Turkish Armed Forces has banned “Game of Thrones”:so we can say that winter will never come to the Turkish Army:)

The translation of news:

Turkish Armed Forces took precautions under the name of “protection” for the students of Army, who are studying in secondary schools.

According to the regulation, that restricts to the watched TV series, which reinforce the language training in military high school, taking necessary precautions were prescribed for “sexual exploitation, pornography, exposure, abuse, harassment and free kind of protection from negative behavior”.

According to this regulation “Game of Thrones” will not be allowed to be watched series of similar military schools. With another changes in regulations “basic religious knowledge, Koran and Prophet Muhammad’s life” was established as the legal infrastructure of the elective courses taught in military schools.

In 2012, the investigation has been opened about two colonels, one female lieutenant and one captain, with reference to “Sexual abuse and insulting Turkishness”. And these officers were fired from the army because of watched the “Game of Thrones” for the directory of the Maltepe Military High School.

news source: http://haber.sol.org.tr/devlet-ve-siyaset/tskdan-game-of-thrones-onlemi-haberi-99773