ivar Jørdre har vore utøvande kunstnar i over 40 år, og har vore politisk aktiv nesten like lenge.

Utdanning: Tønsberg Yrkesskule (Malerlinja), Bergen Tegne og Maleskole. Ulike kurs og prosjekt.

Universitetsutdanning: M.a. Kunsthistorie, Hovudfag i Klassisk arkeologi, Kultur- og religionsvitskap.

Jørdre arbeidar med teikning (blyant, kolstift), akuarell, akryl og oljemåling. Denne utstillinga viser mest måleri i akryl og olje, men også andre teknikkar. Ein instalasjon i tre og metall og ein skulptur vert også stilt ut.

Han arbeidar figurativt og abstraherar ein del. Dette vekslar han ein del, og brukar ofte sterke kontrastar, men også det motsette nedtona uttrykket. Motiva kan ofte ha politisk uttrykk, men i alle typar motiv er det måleriske det sentrale.

The walls that gain autonomy

These street writing examples are from Turkey. I will try to translate them in English. They have hope, joy, humor, and sometimes deep interactions. It’s not just about the writer who wrote the grafiti. They do have the feature of establishing a close connection among the people who read it on the wall. Maybe some of them will make you feel or think the some connections, my Earthling friends; who knows. 😉

At this war against the tea bags, I am at the teapot’s side.

If I was the fish, the ferry would have hit me

I’d like to use bad language, but the paint spray is about to run out.
I’ve bought the paint spray, mot*er f*ckers!

It would have been good, if we had read the script once before we were born

All lazy people, let’s unite, sometime

hey policeman, the body search is in vain, all is in my head.

The aliens are real

     why you didn’t love me…                                                                                                                                   (the plate’s writing on the abandoned building at the background: Community Mental Health Center)

Maybe someday we can share the same house and we would say together “oh sh*t!” to the electric bill of the same house.

There are two deficiencies in the Turkish education system

While the sea is not rough, all you are becoming sea captain.

Life is short, give vodka to the butterflies.

Where are you Spartacus 😦

Despite all bad things, the spring has come to Asia Minor and Mediterranean also beyond east

Come with me to the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond…

I get to experience new customs and new cultures which I feel makes me a better and wiser person. There’s a lot that we read and hear about when it comes to other parts of the world but actually visiting and experiencing another country in person is quite different. It’s a big world out there. […]

please continue for this amazing, kind of cinematic music history of the region, Come with me to the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond… — Eyes on Europe & Middle East

This is how the art of movie dies with thunderous applause of Hollywood’s so-called actors and actress in front of world

The Supreme Board of Galactic Council’s is watching Oscar Award ceremony each year. Yes, you have not heard it wrong, they do have such interesting hobbies. Even if I do not watch on earth. Anyway, 8 members of the supreme board of the council enjoy watching this ceremony. However, something interesting happened this year, and this letter was sent to me this morning by them.

“To the attention of Migarium, who is the observor of Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Earth and assigned by Processing Center between the Galaxies with the order of Galactic Council.

As you know Migarium, “White Helmets” documentary was awarded as “Best Documentary Film” at the 2017 Oscar Award ceremony. Even if we know the White Helm’s fake rescue operations while we are so far away from the planet Earth. What we do not understand is that are the fake documentaries now a case which is awarded by human kind? How do we know if all the documentaries that have been made so far are true or false after this day? We would like you to inform us about this in detail.

PS: Two of Supreme Board members are thinking to send a documentary which they will make in view of the fact that the fact or fake is no longer important. You can send the Oscar participation requirements for the next year by learning to us.”

How will I reply to Galactic Council, my Earthling friends!


The news about the White Helmets won Oscar award:

Film about Syrian White Helmets wins Oscar amid allegations of terrorist ties

Members of a radical art collective in Czech Republic flew giant size red underpants instead of the flag at presidential palace

In Czech Republic, a radical art group which called themselves Ztohoven has signed an interesting action. Members of the group climbed the roof of the presidential palace in Prague, and flew a red giant size underpants instead of the flag of Czech Republic.

The members of Ztohoven who leaked to the palace with the costumes of chimney cleaner have announced that they did to protest the anti-immigrant explanations of President Milos Zeman recently. Three people were taken into custody after the action. President Zeman had said that the refugees would bring terrorism and disease to the country.

Besides, they have written in their web page:

“Over Prague Castle flew the flag of a man who was not ashamed

support the segregation of special needs children from the integrated school system;

use the word “cunt” in national media to divert attention from his own trip on the private jet of an oligarch;

name an advisor who was an intelligence agent of the People’s Liberation Army of China;

name yet another advisor who was an untrustworthy businessman with connections to Russian oil, and, who refused to release his own resumé;

allow a scammer without security clearance to hold onto his position of chancellor within the Office of the President of the Republic;

praise an army that drowned a student movement in its own blood on the very ground on which it happened;
associate with questionable dictators;

pursue the prosecution of a man who allegedly threw an egg at him;

use a lie to shame a national hero who survived World War Two in a concentration camp;

stagger inebriated over the Czech Crown Jewels and proudly show his dirty laundry to the world.

