Renault pourrait reconsidérer son investissement en Turquie/ Workers in Turkey mull Renault offer

At first, the workers of Bosch factory and employer has agreed in via the Turkish Metal Workers’ Union(has 120.000 members). However, the same union has not deal to contract with the same terms between the other members and their factories. So the problem is emerging actually because of that the union has not help the workers in other factories in the same way. After the Renault workers on strike, as specified in the article the other workers in the Tofas-Ford, Mercedes and Turk-Tractor factory as well as other cities in Turkey have began to strike. Renault Eurasia Regional President Jean Christophe Kugler made a sentence like a threat a couple days ago:
“We may reconsider our long-term investment plan in Turkey” (quotes from:
So if this strike continues, they do not invest in Turkey anymore.( my opinion:If you will do same like that, you don’t do investment already in anywhere on this planet! ) And, a Renault worker in France takes 38 Euros an hour, Renault worker in Turkey takes 8 TL, so 3 Euros an hour charge. And while a Renault worker in France is producing 56 cars an hour for 38 Euros, a Renault worker in Turkey is producing 68 cars an hour for 3 Euros! Workers in Turkey already said that they do not expect 38 Euros. They just want plus 2 TL for an hour, so they just want 4 Euros for an hour. But both employers and union don’t get help for their right requests. The workers express that their salaries they deserved, have decreased thoroughly during at the last 12-years AKP government era. (for numbers and statements quotes:
This is a slavery order, my Earthling friends. This has to be end. If it doesn’t end, this system will bring the end of the labourer people.
And I want to add that I am not against the charge of Renault workers in France, I am against the unjust and unequal enforcement. If one day, France workers decide to resist because of the life terms, I would defend their rights as same as. Resist Renault workers!

“Chamorro genocide”

Quotes from one of the links inside this article: “…Negotiations have been waged between the United States and Japan in the last few years and most significantly in this last year. The focus had been the relocation of 8,000 Marines and their dependents from Okinawa to Guam. These negotiations are without input from the indigenous people of Guam. In order to accomplish this massive build-up, the U.S. military will require the importation of people to make the relocation possible. In other words, the build-up includes a projected population increase by some 80,000 people in 2014. This constitutes a 45% increase from Guam’s current population of 180,000 people…” And I have learned “mata’pang” used to mean “proud and brave” in Chamorro language from the links. I want to say “don’t give up to tell the truths!” to “mata’pang” people of the island via your blog, my Earthling friend.

Mumun Linahyan

“Umm, Speaker Won Pat, in the past at least, Chamorro mothers actually gave birth to their children. And if they couldn’t take care of them, their families did. At least that’s what Guam USED to be.”  (Source: Tim Rohr, Esperansa Project)

This statement is not borne out by the historical record.  It is false.

Yo’åmte are recorded to have provided abortifacient herbs.  Mid-1700s documents record Chamorro abortions, one glossing abortion as a method “to save them from subjugation by the Spanish.”  Abortion methods have also been recorded in many other traditional Micronesian island societies.  (Source: Don Rubenstein, “Culture in Court: Notes and Reflections on Abortion in Guam,” 1992.)

Traditional medicine in many other parts of the world is also well known to have provided for women to control their own reproduction.  In the United States, abortion used to be — “in the past at least” — commonly referred to…

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Humor, related with power outage at Turkey

After the power outage at Turkey, a lot of jokes have been made. Here is some of them:

A country that electric has cut … taken hostage a prosecutor … Action … Adventure … all day long

A couple has produced 4 volts electric by friction, saying ‘let’s make love” in bed, because of they are bored due to the power outage…

Prime Minister Davutoglu, after a day which has began with a power outage fiasco and ended with a fiasco hostage operations, he has pushed once again the opposition parties.

Prize to Turkey from environmentalists, “I wish all the world could be sensitive like you about power-saving.”

Peace Bridge from Georgia to Turkey: Electric cord with triple socket were cabled from Batumi(Georgia) to Artvin(Turkey)

Humor Survey:

What are the hidden forces behind power outage?

