Conversations With Conservatives, Or How I Learned To Have Fun With And Annoy The Right Wing

Tim Fleming, author

I have many conservative friends, and, prudently, when in their presence I avoid the usual dangerous topics when I can: religion, politics, history, taxes, etc. But every now and then a polemic discussion rears its inevitable head, and I can’t fight back the urge to inject my subversive, sarcastic, and eristic words. Such an occasion happened recently. I have here reconstructed an old conversation and combined it with new material derived from a chance meeting with the conservative just last week:

CONSERVATIVE: I know you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and personal savior.

ME: Well…now that you mention it. The rationalist in me wants to parse that sentence. The phrase “My Lord and personal savior” sounds threatening. Like I’d better believe or else. As if someone is trying to control my thoughts and actions…and if I do not conform (meaning blindly believe that there is an all-powerful…

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21 Beheadings of Egyptian Christians in Libya : the day when Earth became a land of war and terror

People know what Gulf countries are doing against ISIS or can predict, pretty much. My opinion, the real question should be “What Israel is doing meanwhile?”
What is Israel really doing?
Let’s covered in all frame. US started so-called withdrawal from Iraq. Overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. To cause crisis in Syria. The charges against the Iran about nuclear weaponized. The lack of management in Iraq. Increased PKK’s terror actions in southeastern Anatolia.
We talk about the very large region, and very disorderly. It is not difficult to create a deviant terrorist organization, which they can make they want, after all chaos and crisis.
Did you realize, we didn’t talk about Israel, yet. It is not in this frame in view. In this geograpy, it would not be a chess game, which is not Israel included. Even, it is queen of the games. While the eastern countries and the western sane writer-journalists say that the CIA and Mossad are behind this game, we are seeing that the rest of the planet watch this show, which is a party to the war they started by theirs with too much stupidity. Two months ago, to Iran’s Press TV, Aleksandr Prokhanov, who is senior aide of President Putin, said that “Iraq and the occupation and conflict performs of ISIS groups in Syria, trained by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad.” If there is something which I saw-knew well on this planet, make you sure that if you’re a senior official of Russia assert a claim to the intelligence agencies of any country, its reality is almost %100. And after the President Putin’s visit to North Africa, Egyptian workers were kidnapped and killed. What a coincidence! Russia, which they thought about “yes we drove Russia into the corner with Ukraine problem,”, do you really think Russia is not aware of this game? It’s seen so many games like this. As a result, while these killer barbaric terrorists are killing the innocent people, what is Israel doing; when US fulfills its task, in seeing it as a fighting force of Israel.

Observer of the Near East

Do you still feel safe at home?

september 9/11

Personally, the last days i don’t. A religion of peace, as the Islam was used to be the last years, has been taken and altered by people having their own agenda motivated by Satan, to kill people all over the globe wherever they can. And they don’t kill only Christians or Jews. They kill Muslims as well, or burn them. What motivates these people of doing that in the name of Islam? Is it the time to impose secularism worldwide or push the rich arab nations instead of financing secretly these anthropoid monsters to go as well ” boots on the ground” in case this is absolutely necessary, in Libya from today (as ISIS in Libya has not the dimension as it has in Syria and Iraq), and exterminate their forces asap.

photos suspect denmark source twitter screen caption, Denmark suspect

beheadings egypt isis Beheadings of egyptian christians in Libya, caption.//

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Turkish women demonstrate against rape, murder

She was raped, she was knifed, her hands were cut, her body was burned.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Turkey says about itself:

14 February 2015

Women in Turkey have raised reactions to the savage murder of Özgecan Aslan.

On Feb 11th, Ozgecan Aslan (20) university student, caught a bus from Adana to Mersin as was her routine from school to home. As the last passenger gets off the bus, she’s left alone with the driver, his father and his friend. Two days later, three suspects were captured and Özgecan’s body was found. Initial autopsy report shows young woman was stabbed to death after she was raped, and then her body was burnt.

Aktivist Kamera 14.02.2015 Kadıköy / İstanbul

Twenty-year-old Özgecan Aslan was a psychology student at Çağ University in Mersin. DHA PhotoFrom Doğan News Agency in Turkey:

20-year-old Turkish woman brutally murdered, body burned

The burned body of a 20-year-old female student who had been missing for two days was discovered Feb. 13 in a riverbed in the Tarsus district of the southern province of Mersin.