Today over Prague flew the flag of a man who is ashamed of nothing at

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Remembering Ruhi Su

Today is the death anniversary of Ruhi Su. He was a great folk poet, and has great voice. He was also socialist. And he was sentenced imprisonment in 1952-1958 due his socialist ideas. In 1978 he learned that he got cancer. His treatment was only making out of Turkey in that days. But, when the military coup was made in Turkey in 1982, the military government didn’t give his passport and he couldn’t go out. And he died 1985.

With all respect to him and his memory; thank you Ruhi Su, for I listen your beautiful voice on this planet.

The song that Ruhi Su sang at the video is very famous folk song in Anatolia. And its words belong to Kul Nesimi, who was another folk poet in 17. centuries, and its lyric in English below.

Haydar Haydar
I wore myself the cardigan of damnation
I hit bottle of honor and pudicity to the stone; nobody’s business
[Chorus] Haydar Haydar I hit to the stone; nobody’s business.
Sometimes, I rise into the sky, and I watch universe
Sometimes I go down to the earth, and the world watches me
Zealots say for my wine of love, is forbidden,
I fill it, I drink, it is my sin; nobody’s business
Sometimes I go to the madrasa to read lessons for God
Sometimes I go to the pub, I’d fill for love
Zealots prostrate to the mosque’s mihrab
For me, the threshold of my friends is mine; where I prostrate is nobody’s business
They ask to Nesimi, “are you good with your lover?”
Even if I’m good or not, the lover is mine; nobody’s business.

for more information about his life:


Really good work, and it really means a full “wrecked”, thank you for sharing this work with us! Also, civilization is an illusion my Earthling friend 🙂 European Union announced “maybe we could take military operational decisions” for immigrants 3 weeks ago. About 200 academics issued a statement against them. 3 days ago, France returned the refugees to the Italy. France reason was “They’ve landed as first Italy coast to Europe”. Maybe those refugees are the lucky ones; because they are able to still take breath. Turkey, Iran, Russia and Syria really live intertwined with terrorism or real terror fear; with terror produced by American and Western imperialism. But the crying side is always imperialist west. They do not live this, but they see themselves that they do have the right for invasion for cry for talk! While all those western governments are concerned as civilized, the civilization is simply an illusion. It has been like that at past, it will be so at the future. Except the shortly after invented democracy at ancient Greece, this planet has never been civilized. The great sci-fi master Ray Bradbury says that “Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.” We can use this for civilization maybe as follows: “Civilization is relative. It depends on who claims has the right to invade while killing millions.”


wrecked. Drawn by me.

Reference is oil painting by great Théodore Géricault.A depiction of a shipwreck man…( ) You can feel the suffering,misery,desolation,hopelessness in his extraordinarily expressive painting,not only this one of course ,in all of them,different characters manages to haunt the viewers in very different ways…
So in this terrible world we are living in,almost everyday migrants die in Mediterranean.Mainstream media degrades them to numbers, drowning is almost normalized.Some consider this is not even newsworthy. Announcers don’t even deign to think that they were just like everyone,had hopes,dreams,they loved someone…besides this, why were they escaping,why were/are they risking their lives?Who are directly or indirectly responsible for this tragedy?Indeed,who aren’t…What the imperialism,cooperations oil contracts have done to their home…Actually it’s wrong to use pronoun ‘them’,they are us indeed.I’m not any different from them.Will ever humanity take precedence over politics?I don’t know…For now I see no civilisation,and humanity is “wrecked”..And my…

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The days of WWII

Burned village

We’ve captured the village in the morning,
The enemy has not withheld its fire,
Everywhere stone and ashes, what we saw
Nothing was left, believe it.
Perhaps formerly it was beautiful village,
What is it now standing?
On the gallows, maybe a body,
Blackened poplars by flashing.
Ambient ash; who sees ashes says these are snow,
Stoves similar tombstones.
Soldier, you came here late,
The village has been waiting for you too long.
We are walking on the streets,
There is still war far away.
White ash, here and there,
Brutal, reproachful glances.
A dog suddenly appeared in front of us,
It didn’t bark us exultingly.
It looked at our faces as if it says:
”Did you see what fascists did?”


Kerim Otarov -Soviet Balkar poet. Born 1912, died Oct. 13, 1974. He has fought in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45.

I could not find his poems in English. I’ve tried to translation this one, but I don’t know how much I could make right.

for in Russian link: