Just want to listen

On this planet, I loved the most 3 things made by humans. First, good humor which is the gleam of intelligence. Second, good heavy metal music- mostly guitar sounds into this music genre. Third, good books. Except these three, for the others I am not sure I love or not.

And most people think that, escpecially good heavy metal or metal bands comes out from west. In first look, probably they can be right, truthfully when thinking the metal genre borned in west, this leads that this genre has more opportunity to develop itself in western countries. Actually, the real struggle has become at east. Many band at eastern contries, on the contrary their countries’ music culture, that eastern metal bands worked harder more than their western equivalents. Because, they did not have to chance becoming popular like the western metal bands. These happened in the days when internet wasn’t widespread in global scale.

When internet fulls around the people, everybody got the chance to listen many music bands from almost every corner of the planet. And the people saw that SOME THINGS HAVE NO LIMITS; like metal music.

They saw that the good representers of this genre in young generation, has been rising from east. Even these eastern young representers started to become more good than the many western bands, compared to western equivalents in their age groups.

I want to share two of them into these eastern new genaration metal musicians. Both two of them is from Russia. I always believe that I do have good taste in heavy metal genre and some subcategories of metal genre, as the representer of the extraterrestrials on this planet.:) However, I think, you need to listen and you need to decide I am right or wrong, my earthling friends.

First, Dmitry Demyanenko, Дмитрий Демьяненко. He is guitarist and composer of the “Shokran” band. He was born in 1991.

Here is one of his songs and performance:

The other is Sergey Golovin, Сергей Головин. I could not find his birth date, but I guess, he was borned in early 1990’s like Dmitry. But, on the contrary Dmitry, Sergey is kind of a lone wolf.:) He makes instrumental albums by himself. Even I have read in a review, in his “Changes” album, Golovin wrote all the material, he arranged all by himself and played the guitar, bass guitar, keyboard instruments, and also programmed the drums.

Here is one of his songs and performance:

What do you think, am I right about them? 😉

You can see that many people from western countries, they put the good comments below performances on youtube of the “Shokran” band, Dmitry Demyanenko and Sergey Golovin. Because the music listeners give the good musicans their due without discrimination west or east. Also for me, “Shokran” band, Dmitry Demyanenko and Sergey Golovin are successful from now. I feel the reflection on me of mood of their rhythms in their musics; even like I can hold it and shape it. This is success. I belive that, we will hear their names and musics more a lot in next years.

While the politicians(mostly western politicians) try to drive each other into corner and separate the people in whole world, music is gathering. I do not want to hear the statements of politicians, the world’s dirty politics, all the contentless and unnecessary talks, also propagandist words, I want to listen only good music, next to the voice of nature. Let’s give hope to survive of the planet on the name of good music!

Надеюсь, однажды я могу слушать вас на том же этапе на концерте. Также после концерта мы можем говорить о музыке, и отражение этого в космосе. 🙂 Спасибо, Сергей, Дмитрий и Shokran за ваше существование на этой планете!







Cold in the night my mind is freezin
Why do they fool me how disgracin
Meaningless war, no one can leave it
Why do they live on people bleedin

Hiding this truth, we kill the peace, man
Pray for these thousands in the eastland, thousands in the east…

Lie on the ground, I’ll still be thinkin
How they accept this life in true sin
Unreal is the peace, that we still believe in
I hear this sound of madness growin

Fighting with hatred feeds the rich men
Pray for these thousands in the eastland, thousands in the east…


*Pentagram is Turkish heavy metal band; but at this song, “1000 in the Eastland” the lyric is in English. It has great music, great melody, great lyrics!

The war that it’s not for me

When we were at war

When we were at war
When we were at war
There everyone used to think about their
Beloveds or about their wives
There everyone used to think about their
Beloveds or about their wives
And I could certainly think
And I could certainly think
About the times when I looked at a pipe
In her blue smoke
About the times when I looked at a pipe
In her blue smoke
Like when she lied to me sometimes
Like when she lied to me sometimes
But the his girl’s heart gave love
to someone else for a long time
But the his girl’s heart gave love
to someone else for a long time
But I didn’t think about them at all,
But I didn’t think about them at all,
I just smoked a pipe
with bitter Turkish tobacco,
I just smoked a pipe
with bitter Turkish tobacco,
I just shoot bullets faithfully
I just shoot bullets faithfully
hoping to appease my pain
and to set a limit to our hostility
hoping to appease my pain
and to set a limit to our hostility
When we will be at war,
When we will be at war,
to meet the bullets flying
on our black horse
to meet the bullets flying
on our black horse
But it looks like death it’s not for me
But it looks like death it’s not for me
and my black horse
carries me away from the fire again
and my black horse
carries me away from the fire again
Famous Cossack folk song from famous Kuban Cossack Choir, my Earthling friends. 🙂 I didn’t translate, I copied and paste it from a link in here. If there is a mistake in translate, I will check and translate in a couple days, but it seems to me right now, of course this may be an effect of vodka:) Right now, every words seem good for me, haha! Briefly, the song says, “the war it is not for me”. Good point! Any war it is not good for me too!