Three suspects…

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The exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny

WD was licking beer boxes as usual. The weather was cold. Street was as usual. We were watching the man who checked out his car each hour, the woman, who forced to carry the bazaar pochettes to the house, and listening unintelligent conversations of the children, who turned back from school without learning anything. The beer boxes which WD licked were frozen. Its tongue was freezing onto the boxes. It was bored and began to talk.
-People are stupid. Self-seeking, selfish, and most importantly they are stupid, my alien friend.


-Look around. There is nothing change. They do not have an effort to change. As Albert Camus said “The stupidity always insists.”

Then it stopped and looked at me.

-What kind of alien are you! You had to be more advanced. You have to be many solutions scientifically. We both live on the streets, we are in wretched situation. Use your brain! You have to find a formula, which is to be needed for the people’s penny drops faster.


-You know there is a proverb about dropping penny, so slow perception. These words can not be said in vain. Is not it?

-Hmmm. I had heard it. Let’s think. Perhaps, dropping penny can be explained by the laws of aerodynamics. This movement of the penny is sample of both the subsonic aerodynamic and external aerodynamic, when we take into account the air turbulence and friction effects. However, the external and subsonic aerodynamic elements are the definitions, which they can not be made assessment in the same physical environment. Succinctly, we can illustrate this by saying “a rocket has no movement in subsonic speed” (It is an external aerodynamics subject). It is in conflict with one another. But we can force a little as general, we can try to recognize it thinking up. For example, conservation of mass is evaluated by constant measurements; because it was not possible to drop penny until that time. The penny owner should be so isolated him/herself to all kinds of external influences that its stability always was protected because of there was no change at momentum. Friction is very high numerical value, the surface forces are zero.
Zero surface force= The place, which the penny dropped is associated with any unused brain cells. Energy saving is ideal.
For turbulence, this effect is negligible due to insufficient fluidity.
When we take all of them into the consideration, “the exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny” can be defined by continuity. For that, we need a few differential equations. If, such as energy, vectors, surface, volume are given as numerical variables;
The rate of fall of the penny at that time=it is directly proportional to the person’s intelligence.
Volume= the amount of place is in person’s brain; not in space.
Energy= the amount of energy, which is released in the brain cells while dropping penny. A figure is proportional to the IQ
Vectors=when the penny began to drop which direction lines it followed
Here, if all these figures are given, now we can find a numerical result for “the exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny”.

WD stood on its back legs and looked at me, raised his head, barked loudly. And left me without returning its face. When it went, it was murmuring with saying:
-Here, it is a typical alien, Migarium. Look at my luck! I’ve never been met an alien which has got super logical. Formulas! Aliens should have little bit sense; they need to speak in a language we can understand! Anyway, I have to find more beer boxes.

For those, who wonder WD and Migo relationship, the link of first post-writing

Even sanctions hadn’t been caused to screw up Putin’s face

In Putin’s visit to Egypt, Egypt’s Military Band plays the National Anthem of Russia. Actually, I do not want to say too much, but an anthem can be played so bad like this? It is already to be understood from Putin’s face. I guess, Egypt President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s haven’t heard before, because he seems so relax and happy. Or maybe, the wrong musical notes of Russia Anthem were given to the military band. I do not know:)

For making comparison:

In 1944 record:

In English recording by Paul Robeson 1949:

And first time, I do not add the tags to my post. Because I can only add “humor” tag. But, it would not be appropriate.

Edit: If sound records can not be seen, let me know, my Earthling friends; it may be something wrong.

To breathe pepper spray during 224 days of 365 days

“Ban the Pepper Spray” Initiative which was created by 30 civil society organizations such as HRA, Mechanical Engineers Chambers, Turkey Medical Association has announced “Pepper Spray report of 2014”.

According to the report, due to the use of pepper spray in last year, 8 people have died; at least 453 people were injured. And, pepper spray was used in 224 days of 365 days. Turkish Medical Association High Honor Board Member Ali Cerkezoglu has said with claiming “For 2015, about 2 million pepper spray capsules is planned to be purchased.” And he added:
“We are engaging in work a shame for a country such as keeping the annual statistics of pepper spray, reporting which deadly chemical weapons are used over how many people. With this reporting, we revealed once again pepper spray is a weapon as deadly and how blatantly used to the blind eyes and deaf ears. As you can see in the report, we do not have a city and people exempt from pepper spray.”

Because of the use of gas last year, 8 people have died, at least 453 people were injured.