%27 External charge unit lobby
%24 Phosphoric condom lobby
%18 Trademarks consortium, which wants to create real-time content
%16 Radical leftist organization cut the electricity of the entire country for coming into the prosecutor’s office. Just like that
%15 Energy minister’s ambition, about being appear on television


Zaytung is a humor web news page at Turkey.

Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior. Is there evidence to support this position?

Thank you first of all for sharing a good article, my Earthling friend persedeplume.:)

And I am, from another point of view; so I would like to approach the issue in terms of the belief of a Muslim country. So regarding Turkey’s status. Why Turkey? Because it is the only secular Muslim country of the world. Even, the works of public officials in Turkey are limited by the principle of secularism as will not be seen in the majority Western countries. Even its constitution is one of the first three unchangeable article: “Republic of Turkey is a secular country.”
After the elections in 2002, a right-wing party, which has adopted the religious characterized to came to the country’s leadership. And this party is still in the management of country. The head of the party, that he is currently president of the Republic of Turkey. And if we look; we can find that he used the constant the religious rhetoric, and he and his party try to change the basic structure of the country thoroughly with changes in laws. In education, health, social space, public space, almost everywhere, the religious referenced people came to the position and authority.

Result: As much as the last 12 years; the prisons of Republic of Turkey, have never been filled than throughout the history of 93 years.

59,429 people were in prison in 2002.
More than 152,000 people are in prison at the end of the 2014.

Blackmail, wounding, the proportion of perpetrators of crimes such as sexual harassment and extortion have increased to 3.8 percent in 2012. The level of 1.2 per cent was in 2006.

The largest increase in these years, with 658,7 percent, it has occurred in the number of children using one or more synthetic drugs.

Violence against women has increased by a record-breaking 1,400 percent.

There is more, but I think it is enough.

Developing a language through using datas over religion and trying to remove the ethical values and state”secular principle” has led to social collapse in Turkey.

My opinion is, as you can see in this example, there is no real supporting evidence “Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior.” Quite the contrary, religious discourses is causing an increase at the social collapse.

US News Ignores US Military Rapes

From articles:

…An 800-page independent report commissioned by the US-friendly Colombian government and the radical left rebel group FARC found that US military soldiers and contractors had sexually abused at least 54 children in Colombia between 2003 and 2007 and, in all cases, the rapists were never punished–either in Colombia or stateside–due to American military personnel being immune from prosecution under diplomatic immunity agreements between the two countries…

…Yet here we are, over 72 hours since the Colombian and foreign press first reported on the allegations, and there’s a virtual media blackout in America over the case.  Nothing on CNN,  nothing on MSNBC, nothing in the New York Times or Miami Herald. Nothing in Huffington Post. Nothing in Fusion or Vice. Why?

As UK authorities and NATO officials stress the importance of clamping down on “false Russian” narratives in the media, perhaps our own media could stop providing a shining example as to why such anti-Western narratives are so often the only outlet for certain ugly truths…

from the

“Yes, we took her and we raped her. So what?”

Alleged words of US Sergeant Michael J. Coen to the mother of a 12-year-old rape victim.

Political Film Blog

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Zapatista News Summary for February 2015

I’ve been following “dorset chiapas solidarity” blog for months. And, they have been trying to make their voices heard. Of course, as long as the humankind is so blind, hypocritical, self-seeking; their work is so hard.

dorset chiapas solidarity

Zapatista News Summary for February 2015


  1. Forced displacement of families, indigenous Tojolabales, from the community of Primero De Agostoin the municipality of Las Margaritas. Frayba denounce the forced displacement of 57 indigenous Tojolabales, including 12 minors, one newborn, 20 women and 25 men, residents of the community of Primero de Agosto, by members of the Historic Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Peasants (CIOAC-H), who are protected in the region by the municipal government of Las Margaritas. The displaced people are now living in very unhealthy conditions in a camp on the side of the road, with very little food.
  2. A national and international brigade of observation in solidarity with San Sebastián Bachajón, convened by the Network against Repression and for Solidarity, visited the ejido in response to the serious risk of attack and displacement. They heard stories of the struggle in defence of their lands, documented problems, and shared the everyday work…

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