Mamma Mia!

In February 2013, Sweden commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Sverker Göranson, had said that Sweden’s scaled backed military leaves the country vulnerable. As he claimed Sweden could only defend itself for one week if it came under attack. Also, if a war would be between Sweden and Russia, Sweden needs to be in NATO, according to him.

After this statement,

In March 1, 2013, the controversial admission of Sweden’s dwindling military capacity has been seized upon by Russian national television in a sketch on the satirical programme Yesterday Live. Featuring the melody of Abba’s hit song Mamma Mia, the parody shows a man who appears to be masquerading as Göranson as he makes an impassioned plea about the imminent threat from the east.

Whenever I see this show, I am laughing. As the singer pointed at the end of the clip, this is humor. Already the Swedish people who made the comment below this video on youtube, they seem that they showed understanding. Especially in these days which the west lived fear of a war with Russians I thought that this clip would be very appropriate. I don’t know how many of you have watched this clip. If you didn’t watch yet, I hope you would like it, my Earthling friends. And the most impressive expression of this song has been the last words for me. When you watch you will see what I meant.

Also, who says that Russians don’t know good humor 🙂

quoted link: https://www.thelocal.se


Gather the sun for me

Dawn wind, you go to the mountains,
gather the sun for me.
you transmit news to the four lands,
gather the sun for me.
Among the hopes,
from the black of eyelashes,
from the knife’s wound at bosom,
gather the sun for me.
Dawn wind, from the beloved one,
from the bird footsteps,
from the sky of night,
you gather the sun for me.

This song lyrics belong to Ulku Tamer, composing by Zulfu Livanelli. It tells hope with it’s words and music. It is well known song like many song of Livanelli in Turkey. Zulfu Livanelli, Turkish composer, writer, singer, poet, director, he has a rich past. He has got music album more than 20, awarded films and compositions.

Being leftist artist, Z. Livaneli was imprisoned three times during the 1971 Turkish coup d’état because of his leftist views and had to leave Turkey in 1972. He lived in Switzerland at first, after France and Greece. In 1984 he turned back to Turkey.

His songs many times have performed by the singers such as Joan Baez, Maria Farantouri, Mikis Theodorakis, María del Mar Bonet, Udo Lindenberg, Haris Alexiou.

He composed Nazim Hikmet’s poems and sang also. Like Livanelli’s song “the snowy beech forest” which is from “longing” poem of Nazim Hikmet.

The snowy beech forest

In the snowy beech forest
I am walking at night.
I feel out of sorts
Give me your hand, where is your hand?

Which one is more far away,
my homeland, stars or my youth?
Among the beechs
it is a window, yellow and hot.

While I pass from there,
If one says “uncle, come inside”
I wish I’d salute them by entering
within households.

I left my rosebud
at my city of seven hills.(*)
Neither fear of death nor to think of death is shameful.


Livaneli directed four feature films until today: Iron Earth, Copper Sky( it is the adaptation from novel of Yasar Kemal); Mist; Shahmaran; and Farewell. He got reward with his film Iron Earth, Copper Sky in 1987 at San Sebastián International Film Festival, and his film Mist was rewarded in 1989 at Valencia International Film Festival and Montpellier Festival of Mediterranean Cinema. Besides, he has composed many international awarded movie’s musics like “The road” directed by Yilmaz Guney in 1982.
(*city of seven hills is Istanbul at Nazim Hikmet’s poem, he had written this poem while he was in exhile in Russia)

For more information:
and for the movie “the road”




“Dost” word is Turkish word. There is no correspond of this word in another language completely. “Dost” word is the combination of two words “friendship and brotherhood”, but it is more valuable and stronger than two of them. If you accepted to someone or some creature as “dost”, he/she/it would be your next in a life time, as being physical or not.

The beauty of life, is to share it with “dostlar.” Dostlar is plural form of dost word. Whether you’re from this planet or not, the important thing is what you have accumulated to your life with your dostlar.

The song at the video, which sang by Group Yorum, it tells very well to this. Song belongs a Turkish folk poet Asık Mahzuni Serif. Lyrics as follows:

Here! I am leaving, my black eyed
Even if the mountains line up in front of us
My bedevilment is my capital, my fortune is my bereavement
Even if my good fortune is getting worse
I want to walk around supreme mountains for long time
Dost left me into sorrow
I want to sing at devastated vineyards
Even if the heaven is brought in front of my foot

Group Yorum sang this song in their 25. anniversary concert that they gave in Istanbul-Inonu Stadium which is legendary stadium of Besiktas football team. That concert has occured with the participation of 55.000 people. I was not in here that days. Two years later, I watched Iron Maiden concert in Inonu Stadium in 26 July, 2013 with my dostlar. This was the last concert before this legendary stadium was destroyed. Even some of us had planned taking one or two seats of stadium out as souvenir. After all, they will go to garbage, they could be historical souvenir. But it couldn’t be possible:) Iron Maiden concert was great. Better yet, Iron Maiden concert was given the Gezi Park resistance days. Even all we sang the “Fear of the dark” as “Fear of the Park”. That was the spirit of resistance, and to live this with Iron Maiden was spectacular! Anyway, that’s another issue 🙂