Using pepper spray by months.
January: Police forces used gas for 12 days. 3 People were injured. One of the place which gas was used was children’s ward in Sincan children prison.
February: 14 cities in 18 days gas was used. 6 month old baby was exposed to dense gas on a street in Taksim. A person in Batman, has lost one eye result of the hit gas flares.
March: 24 cities in 19 days, gas was used. The 13 days was used in Istanbul. 16 years old boy lost two fingers. According to data, only in Istanbul 1 million 272 thousand people had been exposed to pepper spray. 70 years old person lost his life.
April: Gas was used in 9 cities during 20 days .
May: Gas was used in 17 cities in during 20 days.
June: Gas was used in 18 cities in during 20 days.
July-August: Gas was used in 10 cities during 32 days. 78 injured, 3 people lost his eye.
September: Gas was used in 11 cities in 27 days. 183 people were injured. Wounded 9 years old girl was taken to the hospital.
October: Gas was used in 24 cities in 24 days. 12 years old boy was injured of his head by gas flares. Total number of wounded due to pepper spray is 18.
November: Gas was used in 12 cities in 17 days.
December: Gas was used in 5 public demonstrations and walks, in 13 cities in 15 days.

During the occupy Gezi park in Taksim, protesters had written hundreds humorous writing on the walls as answer against the police violence and using chemical gases. Here is the one of them.

transtation in English:

“Mister, you didn’t need to use pepper spray for our cry; already, we are emotional kids enough.”

The quotes of news from:

Happy 70th Birthday Bob Marley

“Won’t you help to sing,
These songs of freedom?
‘Cause all I ever had,
Redemption songs.
All I ever had,
Redemption songs
These songs of freedom
Songs of freedom,”

The Work of Being


Ya see, in life I know there’s lots of grief,
But your love is my relief.

bob mar

Dear Bob,

You are so extraordinary, a being out of his mind and out of this world! I love you! For your music resonates with every fiber of my being and satisfies my soul. Your music nourishes my insides, humbles me, and makes me whole. Amidst adversity, you’ve triumphed. YOU ARE KING. Your music is the message of the Gods, that every living organism should be expose to. You inspire, alleviate, medicate, and nurture despite your physical absence. Bob, you are as classic as Greek Philosophy and as timeless as infinity.

Love you King,

Lourdes Berlin

Happy 70th Bob!


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Global flattery: When the money talks, the truth is silent

When the people burn each other, racism is being increased, people are becoming poorer, dictators are more strengthened, millions of people were forced to flee own countries, what are the politicians of so-called civilized world doing? All of them are slave of the global capitalist capital and all are part of this flattery game.

Of course the main subject is oil-money relationship over politicians. Last days it appears thoroughly that they do not have limits their hypocrisy. When the Saudi king died, they have been lightening with the power of money one more time. They were trying to hide the truth, but they had always good relations with the Saudi king. As if they have very bad relations with Saudi dynasty earlier, why did they make statements by seeing this as an opportunity? Saudi Arabia’s dark, rotten fundamentalist dictatorship was not a matter, somehow. The most important thing is money for politicians; it has been always like that. Maybe, we need to open a parenthesis.

The politicians think like this way, but what do the public think? Of course, policy makers are moving by the public conscience of their countries. For example, I wonder, how many people thought that supporting of ordinary citizens of Saudi Arabia when seeing their pressure under the regime. Or how many people chose to insult with saying “they are Arabs, they are living always like this,”. This way of thinking was strengthened the hands of politicians? -To see each Russian as enemy, to see each German as Nazi, to see each American as war propagandist, to see each British as pro-imperialism or etc.- All of them are wrong, then…

Anyway, this is another topic subject; let’s go back to our topic, so politicians’ flattery.

US and UK, after September 11, the Gulf petro-dollars of capital have put limits on buying large in these countries, Saudi-based financial investment agreements overturned. After a few years with major global crisis, the US, UK and EU-based financial capital, began to erode the doors of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf for financial capital large-scale investment to finance, and recovery funds. At the first time a British prime minister, together BP and the delegation is the largest monopoly bosses like Rolls Royce, visits were made to Saudi Arabia and other petro-dollars sheikhdoms with saying “Make invest to us”, “contribute to global companies and banks our rescue fund”, “Please support the IMF fund”.

With global monopoly capitalism deepening crisis, 2 trillion dollars of finding funds of Golf flowed to the banks and stock markets. According to one account, investment and partnership of the financial capital of Golf reached $ 1.5 trillion in UK and EU.

Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, the world’s largest financial capital groups such as Merrill Lynch, has been rescued with billions of dollars of Saudi-Gulf financial capital to common stock purchase. London Stock Exchange can stand with the billion dollars of investment funds of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Petro-dollar capital is big shareholders of numerous global banks from Citigroup to Deutsche Bank, food sector like Starbuck, insurance, real estate, stock market, energy, automotive, weapons, retail, tourism, health monopoly. In addition, it is the largest sponsor of the club like Arsenal, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona, Milan, Hamburg.

Foreign investments of Qatar have been occurred $ 45 billion investment in London, totaled $ 30 billion to Paris for last five years.
The most important global agreements of Qatar are buying share of Harrods with payment $ 2,3 billion, buying Shell’s %3 share with payment $ 11 billion, buying %5 Siemens share with payment $ 5 billion, to buy $ 2,4 billion Deutsche Bank shares. And plus, $ 1,3 billion investment to the HSBC Bank Tower, $ 1,5 billion investment to the Shard London. Qatar has invested millions of dollars in strategic areas in China, Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, Hong Kong and Switzerland also.

By the way, let’s look the world oil market with OECD countries

According to preliminary data, the fact is that OECD countries have increased refining, crude oil inventories, and stocks of petroleum products for the last five years, starting in August 2010.

OPEC oil production in December 2014 has increased from 30.48 mb/d to 80 kb/d. This growth in supply is the highest level in the last 35 years to reimburse the loss of supplies from Libya in connection with the escalation of and Iraq armed conflict. A top oil producer Saudi Arabia has kept unchanged production levels.

North America has provided to this growth, offsetting reduction in supplies in other regions. Latin America fell significant volumes of deliveries (150 kb/d), supply from countries. Russian oil production has fallen by about 140 kb/d year on year.

Oil production in Libya was reduced by 250 kb/d, which is the most significant reduction when compared to months for more than a year. The reason of this, the attack to vital oil export terminals in the country. In this month(december 2014), Iraq has showed record levels of exports from the southern terminals and is also very high levels from the northern terminal as a result of achieving the export deal between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

In the background, preparing a new round of diplomatic negotiations on the nuclear program with the participation of Iran in late June, it has entered into a long-term agreement that allows to reverse tough economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the US and EU. Until then, it remains in effect partial lifting of sanctions under preliminary agreements reached in November 2013. As part of the agreement, Iran can not export more than 1 mb/d of crude oil. During 2014 the supply of Iranian crude oil, measured from importers, about 90 kb / d exceeded the limit and were approximately 70 kb / d higher than last year.

Oil production in Kuwait has not decrease due to the prolonged stoppage of oil production at the field Khafji, with a joint venture with Saudi Arabia in the neutral zone did not demonstrate a significant change in the comparison by month and in December amounted to 2.77 mb / d. Similar trends were observed for Qatar. Oil production has increased by 50 kb/d year on month to 2.76 mb/d.

In West Africa: Nigeria’s oil production fell from 50 kb/d to 1.87 mb/d in connection with maintenance and supply disruption for a number of export destinations. Overall in 2014, Nigeria has reduced the supply of 50 kb/d to an average of 1.91 mb/d, Angola reduced deliveries from 60 kb/d to 1.66 mb/d.

I do not understand the statistics. But it appears that the direction of increasing or decreasing of oil and money. The real winners are obvious as result of the wars. As long as the politicians’ flatteries continue, this craziness will continue.

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Reckless California Killing Contests Continue Despite Ban on Prizes

Let’s open a light page for those animals. My Earthling friends, they need you…

Wolf Is My Soul

From:  Animal Legal Defense Fund ~ WINNING THE CASE AGAINT CRUELTY

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on February 3, 2015


This weekend, February 6-8, the town of Adin, in the rural northeast corner of California, will hold its annual coyote killing spree, the “Big Valley Coyote Drive,” despite the 2014 ban on prizes for killing furbearing animals in contests. Last week, concerned about the high potential for law-breaking at this event, the Animal Legal Defense Fund sent a formal letter to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, Law Enforcement Division, asking them to send an observer to the Pit River Rod and Gun Club and Adin Supply-sponsored killing contest. Last December, the California Fish and Game Commission banned the distribution of prizes in killing contests.

Historically, every February for the last eight years, contest participants in Adin’s Coyote Drive have competed for large cash prizes…

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