If we return back to Group Yorum, they are legendary music band which has left-wing as you can understand with their songs. They render the Anatolian folk songs in an original way. Even their concerts were taken under review by state many times. Already, the state doesn’t like left-wing. There are many words of Nazim Hikmet or Asık Veysel inside their songs. Already, the state doesn’t like them either. Anti-imperialism is inside of their songs. For example, like this song:

For listen:Get out America

And it’s lyric:

We’ve never bent in front of you, while we hold our head high
We are standing in front of you.
We are owner this country as sons of this nation
You America, afraid of us
Hey you, the god of persecution
Nuisance of humanity
Get out get out America!
Get your hands off my bread, my honor
Get out America
Our scream is growing with independece fire
This homeland is ours!
We will throw out your tanks your soldiers your existence from our homeland!

Turkey was never independent from 1950’s to today’s. It has been under USA hegemony. Thousands of people who aware of this have resisted, have been tortured, and killed. And still they are resisting. And this song is “Yankee go home” song of Turkey.

Another “dost” song is “Dostum, dostum”. Dostum means “my dost”. And if you want to listen “Dostum dostum” song with Selda Bagcan, here it is

lyrics of “Dostum dostum”:

I am in such a place that
One of my side is blue moss, and it would become rough in blue waters
Dostum dostum my beatiful dost
What a worse line this is,
What a infuriating balance this is,
One of our side is dropping leaves
The other side of ours is blossom garden

An another “dost” song belongs to Asık Veysel: “Dostum, I don’t want to any wealth without you”. There are numerous songs that have written for “dost” in Anatolia.

I have made many “dost” in Turkey. I have made many “dost” who against imperialism in diffrent parts on this planet. We laughed a lot of with together. I learned a lot of things from them. I have lived many good things with them, and I am living still. Some of them lost their lives, they don’t breathe on this planet anymore. But even if they breathe or not, wherever I go, they are always with me.

The echo of a language that is on the verge of evanescing

The words of this song that you listened belong to a language which is second in UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in danger. Probably, at the near future it will be extinct. Perhaps, those who listened to this song are the last persons who will hear the echo of this language on this planet. Who knows? In fact it is not called just a song, it is wail and guidance for next generations from Circassians ancestors.

Circassians are one of Turkic nations who are living in Central Asia. Today, minorty of them lives in Republic of Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. Why? Because, there is majority in Turkey except their mother land. And the mother language of Circassians is Cherkess. This language and nation are called same in both Turkey and Russia. Let’s see the history.

Big Circassian exile or Ethnic cleansing of Circassians- May 21, 1864

The mountaineers leave the aul, by P. N. Gruzinsky, 1872

After the occupation of Circassians by Russian Czar II. Alexandr, Circassians who fought for years, were defeated and exiled by the tsarist policy. According to Russian sources during the exile, 418.000 Circassians were sent home away. But according to Turk, British and American historians, this number is the number of people arriving in Turkey. In fact, 1.2 million people have been sent, 800.000 people died on the road; due to hunger, disease and the consequences of attacks.

The houses of Circassians who were put the ships from the port to go from north to south, were set on fire. Against the possibility of turning them back, their fields and fruit trees were burned. Circassian lands had been empty, there were no live tracks.

This year is the 151 anniversary of the Circassian exile. They threw carnations to the sea as every year, to commemorate the deaths.

This song was made by Circassian-Turkish singer who born in Turkey. The song is originally a 150 year-old poem. Artist-singer Gülcan Altan has become a song to this poem by compiling with other artists. Lyrics of the song as follows.

Schooler child
in Cherkess: КlЭЛЭ ЕГЬЭКlО (Çel’e Yegek’o)

Read my child, read well,
You enlighten your people with information,
My hardworking baby, my knowledge ball,
I hope your road would be open and bright
Now you are seven years old,
You came to the educational path,
You grew up and become conscious,
Your mother and father trust you,
Work your lesson too much.
Day and night,
Without pretexting
You learn world and science,
And you teach us what you learned.
Read, you read today,
Keep in your mind that you read,
Do not forget what you have learned.
A person who doesn’t read, write and learn,
could be enlightened, knowledgeable?
Learn science, enlightenment.
You should be the dignity of your people.
No lofty except science.
Those who are ignorant, do have nothing.
Without saying rich, poor, disabled,
Without saying black, white, yellow,
You love all people without exception,
Do not leave from humanity.

In an interview Gülcan Altan says about this song that:

“And when it comes to poetry, when a nation were exiled, they’ve written a poem at the time. They say that in the poem: read my child, my beautiful son or daughter. if you do not read it, disaster will come. If education wouldn’t be, a public can not go to light. This is a language that was written in exile on hundred and fifty years ago, that is a thought. “

Imagine a nation. They’ve been thrown out of their homes, exiled. The people who couldn’t see their lands for a century; the people who considered ignorance responsible for these pains; the people who said to next generations “take education”. This nation says to future “learn science, you have to be educated and you never live these experiences and pain anymore. Is there any more beatiful universal advise?







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